Popcorn Chicken Recipe


This was bloomin' tasty I absolutely love the bbq sauce recipe too, here's all the steps and write-up Full recipe / write up http://www.myvirginkitchen.com/recipe/popcorn-chicken/

I was born in Nysa, opolskie in Poland, lived in Stockholm in sweden and then moved to ottowa, Canada where I live now!

I know I'm really late on this comment, but I live in Skåne Sweden. I am from Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada though 🙂

Hi Barry Mike here, I live in small town called Dallgow-Doeberitz which no one has ever heard of 🤔but when I mention that it's one train stop outside Berlin most people go oohhhh! 🙄

Hey Barry!!!!! My name is Valerie. Long time subscriber. Love you and the real ness of you and your videos. And you and your family are some of my favorite videos. Chloe is freakin hilarious 😂😂😂😂 she cracks me up. Like most all kids the blunt honesty of the stuff she says is soooo funny!!! And Phoebe is so smart and witty. They’re awesome! And Mrs.B is so cool…Always down for anything! Btw I live in Metuchen, New Jersey, USA!!!!

I'm sadly from shameful crime and drug ridden Perth Australia. the city that has no respect for other people and is ….. feral

My name is Tish, and I live in Pretoria, South Africa. Pretoria is in Gauteng province (previously named Transvaal province)

Sabah, Malaysia.

Not quite sure of writing out my town as it is a small town and just a little skeptical.

Currency exchange is 1 pound to 5 ringgit. Meaning a 2$ chocolate there is 10 ringgit?

A good tip is put 2x star anise into your carrots you will be boiling along with a good pinch of salt.. Then use that water to make your instant gravy….

Alexa does listen in to you be careful if you own one been people who's also sent voice messages to other random people ect

After living in about 12 states, saying hi from hopefully last state; Minneapolis, Minnesota. Enjoy your channel very much as well as your family and adorable pugs.

Brisbane, a lil area called Scarborough right by the sea, used to live in a town called Buckley in Wales but decided we cba with uk politics and the horrible weather so we moved as far away as possible

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