Popeyes NEW Voodoo Chicken Tenders Review

Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching This is running on empty food review and I am your host the report of the week So here we are trying out a new release from Popeyes There’s that this is this is the probably the most precarious Review I’ve ever done in my life Probably without a doubt You know, the adrenaline is pumping right now. I have to tell you that up front The adrenaline is pumping. I feel like I’m going skydiving and bungee jumping and going on, you know like a 200 mile-per-hour motorcycle ride I’m swimming with the sharks the the Megalodon sharks and Everything in between all in one because I’m out here. There’s some severe thunderstorms rolling in as we speak But I said, I’m just I want to review this item from Popeyes anyway, so I am and it’s just the excitement from this item the the storms I couldn’t even exaggerate that properly. But yeah, it’s a it’s a thrill. All right Looking for my notes that I took down. Here we go These are the voodoo chicken tenders from Popeyes. And this is the first Popeyes review that I’ve done since the the infamous chicken sandwich and They’ve done a few releases since then but this is one of those things that got me going Because the moment I saw this I knew this is going to be that perfect Halloween themed item because you know Who would have thought right you have these these fast food places that make partnerships, you know They partner with one place they partner with another they get sponsored by this or that you know, you see this happen all the time where like you have Burger King and the Cheetos that’ll team up and So on and so forth Who would have thought that? Popeyes would have teamed up with voodoo doughnuts to make these these voodoo chicken tenders I mean that’s the most like insane combination ever because I remember I’d heard of this doughnut chain a while back and it was like, oh right You know, I saw some sort of video on them and they were only on the west coast and then they finally opened up one in Orlando here at Universal Studios, and I remember I went there is delicious. The frosting was great and It was like I can’t believe they got this So the fact that they’re partnering up with this is out of this world. I mean it is absolutely insane so Yeah, that was probably the worst joke I’ve ever done so far. I Couldn’t help them. No – the voodoo chicken tenders though. They are supposed to be sweet though Kind of not like a doughnut but they do have a sweetness to it. They’re crispy chicken strips with a garlicky sweet chili voodoo sauce Which again is supposed to have this type of sweetness to it? So it will partly correct there But it also is supposed to have a little bit of a spiciness as well. And then it comes with decorative chives on it So it’s just supposed to be like a spicy sweet flavor to it $5 meal deal as always and Despite the high humidity. I’m out here. I’m battling the weather the severe weather and everything in between and I even have this little Little friend right here. It’s actually a little voodoo doll of me you can see with the tie and everything and There I am with it Right there looks just like me you can see the massive eye compared to the other one and a nice little Halloween necktie There are no pins in it at this point thankfully but depending on the review, I think that’ll probably change at some point soon But let’s open this up and see what we got All right, so it’s the chicken tenders with the Voodoo sauce Let’s get the focus off Right there That’s what they look like You can see there is some of that sauce on the middle totally covered in it since it comes with a biscuit and a side I got the fries and standard fries and If you want more sauce so you can get it extra the Voodoo sauce But it’s supposed to be like a sweet and spicy type of combination Which is something I look forward to I always like it where they have that spiciness. That isn’t too insane. That isn’t too crazy But is interested with this a little bit of a sweetness as well. So that’s nice to kind of offset it Well, put it on the plate right there the the official feeding plate Like I’m giving a sacrificial offering to you the viewer to the YouTube gods Popeyes corporate Hopefully, I’ll get your blessings that this is a good one good item There’s the decorative Leafy greens when I they’re not really leafy greens, but you know what, I mean? Kind of that almost looks like someone flexing their muscles, doesn’t it? Kind of looks like me with my massive muscles right there But you can see partially covered with the sauce so I think you know what there is to it I know what there is to it. I’m gonna try it out first without any extra sauce Then what I’ll do is I’ll try it out with You know the extra food do the sauce really. I just want to try this out see how it is and Yeah, Popeyes one of those places that Started off good then got really really bad for a time. But they’re picking back up. I mean like the whole chicken sandwich thing I think brought them to the next level. So hopefully this will be good and We’ll try it out the Voodoo chicken tenders from Popeyes. Let’s go You can faintly see some cumulonimbus clouds over there I know if we’ll capture any lightning but hey, it’s all good And then I’ll try I’m about to try This piece right here just I’ll dip it in the sauce got some more concentrated flavor If you couldn’t tell already I’m like it I I am I’m a fan of it Take a sip of water I’m a big fan of these quite honestly some People as I was researching these I was trying to get some info about him You know gather up that Intel I was listening to the Popeyes numbers station on the shortwave, trying to get that secret info about it and I was looking around and one person I remember was saying They were really disappointed with this. I know I was thinking to myself. Yeah, but I’m gonna be impartial I’m gonna have you know, I’m not gonna try and be biased or anything It’ll taste like what it tastes like But I remember they were saying they thought it was so bland and so dry and you know, like they they thought it was god-awful Well, but if I try this I’m impressed by it quite frankly It has a really good blend of that sweetness and that spiciness the sweetness comes in like You know what? It reminds me of it reminds me almost like a but the fruity type of sweetness, you know Not like they just dumped sugar but like, you know the natural sweetness that you get maybe in something like pineapple with something not that it’s really pineapple flavoured but almost has that little bit of a Hint of that type of of sweetness. It’s like a very just subtle sweetness. It’s just it’s really nice and That’s the first thing that you notice and it just gives it a nice sweetness It blends together really well with the chicken and then you get this spice. It’s like it’s a lingering spiciness, you know It’s not overwhelming. It’s not overbearing But it says prominently featured That it just it’s like this transformative flavor you go in and the first bites you get you get that a little bit of a sweetness and Then you get this spice and it says you kind of swallow it down then you notice the spiciness in the back of your mouth there and You really notice it it’s not again like it’s overwhelming but it’s just like they’ve really nailed the blend on this I wouldn’t necessarily say this is like a Cajun inspired type of dish but they’ve really nailed the blend Between that sweetness and spiciness and this is like a perfect and I really like it you can’t really taste the chives on that much and They described it as being a garlicky. I don’t really taste any sort of garlic on it So that’s my one thing but honestly, the chicken itself is still juicy. It’s still tender It’s good quality meat honestly, and it still has that nice crispy crunch to it as well. So honestly, I Mean, I think that Popeyes did a darn good job with us I think they did a really good job five dollar deal chicken tastes good good chicken tenders, but honestly, I just really like this the sauce how it blends together perfectly one is not any more Overwhelming than the other it just mixes together. I mean they nailed this sauce So I really recommend you check this out for $5 you can get The chicken tenders and the side as well and out of ten eight point five out of ten. I’m impressed with Popeyes they did a good job and Yeah, I’m a fan so good on you Popeyes. You guys did a good job and with that I think I’m gonna pack it up and start cowering because I see that storms really rolling in here But with that yeah, at least I have some good chicken tenders to snack on while I’m sheltering in place Oh But honestly, I’ll stay safe And also make sure you check out my new podcast at youtube.com/vorwpodcast and support the channel the radio show I do want to expand some broadcasts to Europe. I’m talking to a transmitter provider in Bulgaria But if you want that to be a reality for all the listeners in Europe, I just consider supporting at patreon.com/thereportoftheweek great community with just a lot of exclusive content and It’s a good way to support it too. So consider it and check it out and with that That’s all that I have. At least I am impressed with the voodoo – chicken tenders. Thank you and take care


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They are good and to be honest you can just get the tenders and side of Voodoo Sauce instead if you don't like green onions ….

I just had them. Not bad but nothing to write home about. Too sweet for my taste and not spicy enough. Spicy is a tough one to nail especially in fast food.

What are you talking about ? How is this even related to Voodoo donuts ? There’s nothing online about that? Can we confirm this please I’m dying to know! I’ve eating this exact box twice inc2 days because of how uniquely delicious it is ! It taste like Szechuan sweet-and-sour teriyaki Cajun

I really liked these I even called in the survey on the back of the receipt to get my 2 piece and a biscuit and more voodoo sauce soooo good very flavorful

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I have been waiting for 4 years to get a popeye's in my location. Still going to be a few more months until they open but they already had the grand opening of the shopping center where it will be located… with no businesses open yet. I'm going to be disappointed every day until I get my spicy chicken tenders and cajun mashed potatoes and gravy!

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You may have already mentioned this in a previous video — but, judging from the background, you look like you live in Florida? The only reason I think this, is because I have family in the Mount Dora area North of Orlando, etc.

Anyway, thanks for the review and keep up the great work!

What the hell! They didn’t have voodoo sauce packs when I went and got them! That would have been much better. There wasn’t a lot of sauce on the chicken itself

Oh my. They look amazing. Combined with you talking about it, made me really hungry tho. Too bad there's no Popeyes near I live :/

From a portlander’s perspective (voodoo originated from here) voodoo is extremely overrated. Portlanders will stand by that they lost their city donut crown years ago to Blue Star, Pips, and a few other places. Also, msg to all, come to Portland and enjoy our expansive donut scene!

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Are they still offering this, or was the Voodoo chicken a seasonal/October only item? If it's still out there, I'm going to give it a go since Hardee's stopped selling their spicy chicken tenders 🙁

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