POWER SAVES THE MUSIC – Auction for Music Education

What do Metallica, Rush, Ringo Starr, and Ke$ha have in common? Power Saves the Music An online auction to save kids music education that you can join! My name is Ari Gold and I made a movie called Adventures of Power which is about air drummers and the American dream And I love that little thing you do, I love your…. Great job, Power But more than that, it’s about the way the human heart can be changed through music I can feel you That’s why I decided to launch an auction That’s why I decided to launch an auction to support VH1’s Save the Music a foundation dedicated to restoring music education to public schools at a crucial time when such funding is being cut To date, the foundation has impacted the lives of over 1.6 million children by providing instruments to nearly 2,000 public schools Neurologists at University of Montreal traced all that and there’s no activity that uses more of your brain Drums just make me concentrate For some people music can be a solace a place to go when you’re sad You know? A lot of people take refuge in music These artists from around the world are auctioning instruments, lessons, backstage passes, and more… And I’m calling on you to bid now on these incredible items And give back to an incredible cause at the same time I’m even auctioning off lunch with me! The real Ari Gold so….ya know, bid early and often and take me to lunch! Go to PowerSavesTheMusic.Com Now!!! What are you doin? C’mon, type it in ….went to all this effort Seriously…ummm just trying to do something good…so even if you’re doing it for selfish reasons… like…wanting to get…. really cool….prizes ya might wanna…look at the stuff it’s pretty cool stuff… …I think Just…stop looking at this and go to the website I’m serious You can do it I believe in you thanks


I wish that they will make good music. Not like Pop that is played today. Something new that have not played before.

@erroneousapostrophe does it even matter u telling me kids who cant afford something aren't aloud to have fun? so your saying that you have never had a dream? and how do you know all this? have you met these children? are you just bashing them because when u were little you didn't have this chance your going to bash them for it?

@rahulpower I think she had a brother in the music buisness or knew a girl who knew a guy or somtin like that!

@morpheus9494 because this video is wack and the author doesn't want to read the negative comments even though they're true.

This is a great way to get children in to the music world & educate them how music from each & every generation effects all our lives. Music will always change w/the times but rock has a history that will never die!

cool thanks 4 sending you should link this with the canadian music week videos i have two youtube channels check them out.

good work …but surly some more famous musicians want to get involved has any one asked Paul McCartney an lady gaga…..

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