Prepare for Kingdom Under Fire 2 News – 🎆What’s In The Founder’s Packs & How Does It Work?

For Glory’s Sake… WAR [WPigs] Welcome back to the house of fun, where today
we’re jumping back into the warzone to talk about the monetization style of kingdom under
fire 2. Keep in mind as a short disclaimer that the
payment model may very well be worse or better than what I describe it as today, I’ve done
a considerable amount of research on this in the span of 25 minutes
total but even then, it’s still possible to be wrong. We wont know for sure until the game’s launch
how it will turn out and of course, hopefully it remains in the
same state a few months down the line. And with that out of the way, let’s go ahead
and get started. [break] For Kingdom Under Fire 2, as you probably
know the game is being sold under the buy to play model. The reason most games tend to do this is to
avoid having to go pay to win or with a heavily stacked cash shop on free-to-play. In my opinion I do believe this is one of
the better options if you can’t find a good way to monetize free to play, but there
are cases where free to play can still work well, Warframe and Path of Exile being good
examples, and more recently when we joined up as apart of the testing phase in
thailand for ascent: infinite realm they incorporated a sort of season pass system where you could
pay for a whole 60 days of rewards to be earned in-game as you progressed
through the premium pass while still having access to the free ones rewards. This on top of their balanced cash shop system
with a premium service seemed to be one of the best
cases of free to play I’ve seen thus far, and I really hope more games adapt it including
Kingdom Under Fire 2 if or when it goes free to play. For Kingdom this payment model has been one
that has had a bit of controversy around it, a lot had assumed the game had shut down due
to pay to win, some had assumed the game just didn’t work out, but in reality
when you actually go digging for this information there isn’t actually a whole lot of concrete
information out there as to why it happened or that people have said the devs stated these
were just temporary testing phases in these other regions, but when you do look at that
part it does make a little bit of sense. Through
easily accessible public information you can find that in 2011 originally there was a closed
beta test conducted for the game but it wasn’t until November of 2013 when they started
talking about a release for the game in Korea, that there was any mention of an open beta. At the event called G-Star they had announced
that the game was going to suffer a delay due to a large amount of their team
being lost, and the new date was to be May 22nd 2014. But this was only for an open beta. The game had never fully released in
Korea after being taken down in 2017 and that very same year Russia’s server ended up being
announced under a closed beta phase. Which also ended up being taken down
earlier this year but had also been classified as a temporary test. Keeping this in mind, the game had never fully
released anywhere before this global release coming up, and what we do have to go off of
for how the monetization used to be is in clients that are much older. But to finally start off the topic, let’s
talk about the cash shop currency and how it used to be, alongside the founders packs
of Kingdom Under Fire 2. Before we begin I’d love to give a special
thanks to KineticGTR for his kingdom under fire videos in 2014 and more recently Maecrow
for his in-depth review last year, I wasn’t making content back when the game first dropped
due to being a filthy teen with a part time job, but both of these videos are ones that
I’ll be referencing throughout this one, to showcase what this game used to have. Now in this game there is a currency called
Cubics, which is one of the types of currency for the game. It has
been modified in this new version to be only earnable in-game and is no longer purchasable
with real money. And there’s a very good reason for this. It used to be where you
could buy it with your money but you cou ld also earn it in-game all the same, whether
it’s purchasing it through the auction house or now, we’ll be able to earn it off of either
certain, or all missions. This cubics currency could be used to purchase
things like cash shop costumes, which could not be permenantly bought but only rented
temporarily, or they could be used on what was known as the troop gatcha system
which allowed to you play the slot machine to have a chance of unlocking troops of a
specific type. These cubics could also be used
to expand your inventory or maybe even your bank slots, you could use them to have a better
chance of enhancing your gear, although only slightly better. You could even use
them to purchase recovery potions for what was called “leadership points” which is a
form of energy similar to the labor system of archeage, howeer in this game you also
needed it to earn rewards from missions. The costumes also did give stats but you could
earn these from missions as well so everything that could be bought with these cubics
could ultimately be earned in-game as well. While that isn’t that bad compared to what
most free-to-play games would do with a p2w situation, it was good to learn that it wasn’t
as bad as it was expected to be. With the
new changes to this version they’ve stated that we have a purely cosmetic cash shop with
cubics only being earnable in-game. On top of the game being buy to play that
should hopefully be enough to keep the game going if it works
out. Now for the founders packages, you may have
at first glance noticed that these do contain cubics. Which although cannot be purchased in-game,
it’d be dishonest to say these wont give you some sort of advantage over fresh
players coming in. Now the good part is we’re all starting with
cubics if we pre order so no matter what we really can’t say much on that
matter, if you’re coming in after and the launch packs do not have cubics, this will
be a different story for you. Now it all mainly depends on what we can use
these on still, something that I haven’t been able to find is if inventory
expansions, bank expansions, and especially that enhancement system increase are still
a thing. Expansions I’m a bit indifferent with,
I tend to not really care about inventory and bank expansions unless we’re playing a
game like Black Desert which we’re luckily not, a game like that where you’re out at
the grind spot for hours and have to rely on that type
of thing alongside pets and weight limit to be at top efficiency, I think that game has
basically put people on red alert when it comes to
this type of feature. But don’t worry because with kingdom’s content
your only option shouldn’t be to just sit at a grindfest like sausans trying to grind
out your level for 2 weeks, instead we should have things like battlefield
pvp, 1v1 dueling, 8 man and hopefully 16 man raids, etc… In the first package, it’s pretty simple,
full version of the game, 1 exclusive costume, 3 troop coupons, 5 troop revivals, 1 rare
troop, 1000 cubics currency and silver booster, with
other benefits. The rewards to take a look at specifically
are the troop coupons, revives, and troops themselves. Now if you don’t know how the troop upgrading
works, basically as your troops gain experience you’re able
to bring them to the next grade, they start out on a star rating and as they progress
they can go from star to star and then finally they can upgrade their tier entirely. It goes from grey, to blue, to purple. So in this pack you get 1 rare troop which
would classify as blue, these troops are fairly decent, but with
a grey troop and some strategy you could certainly take a troop like this out without much trouble. Keep in mind that all of these troops will
not be that powerful at all verses us starting off, our heroes are an incredible
threat on the battlefield which will make it important to focus down the right troops
and people to secure victory. Now with the higher
packs we’ll also get heroic troops which will probably save you a bit of grinding but with
the new changes they’ve made to these units we don’t know how much stronger
they will be than the baseline units. Either way though I would expect of course
a bit of advantage being given to players that own these troops. The most minor one is probably going to be
the troop revival although in the later packs you do get many more of these, they allow
you to restore your units to allow them to keep
fighting, I would imagine nobody would use this in story mode unless there was no other
option but this probably will mean for the first few weeks you’ll see a lot of people
bringing their troops back to life and will have to kill their units
twice. This one seems like it will be more of a minor
annoyance in-game as opposed to advantage however one thing to wonder is if
these will be useable during Guild Wars. That’s where I would personally use mine,
given the chance. Moving onto the Emperor pack, it provides
2 exclusive costumes, 1 mount in the form of a majestic unicorn, 5 troop coupons, 10
revivals, 1 rare troop plus a heroic troop, and some
cubics with a gold and silver booster. On these packages you will notice that we
do also receive titles which should be pretty cool, for the first pack we’ll get Guardian
of Light, the second one will be noble paladin, and
the third will be Immortal Wargod. Now aside from what we’ve went over before
we’ll also see in this pack that it does come with troop coupons and a heroic troop, the
troop coupon was also in the previous pack but what these do is give you a chance of
having a random item including troops being in them as well. These could be grey grade or could be blue
for all we know but there will be a random chance to get them, this one I
would say doesn’t give that much of an advantage at all and is probably just going to serve
as help for getting you started with the story mode. During the course of our gameplay is when
we will get the real troops and items we’ll be using for our fights, as I understand it,
in this game there’s multiple races with multiple subfactions in them and more
than 80 different types of units. So keeping that in mind, whatever troops you
end up getting at the start might be very different from what you have in the end, unless
you get very lucky. On the last pack we have the one titled War
God and probably the craziest. with the price of 100$ USD,we have 10 troop
coupons, 20 troop revivals, 2 rare troops, 1 heroic,
the experienced paladin unit, troop XP book, 30 heroic improvement stones with 30 faction
improvement stones, 5000 cubics, a years worth of that silver & gold booster pack, 150
ressurection tickets unlike the previous packages, and finally the Heroic Royal Wizard troop. Okaaay, so on this one just to break it down
from bottom to top, we have the heroic royal wizard. Now you may have noticed that this pack also
comes with a paladin and the other packages also had troops included in them,
this is a good thing to note because firstly, the paladin troop is said to be capable of
ressurecting your troops just like those revivals will
be and that of course is going to be very very good to have on the battlefield. However, of course like the royal wizard if
you leave them exposed or they get rushed, that paladin
is going down in probably the same fashion, you see the royal wizards were a subject of
controversy in the earlier stages of this game, mainly because they could get so powerful
to the point of being able to one shot a FULL unit of troops on the other side. However when the troopw as met with feedback,
the response was that they provided a healthy challenge to the game because it inspired
people to try and outflank them. Which is very possible by both your hero unit
and your troops. Case in point, there is a calvary unit
included in the emperor pack of the heroic grade, which means if you were to go around
the battle and flank those mages with that unit, it would go down almost immediately. Same thing with the spear unit in the very
first pack, obviously if you send those calvary running straight into those spears head-on
they’re going to have a rough night. So essentially
going from left to right, the packs can counter each other overall. Pretty sweet right? One other thing to note is that luckily these
royal mages will not start out nearly that strong, you
wont see these guys setting your dudes a blaze in null point two seconds right off the bat,
and also calvary or your hero are not the only method of dealing with guys like these. As you may have seen in the gameplay trailers,
we also have access to flying units. And I’m sure you’re familiar with the creatures
called Eagles [The Eagles are Coming!], well these majestic beasts are also perfect for
swooping down on unsuspecting archers or mages and making short work of them. There will be a counter for nearly everything
in this game so no matter what troops people do end
up getting at the start, in the end it’s what you and they combo against them that matters. Now that being said, without a doubt the war
god pack does give you an advantage in the game, even if you’re a player that plays 10-12
hours a day, you’re still going to be less dangerous early on than a player with this
pack that also players 10-14 hours plus a day. So expect a tough, but not impossible time
against these guys and everyone will be learning the game early on anyway so that’ll be the
time to get the practice in to deal with people like this later. Make them burn through all those 150 ressurection
tickets. The improvement
stones I would imagine are going to be used for upgrading your troops grade or star rating
too, since you’re actually able to get skills for your troops at the later levels it will
be important to use these wisely. But all in all, what we’ve got here does have
a slight imbalance for package vs non-package players but I would only hope that after launch
they decide to give players that join in after
some decent rewards to get them started against people that get these benefits. But that’ll be an experience for another time,
anyway folks with that, thank you very much for watching
and I”ll catch you for the next one. Farewell.

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