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Alright now. Let’s take a look at the program contents. It’s laid out in 10 sections. Each section has videos to go with it. They’re short, they’re explanatory, you’ll love them. The entire program is extremely well written.
It’s a very easy read. Now section one we call the method. We could call it the formula, the technique, whatever. It’s something that you can start using right now. And in this first section, we talk about the five factors
of bid selection. You follow these five factors and you will become
your customer’s most trusted advisors. It’s what we’re all looking for, the person we can trust. You know, whether it’s a CPA, a mechanic, a plumber,
all that kind of stuff. We’re looking for our most trusted advisor. Follow these five factors and that’s who you will become to your customer. And when that happens,
the way that your customer looks at your proposal and everything that you have to say, he does it in such
a way that it becomes this standard by which he measures anything anybody else
has to say. It’s the same with the proposals. Yours is the standard. Anybody that bids higher than you in his mind,
he’s a crook. Anybody who bids lower doesn’t know what he’s doing, trying to cut corners. Section 2 & 3 Talk about what your customer really wants. What he really wants is the price that’s best for the job. You know, we all think that he wants the lowest price. Well, if he’s buying a car, a TV or something that’s made in a factory on a machine where every other item like it is exactly the same,
sure go for the price. But when it’s something like a new roof where it takes expertise and it takes care and doing things right, he does not want to pay less than what he should. He doesn’t want to pay more than he should. He wants also to find somebody that he can place
his confidence in, hopefully that’s you. More than anything through all of this, he wants
to feel good. We are all addicted to feeling good. We want to feel good about everything. And as you can help him to feel good, you will
connect with him tightly. This is vital. This is what Sections 2 and 3 will help you to do. Sections 4 and 5 We call, the theme is the winning mindset. And it’s how to stop worrying and stressing
yourself out, especially, we’ll show you how to stop sabotaging
your success. It’s real important. And it will help you to discover your natural genius operate with your natural genius in your genius mode. It’s your great idea mode. You know those times when you have great ideas,
your mind’s on fire, you’re all lit up and you feel great. You feel like you’re in control on top of your game, that’s you in your genius mode. And this section is going to show you how to flip on the switch. Your winning mindset. Section 6 is how to present your prices. This is real important because everybody is born
with a natural instinct, a natural tendency or urge to shop and compare prices. And this section is going to show you how to satisfy that natural urge in people, and perhaps you may be the only bidder
when you do that. Then it’s also going to show you the importance
and the value of working with decent profit margins, higher profit margins. You don’t want to lose money on a job. You’re in business to make money so we’re going t
o show you how to do that. Section 7 is how to word your proposals. Now there’s a whole video on that. It’s called Win the Bidding War. Don’t miss that one. It will show you the technique how to win the bidding war, start to finish, holds nothing back. It lays it all out there. The method, the secret if you want to call it that. You’ll have the world by the tail in Section 7. Now these proposals that we are talking about are the ones that grab your customers by the guts in such a way that when he’s comparing
one proposal to the next, then he looks at yours, he gets that feeling of, ha ha, you know I get it. This makes sense. This is the one I want.
That’s what we are angling for. Now the way to do that. In the program package, we have the templates that you can just copy and paste from. But what’s really great about these templates is
they answer three questions. What, how and why. What you’re going to do, How you’re going to do it And why you’re going to do it that way. The typical proposal only answers the what question and then puts a price on it. It’s not something that’s going to light your customer’s fire but when he compares that to your proposal which answers what, how
and then most important of all, why, it would help grab him by the guts. Now what happens when you answer the
why question? That’s the part of your proposal that turns the lights on in his head to where he feels like, oh this makes sense. I want this. That’s real important and all you have to do is just
copy and paste. Sections 8, 9 and 10 The theme of these three sections is
go where the money is. You know, once you learn how to put together
a proposal that’s going to get you the job, don’t go after little money anymore. Go after the big money. So in this section, we talk about loose money. This is money that flows, money that’s ready
to be spent as opposed to tight money. You don’t want to get involved in tight money. It’s also about how to locate big money and
how to go after it. And then it talks about niches.
Special niches, your exclusive niche. So it’s about how to discover and develop your niche. It’s also how to maintain and grow your niche and
most important of all, how to make money in your niche. So download the program. You’re going to love it and you’re going to
hit the big time.

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