Property Auctions | Does It Matter Where I Sit?

When you go to an auction where should you
locate yourself within the room? Are you best to be at the front? Are you best
to be at the back? Are you best to keep things to yourself? Are you best to be quite open?
How would you play it if you were going in for the first time and you were buying at
an auction? Well, it’s, for me, it’s whatever you feel
comfortable with. It’s like anything. Everyone is different. Everyone will have different
tactics. I don’t get too hung up about tactics in the room. You’ll get some people and it’s
almost like they don’t want to you to see the bid. They’ll just delicately lift the
bidding paddle up or give you a wink or whatever. But, for me, sit where you feel comfortable.
Personally, and a lot of the probably more savvy buyers, will stand at the back because
they want to have a general view of the room, of who’s bidding. And you can sometimes work
out if you’ve got, say, an owner-occupier, for example, versus an investor, somebody
who is going to live in it as their home, will probably value that house more than an
investor, who can take it or leave it because he might bid on, or she might bid on the next
property. So, to an investor, if they can, sometimes they’ll see a young family, for
example, bidding, and they’ll think there’s no point me even bidding because they’re going
to get it. So, ultimately, it’s what whatever you feel comfortable with, really. But, personally,
I’d be at the back of the room. Okay. Thank you.
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