Quick Sales Funnel Tutorial 2019 | GetResponse Autofunnel

In this video we’ll see how to create a
quick sales funnel. And so to do that we’ll go to create funnel and I can just
call this my quick sales funnel or whatever you want to call it of
course. Usually it would be something that would be specific to what you’re
selling and remember that the name that you give your funnel is associated with
a list in your account that people are added to, whenever they complete this
purchase within this quick sales funnel. So you can keep that in mind as well
whenever you’re are choosing the name for your funnel. So I’m going to choose
to sell a product and I’ll choose a quick sales funnel. This is a great method to use if you actually maybe let’s say have an audience or you have a
particular product that you think you know people would be ready to buy
without maybe kind of that nurturing process. Because that’s a bit of the
difference between the full sales funnel and the quick sales funnel. The full
sales funnel starts with actually kind of a sign-up page with maybe a free lead
magnet or promoting your mailing list. They’re nurtured with some
autoresponders, one or two or you know, however many you want and then a little
bit later on, they can actually go to your sales page and see your
offers and what you’re actually trying to sell. But if you kind of maybe have an
audience or a type of product that’s ready to buy and you want your
funnel to just start at a page where people can actually view your product
and purchase and then be added to your list. Quick sales funnel is great for
that, so you just need to let us know what you want to sell and so you would
be choosing from any stores that you have created in your GetResponse
account. If you don’t have any stores just yet, you would be prompted to create
a store and you can create your own GetResponse store you don’t necessarily
need an e-commerce platform to be able to start selling your products online of
course if you already do have an account with one of the platforms, you see here
you can very easily integrate that account and be able to import the
products that you have listed within. Let’s say your Etsy account into your
GetResponse account, so you could then actually use GetResponse to promote
those products within your marketing assets, so you know if you easily log
into Etsy or Stripe or Shopify if you’re using one of these. You could then
populate the products you have in that ecommerce platform and to your
GetResponse store, into your store within GetResponse. Or create
GetResponse store which is one again you would just create right now. I can
just call this let’s say what am I wanting to sell. Let’s just say I want
to sell you know an e-book. So I could create my store that’s just called
ebooks and then I would need to add a product to my store and so you can see
this would be like a downloadable file, like an e-book. This would be just called
Abby’s eBook let’s just say and get this exclusive ebook and
learn everything there is to know. Cause I know everything, just kidding. And so it
would be let’s say you know fifty dollars, one hundred dollars, five dollars,
one dollar. Whatever it should be. Fifteen hundred dollars and then you just need
to add an image for the product. So that someone would actually be able
to see an associate. Like for example this could be a cover photo of
your ebook the design of the cover and so you can design
something like that. Picture of yourself, whatever it is. You can
choose from the files and images you already have inside of your GetResponse
account that you’ve already uploaded to use in your messages or your
landing pages. You can also use search within a shutterstock as well.
You’ve got access to five thousand free images and so you could also use those
as well. I’m just gonna
use an image that I have here. It’s not the most beautiful but it’s just a quick
example. Just something I have handy. And then you need to actually upload the
product file. So this is like a word document, PDF. Probably most commonly you just need to go ahead and select a file here. It’s gonna
upload it for me and then you can choose if you actually want to copy buyers to
particular lists and so like I mentioned previously the name that you gave your
funnel, contacts will automatically be added to that list. Your customers
whenever they complete this purchase and by this ebook but if you wanted them to
additionally be copied to another list in your account you could certainly do
that as well. So this is just an option that you have
you know right here as well and if you wanted to add them to an autoresponder
cycle within that list whatever it is you want to do. So I can click Save now.
Gonna go ahead and load this product and now one final step here. I just need
to choose how to process payments. How are people going to be
able to purchase this ebook of mine. So I can use stripe, PayPal whichever
account you have. You can choose that here. I’ll use PayPal for this example
and now I just need to create the sales page so the page that I’m actually going
to be using to promote my ebook and hope people buy. And so you can browse all the
sales pages and templates you can build from scratch as well if you wanted to.
There’s a start from scratch template here. Or you can browse a lot
through the categories. For example there’s a category dedicated to you know
ebooks and downloads. And so I’ll just choose this template. So you know ebook
just a name for yourself for right now and then it’s going to open your landing
page editor, so you can customize this sales page. And so here is gonna be you
know the way the place that you can be customizing everything on this page to
kind of match your brand or your offer. You can upload a new
logo if you you know again had a cover image for the e-book you’re promoting
you could just add that here. Add the title of your ebook. This is a good place for a video if maybe there was a video of yourself talking
about why people should you know purchase this ebook. You can do that.
Of course you can delete these things, delete entire sections if you don’t
think you know you need them. Totally customized you know why people
should get this all up the text, the colors, all of this. Templates just
set up and you know in a good way for you know good design elements that are
you know really proven to convert well. And here is this product box that
is going to be automatically created for you based on all the information we put into our product when we’re setting up our funnel. And so again we
can delete things like this, some things were just created as part of
the template but if you don’t need it anymore that’s completely fine.
And so you can as well edit things like the color and fonts of the product name, description, things like this. But you can’t for example
change the price here. It’s gonna be as you set it up initially.
You can change the button, color, the text and you don’t actually have to
hyperlink the button to make sure that people go to the right place to buy when
they’re ready to buy and they would click for example here, I want it, they
would automatically then go to your order form where they can input their
payment details. So this is a very important step as well. So make sure that
you customize this, get it looking just exactly how you want it. If you
wanted to add an additional product box, you can just go ahead and drag
and drop an additional one right here. See, this is gonna be the icon that
refers to the products so we could drag it right here. For example you can see
there’s yet another product box right here. If you wanted to add some
additional products to this page, maybe you actually decided you want
to sell something else on this page and not just this ebook or you have another
ebook. You would just click right here and you can see this option to add and
remove products and you could add an additional product if you wanted. If you
decide that there’s another checklist or something else you wanted
to promote here you could do that right here. So once we feel that we’ve got this
all customized and good to go, whenever someone actually clicks buy now they would go to this order form which then yet again you can
customize and so you can choose exactly which fields you want to actually have
included within this kind of order form but we do require the email address for
sure and then also this product information. So it actually lists your
product and the price and the button. But the rest of it is up to you. If this is
something you actually need when people are purchasing your product and as you
can see here we don’t actually have a credit card
area because with PayPal, this is what we chose as our payment processor
people would be purchasing via PayPal or through PayPal. So either their PayPal
account or then as you know if you’re using PayPal you also have the option to
pay with a credit card within PayPal. So that’s why you don’t see
something like that here, you don’t have to add it because you’ve chosen PayPal
as the processor for this particular funnel. And so you can choose
and edit which exact fields are included if you don’t want all of these fields,
don’t need it, you can totally remove them as well.
You know you’ve got full options here to customize that. But you do have to make
sure the button stays, the product actually stays in the email address,
cause we need to add them to your account. But then it’s good to you know
recap what’s included in their order some testimonials things like this. So
once you’ve got this customized we can go to the next step
and we just need to configure the settings here. So the SEO settings you
know the meta title and description are important as well. So you can just see
some additional information about that here,
you know Abbie’s exclusive ebook get it now. Of course if I was
publishing this for real I would spend a bit more time to do a bit of research to
think about you know what’s performing well, what are some maybe a
couple of keywords that are gonna match well about what it is I’m
promoting exactly. But we can move on here.
And then we need to set up the page URL. So you know the actual URL that I would
then be sharing in promoting on social media with with any advertising
that I’m working on. So this is an important step of course, so if you do
have your own domain oh and you want to assign this page content to
your domain you’d be able to do that. Right here you can see some instructions
for how to actually assign and edit your DNS settings, so you could actually
assign your own domain or subdomain to this landing page. So you’ll see that
information here Abbie’s ebook, I’m just gonna do that for this
example here with GetResponse provided domain. Let’s say this
is good to go and I click publish. This is a very big part of course of my quick
sales funnel. This is the sales page. And so you can also see here this is going
to be the URL now that I would be using to promote my products, my
offers. And then we’ll be tracking how many visitors you get to that
page, how many visitors you actually get to your order form and abandonment rate
so people make it to the order form but they don’t purchase and then that would
be triggering automatically and abandon order email. So if within 30 minutes
someone makes it to this order form but do not complete a purchase automatically
we would be sending an abandon order email to try and get them back to the
order form and complete their purchase and you can preview what that looks like
right here. This abandoned order email and if you wanted to edit
that you can just hover right here on these three dots here and choose to edit
the email, so you can edit. You know how that would actually be looking if it’s
going to be sending this abandon order email. And then all that’s
left is to actually you know just confirm their order, so you want to just
set up the page that someone will see after they successfully complete their
purchase. So after you know they’ve made the purchase through PayPal it’s good to
go, we just need to set up the page that they would see after that. And so it
automatically brings me to kind of a corresponding a thank-you page or
confirmation page that matches the template I already chose. So I can just
give this a name for myself or right now and then again just customize this with my own logo if I want to, customize this of course, change the
text for what it needs to say and then this would be actually
automatically prefilled with what someone purchased. So this is not going
to be present whenever someone actually makes it to this page. So will
automatically populate the product box here and then the button, there will
be a button on the product box that has the link to download this ebook. So
that’s why you remember we uploaded the file. Whenever we were
adding this ebook as a product we had to upload the e-book file that would be
available as a link in a button here on this page and so that’s going to be
automatically done for you and then you can just you know again recap any
information that they should know, any contact information, any other
information you want them to have that you’ll be able to do that on this page
but automatically we will make the ebook in this example available to download
within a button on this page. So we can go to the next step again you can
configure the page settings, your SEO settings title and description and then
automatically the URL is set up for us based on the domain and
subdomain that we set up in the first step for that sales page and so this is
going to be automatically set up for us and we click publish and then again we
can see that our funnel is good to go and we can you know start promoting it
with our social ads creator if we want. If you haven’t downloaded this free app
that you have access to within GetResponse you can go ahead and get a
download link sent to you and so this is all you need to do to start promoting this ebook that you’re wanting to sell and then
be able to see right here within your funnel how much money you’re earning, what’s your ROI and be able to see total pageviews, how many new
contacts you have, how many customers in your overall success and so then
people will just be able to visit this URL and be able to actually
purchase this ebook that I have and I can start earning some money by selling
my ebook, so that’s great.

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