Rebuilding Dodge RAM 1500 in 10 Minutes!

2016 Dodge Ram 1500 complete Rebuild Replacing Front Suspension Disassembling Front End Set up on a Frame Machine New Front Bumper NEW Rear Bumper New front wheel New Radiator support New headlights New Fender Flares New Tow- mirrors Cross measuring front 1 inch driver’s rail in, start pulling it Fixing body mount Bracket Rocker panel damage Pulling rocker panel tack-welding plates to pull out rocker panel skin Fixing front bumper bracket Front End Assembling Bodywork primer on all repaired body parts Preparing to paint door jambs Preparing truck for painting 2 coats of base-coat and 3 coats of clearcoat Painting the rest of the parts New running boards Light bar installation Detailing new bed liner First Test Drive


Good video. never having seen each episode of that build, it came out awesome. The red badges go well with the light bar and red tow hooks.

I'm not disappointed it's a fantastic project and outcome wish the video was longer though 😔 I guess I will have to stay tuned in for the next project 👍

I still think you look like the late Paul Walker. Or he looked like you not sure who was born first. 😂

Great idea to have this at the end.
Sometimes you forget how a certain part was done and having this at the end of the build helps to jog the old memory.
Well done guys, you should do this with all your builds.

I love your job👌The Dodge is very beautiful and it is excellent channel👍 greetings from Czech Republic🇺🇸🇨🇿

While this was different and informative if you hadn't seen the original videos,I personally like the way you explain what you are doing as you go, can't wait for the next installment. 👍🇬🇧

Why would you spend all that time and effort and ruin it with a plastic rot your bead out liner unless you're just selling it than its whatever but otherwise it looks great

I watched all the original episodes and this time-lapse video is just a reminder of how you turned a stinking piece of junk into a virtually new truck. Job well done with a really great end result.

These are videos that put wrong idea in peoples heads. 1st cross tramming everything without a measuring system is not way repairs. 2nd cutting sections of hydroform structure out and welding back together is not recomended repair procedure..never checked any of inner rocker structure for damage. No spray booth. Vehicle repair needs to follow factory procedures to be safe

Так вот как новые машины делают из слегка подержанных.

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