Researcher Sings “I Want It That Way” Karaoke – GEICO Insurance

♪ I want it that way… ♪ I can’t believe it. That Karl brought his
karaoke machine? ♪ Ain’t nothing but
a heartache… ♪ No, I can’t believe how easy
it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car
insurance with GEICO. ♪ I never wanna
hear you say… ♪ No, Kevin… no, Kevin! Believe it! GEICO could save
you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.


Greatest. Ad. Ever. The bunkmate scientists are on-screen for just 2 seconds and have no lines…yet are priceless.

I love this one SO MUCH that every time it comes on, I rewind to watch it a few more times! Great work Geico!

I love the extended theater trailer version where Kevin gets a second run and makes it out the door & they have to go out in the snow chasing him. Run Kevin…RUN!!!!! 🤣😂

Kevin's face with that blank stare is priceless. There wasn't a drop of emotion. He was resigned to go out that door and end it.

Dude Geico makes the best commercials of our time….. Unbelievably funny every single time…. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!

What is with all of these annoying commercials, lately? If it's not this annoying Geico "I Want It That Way" commercial, it's that annoying Cricket "Hiyeeee" commercial. If it's not the Cricket commercial, it's that annoying Little Caesars "CHEEEEESE" commercial. Who are the stupid people that think up these annoying commercials? Whoever they are, they're overpaid.

I love this commercial. I find myself singing this song in my head all day. The same way it’s sung on the commercial. When I out loud, I’m singing it the same way….

I want to meet that lady on the bunk bed so I can sing I want it that way, just to see what she says because she's the one who made the commercial great. She was like, are you serious? Lol every American feels that way when getting woke up for nothing. This is why it's so funny. But I want to meet her just to sing that song so I can get her opinion just for laughs!!

Geico has the best commercials in the game maxwell with the pinwheels then the gecko & now this 😂😂😂 they have the only commercials I don’t mind seeing

I can't believe it
That you can save on insurance with Geico?
No…I can't believe that I watched this ad over and over again, laughing myself into a coma!!!

I'm laughing at the guy singing because when he say "its nothing but a partay'" his legs bending like he really singing his heart out.

Check how Kev looks up at the singer as he heads towards the door like u know this is your fault right 😆😂😭🤣

Lmao, @ 0:10 when Kevin was just staring at Kyle Looooool. You guys make the best commercials ever. Every time my wife is about to change the channel and I see that it's a Geico commercial I plead with her not to change it. She just shakes her head and call me goofy but hey I've come to recognize and accept that. Thank You Gico for all the smiles and laughs.

Geico commercials are BRILLIANT!! I can never just play them once. I have to see them a zillion times and I still break out laughing. This one tops with my other two favorite ones: The Pirate and the Peter Pan one. This one is priceless!:)

I saw another version of this in where after the guys pull Kevin away, He appears to compose himself and then immediately bolts after the door again. The guys try to stop him again, but are too late Kevin actually makes it outside in that version. I wish this video was that version, because imo it would be funnier.

Okay, I want somebody to tell me where the full version of this commercial is. I remember a version where an additional person was hiding in a bathroom, and Kevin ran out and the other people chased him.

I still love this commercial. Kyle was really into this song! Look how enthusiastic his movements are! Also…The guy on the top bunk is next to attempt suicide!! 😂

I swear by all that's holy this has got to be the greatest commercial of all time

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