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Hi. I’m Haley. And this is a story about the weirdest first
date I have ever had. Well, the only first date I have ever had,
to be honest, but nobody I know has had one like this, ever. So this might be interesting to you too, I
guess. Three months ago I turned sixteen and, at
that point, I had not been on a single date in my life. And… It didn’t ever bother me. Different guys had asked me out several times,
and there was nothing wrong with… well, most of them. But when I was talking to them I didn’t… feel anything. There wasn’t the ‘spark’ that people sometimes
talk about, and that’s crucial for me. I don’t want to waste time, or give anybody
false hope. My sister says I should give people a chance,
but I don’t see any point. So, it all changed about two months ago when
I was at a party at my childhood friend’s house. He had a birthday, and his parents were fine
with leaving the house at his disposal and going out of town for several days. So, anyway, I was at this party, and I noticed
a guy who kept looking at me from time to time. He was about my age and seemed very shy. He just seemed too scared to talk to me. The party was a little bit boring anyway,
so I was just trying to entertain myself, thinking… what are the odds that he finally
decides to speak? And it did not take him very long. About half an hour after I saw him, he came
up to me and introduced himself. His name was Jim and he was my friend’s
classmate. As we were talking, he was still really really
shy, but… maybe that was what I found cute after all. I felt something. I felt that I liked him. So when, in a couple of days, he texted, asking
me out, I said yes. For the first time in my life. He did not specify what we were going to do,
but I never thought it would be something extraordinary. Like I thought we’d take a walk, stop by
somewhere to have lunch or a coffee or something… I did not have expectations really, the only
thing I wanted was to get to know him. Was that too much to expect? Okay, now I have to mention that my family
is not rich at all. You’ll understand why I mention it later. So basically, I decided to wear my favorite
dress – I really love it and I feel so comfortable in it, but at the same time it’s a little
quirky and pretty casual. Well… it was, because it did not survive
that day. When Jim texted me that he was by my house,
I was ready to go, so I grabbed my phone, and ran out of the house. As I was walking through our front yard, I
saw a car parked on the opposite side of the road. It was a fancy shiny expensive black car,
I think maybe a Mercedes. Of course it caught my eye, but I didn’t
pay much attention to it, I was watching out for Jim somewhere down the street. And… the street was empty. In about ten seconds one of the windows of
the Mercedes rolled down, and in the backseat there was Jim in a shirt and a bowtie, he
waved at me and invited me to get into the car. You should know better than to get in cars
with people you barely know. Bad idea. But I was so confused… that I did it. So Jim was in the backseat, and… there was
a driver. Like… the man literally looked like a driver
from the movies. He was very formally dressed, God, he even
had white gloves on. He looked at me in the rearview mirror and
nodded politely. That was where the date started. We made a couple laps around the town for
a reason I still have no idea about and arrived at a very expensive restaurant, one of the
fanciest in our town. Jim had a reservation, it was a table for
two. So one of the few things I learned during
that date was that Jim’s dad was the owner of several buildings in the city center, and
a very very wealthy man. “What was so bad about the date?” you might
ask. A ride in an expensive car, a fancy dinner… Well maybe you’re right, but every second
of it was a disaster for me. We barely talked to each other, because in
the car it was awkward since the driver was with us and he would look at us in the rearview
mirror from time to time. And at the restaurant I just wanted to disappear
because my outfit was so irrelevant and people were turning their heads to look at me. I got so upset I cut this dress to shreds
when I got home, which I now regret. It was over. I did not want to go out with Jim anymore,
while he obviously thought our date was amazing. He kept texting me, even though I was not
replying, so I just had to go through it with him and tell him. He acted like he understood what the problem
was, and a couple of hours after our conversation he appeared on our doorstep with a huge bouquet
of flowers and a box with some kind jewelry. I don’t even know what kind of jewelry,
because I didn’t take it. It meant he did not understand a single word
that I had texted him. I think I just shouted at him as he was standing
there on our porch with this box and those flowers. I thought this time I was perfectly clear,
but Jim still did not get it. Over the next week, I received three gifts
brought by a delivery service, among which there were a huge basket of chocolates, a
teddy bear the size of my eight-year-old nephew Eric, and silver earrings with some kind of
gems in them. I kept sending those gifts back, getting angrier
and angrier, but Jim just kept asking what I wanted to receive, if I didn’t “like”
these gifts. Finally I lost my patience. I blocked him everywhere. And I did not hear from him or about him for
the next two weeks. Until something pretty unexpected happened. My friend Lisa called me and asked me to meet
her by our local shopping mall in a couple of hours. She said it was urgent. When I got there, I didn’t see her. So I called her and she said one phrase: “Please
give it a shot.” That did not make any sense until I saw Jim
standing there looking at me. I got furious at first, but I trusted Lisa,
since… she had always been a very good friend. So, okay, I’ll try to make this long story
short. It was a date, and it was way better. We went to several beautiful places I had
never been to, like this park with a pond that was right nearby. We listened to some jazz music there that
was played for free by some local musicians, and – most importantly – we got to know
each other. It turned out Jim wanted to be a professional
jazz drummer, while his dad wouldn’t accept anything other than law school at an Ivy League
college. And by the way – after Jim met me at the
party, he literally had no idea what to do. So he asked his dad (not a very romantic man,
obviously) what he should do to impress me. So the first date and all of the subsequent
presents were things his dad had recommended for him to do to win my heart! Jim apologized for all that. After all of it failed, Jim still would not
give up. He contacted Lisa and she advised him to come
up with a date for me without a single dollar spent. And… it turned out to be spot on. So… now we are dating. There are still these moments when he tries
to solve things by “buying” them, but… he has not seen it done in any other way before. He’s getting there, I see it. Thanks a lot for watching guys! If you have any crazy first date stories (and
I bet you do), please share them in the comments. And don’t forget to like and subscribe!


Thanks a lot for watching guys! If you have any crazy first date stories (and we bet you do), please share them in the comments. And don’t forget to like and subscribe!

I haven’t had a first date yet even know I have had two boyfriends but only like a hour before I started to date this one guy he bit me so yeah my first boyfriend bit me

so you met the only nice rich guy and we're super judgmental and instead of being really clear about exactly what made you uncomfortable, you let the poor guy get crushed… until he luckily manage to figure it out… gotta say girlfriend doesn't seem like you deserve him!

I guess the moral of this story is that you can't buy someone else's love. You should just be yourself and not try to impress your crush with a trip to a fancy restaurant or giving them a bunch of nice and expensive gifts.

Tbh she should of just told him how she felt that she felt that she don’t belong there that she would rather go some where else.

Okay I need help!!!
Okay I was asked out a few weeks ago and sadly for him i rejected him … Because I didn't want to play with his feelings and give him false hope because I was not attracted and still not attracted to anyone at my school.. But we became friends but.. he wants to ask me out AGAIN!? but he wants to get me chocolate pizza donuts jewelery just for me to say yes… But I still have no feelings for him… I just feel like he is trying to buy my love.. And if I randomly did have feelings for him from other people's perspective I said no when he didn't have anything and said yes when he had nothing. My friend said maybe give him a chance and if you still have no feelings then you can break it to him.. Idk what to do cause apparently he is doing this , this Wednesday.

Can someone help me!? I'm so nervous and confused
Just so you know I'm not popular and not many boys ask me out or let alone have feelings for me..
Cause I am a ugly sneeze ball
So for someone to do this or let alone thinking of doing it makes me confused and nervous if that makes any sense? I just need some mental help here if you have advice ty if you do ❤️

You don't want to date him anymore because he took you to a fancy restaurant and you were too ashamed to talk 'cause people were staring at you.
Who's the worst date here?

this girl is 16 and has had people ask her out but has never been on a date

i’m almost 19 and never even been asked out let alone been on a date LOL

U rejected him cause he's rich? That's honestly a bitchy move it would be a whole nother story if he didn't like you for not having money.

You know its a gift .. its a blessing.. and you should be thankful..

Also me: someone give me water oh i cant take it my father is gonna kill me when theres a drink inside the house




This reminds me of the movie "Pretty in Pink". Imagine one of the guys friends calls u a gold digger for nothing and shames you for wearing an old dress. You will feel pretty humiliated TBH. It's a real risky relationship in my opinion, it's upto you to handle the critisims. Good Luck🥰

Serioisly? I would have preferrd the mercedes and the fancy restaurant. Sorry but i do not sugarcoat my opinion 😂😂

The piece that you cut in the middle off your favorite dress you could have put it on and make a skirt out of it OK leave them alone Usa talk

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