Rob Lowe’s Son Trolls Him from Backstage

Hi, Rob. That’s a very nice welcome. I’m feeling better. I think you’re a surprise. You didn’t know he
was here, right? All right. You were a surprise. So they’re very happy. I like that. It’s good to see you. I was going to come
visit you this weekend. Sheryl said y’all were just
hanging out at the house. And I wanted to come
see how my car is. So yeah, Ellen can sell
anything to anybody. That’s not true. It is– it’s very true. I was working out at
my gym in my house. And Sheryl and Ellen were
playing, I think, tennis. And the next thing you
know, I own Ellen’s Porsche. I don’t know how it– it was the
most expensive ride I’ve ever had on my Peloton. Yeah. Well, you wouldn’t
get off the Peloton. Sheryl really wanted
to buy the car. And anyway. But yeah. Can I tell you something? I am obsessed with it. It’s a great car. Yeah, and I drive it like
it’s meant to be driven. Sheryl drives it like– it’s, like, you know,
don’t kill yourself, honey. And I’m like, it’s a Porsche. Let’s go. Yeah. Yeah. So Johnny is– first of all,
he’s writing for Ryan Murphy. And remind me again what
he went to college for? This is my son, John Owen. He graduated with
straight A’s at Stanford. Got in because he was the
earliest intern in Eli Broad stem cell laboratory. Got out and decided he
wanted to be in Hollywood. And I wanted to kill myself. Yeah. But he’s working. He’s not like– you know,
he’s working for Ryan Murphy. He’s writing. He’s a very smart kid,
and he’s doing great. And Matthew– Matthew Lowe, my oldest, just
passed the bar, the California bar. I mean, that’s fantastic. It’s one of the hardest
tests in the world. And he’s carrying
on a good legacy. Because my dad’s an attorney. And I only play
them on television. That’s right. Well, but you play them well. Thank you so much. All right, so
Johnny is backstage. Because his boys, you know,
basically always comment on your Instagram posts. They troll me, I think,
as the kids call it. Yes, they do. They troll you. So Johnny– Hi, Johnny. Johnny is backstage right now. And so he’s going to watch
this entire interview and comment as we go. It’s going to be brutal. So yeah. All right, so let’s just
talk about– first of all, let’s start with this, Johnny. This will be a good one. People’s Sexiest
Man Alive issue. You are in here for
Sexy at Every Age. Yeah. See, I think the
“At Every Age” thing is kind of a
backhanded compliment. Well, it’s a compliment. It doesn’t matter. It means you’re sexy
at every– but you could have been like– uh-oh. What’s happening? He’s writing. In my 50s. Thanks, Johnny. I know how old I am. You don’t need to– oh, ask how many
times– you know. He’s been on the cover. You haven’t been on the cover. And it’s not for lack of
examples why you should be. Let’s show some examples of
what somebody should have seen to put him on the cover. I’ve never been
Sexiest Man Alive. Never. There’s that. Never. There’s that. There’s that. Never have I been. Never. It’s always been
somebody sexier. Right. And I’m very angry about it. Yeah. I think the only reason I’ve
not been Sexiest Man Alive. I have spent a lot of
time thinking about it. I blame Russian collusion. Honestly, that’s what I blame. Yeah, because there’s
no reason why not. No. This election I should have won. All right. Come on. There you go. That’s my little sweet Beau. Look at you, being in an
uncomfortable position to make your dog– Johnny, that’s only
encouraging them to do that. Yeah. All right, there’s
a picture of you with a giant– is this
a turtle or a tortoise? It’s a tortoise. This is at the
Galápagos Islands. How old is that thing? They do not know. But it’s probably 150 years. Yeah. How old– they lived–
like, 200 years old? They honestly don’t truly know
how old they can live to be. But that is obviously
a big boy right there. That is incredible. Uh-oh. All right. I mean– All right. I mean, what are
you going to do? I don’t know. Let’s change the subject. I mean– Let’s talk about the holidays. Their house is so lovely. And it’s so cozy
for the holidays. Have you started decorating? Well, you know I
have an obsession. And you know me. Like, the house– I’m not really
involved in the house. I live in the house. I love the house. But that’s Sheryl’s domain. But when it comes to
the Christmas tree, I am all over it. I’m obsessed with it
drying out too soon. We can– Like, that’s my– what is it? No, but he’s right about this. I have like a phobia
about the pine needles getting brittle and
fall, and then it’s going to be flammable. But there’s things– you can
put, like, 7Up in the water. You know my trick? It’s half 7Up, half water. Yes. And I am obsessed with this. This is like all I care
about during the holidays. So do you time it out where–
did you buy the tree already, or are you waiting to
closer to Christmas? You’ve got to wait till–
you gotta wait till– you can’t do it now, because
it will dry out, no matter how much 7 Up and water you put in. Because of the heat in
the house and everything? That’s right. Exactly. Right. And then are you
the kind of person who– do you get
rid of the tree, like, the day after
Christmas, or do you leave it up all through January? Sheryl and I don’t disagree on
much, but we disagree on that. I’d like to have a
little after glow. She literally has that
tree out of the house by lunch on Christmas day. I understand. I don’t understand people
who put it up too soon and keep it too long. I think it’s– you know,
there’s a good time– It says a lot about you. I think how you
handle your Christmas tree says a lot about you. I really do. What does it say about me? Well, how do you handle yours? How do I handle my tree? Yes. That is none of your business
how I handle my tree. We have to take a break. More with Rob after this.


I put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving, and don’t take it down until January 2; and it never dries out. Ok, I take that back. One of the first times I had a live tree as an adult, my tree did dry out. When I was scooting under it to pour water in it, a pine needle fell in my ear and it pierced my ear drum. I had to go to an ENT doctor to have it pulled out. After that I never let my tree dry out again. Also, ever since then I can say with confidence that I am a pioneer…or rather pine-ear. 😂

Btw, I tried that sugar and water “trick” and it actually made my tree dry out faster. Ever since then, I only use lukewarm water, and it doesn’t dry out.
A BIG mistake a lot of people make is not cutting the end of the trunk when they get it home from wherever you purchased it. If you make a clean cut, then immediately put it in water, and make sure you check the water daily, your tree won’t dry out. 👍🏻

come on, not everybody has your funny life, please B; and Jonny is not that handsome, how much I have to pay to promote myself in your show Ellen?

Hispanics keep it up until January 6th. Remembering day the 3 wise men followed the star all the way to Bethlehem bearing gifts for baby Jesus

The funny and interesting thing about celebrities is, if they weren’t celebrities, they wouldn’t be funny or interesting

Got married, stayed married, raised two wonderful boys. Not just good looking but also very smart. Their son's speak volumes on how well Rob and his wife did (and still doing) as parents.

Ellen didn't sell her porch…besides, it's probably attached to her house and it just isn't worth the hassle. What she did sell is her Porsche. 🙂

Haha me and his wife are the same, the tree is down and out by Christmas night and ready to dry up for the desert ( we go out for new years ride quads and burn the tree )

Rob Lowe is such a delight! I am so happy for him to have two bright sons. He has been faithfully married to his wife and a wonderful father – he is a model for good behavior in tinsel town and deserves just rewards. His witty son, Johnny, was hilarious! And HE IS STILL HOT!!!!!!!!!

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