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Let’s face it, we Americas love our cars.
It’s important to protect that relationship. This is where insurance enters the picture.
In many respects, your auto insurance is just as important as gas, tires, and tune-ups,
but do we really know about auto coverage? Are we really getting the best value for our
money? Designing Spaces visited Safe Auto Insurance in Columbus, Ohio to talk car insurance.
What are the biggest key considerations to look for when shopping for car insurance?
There’s four areas, very high risk areas, of automobile insurance. One, bodily injury.
Two, property damage, Three, uninsured and underinsured motorists bodily protection,
and you also have comprehensive and collision. The bodily injury and the property damage
are put together, and it’s called liability. If you’re responsible for an accident, you
have insurance, you are liable to take care of the other person. And this part of your
policy kicks in, takes care of any bodily injury to the driver and his passengers, and
also takes care of the physical damage to the vehicle. Very important. Most states,
probably all the states, today have some sort of law protecting the other person. That’s
why you have liability insurance. Two, and I find this very important, is uninsured and
underinsured motorists. There are many people that are still driving around out there today
without insurance, without liability insurance. If you should get into an accident with one
of these people, and it’s their fault, who’s going to take care of you? Nobody. What happens
in this is this is an endorsement. It picks up and helps pay for bodily injury to you
and your passengers. Very very important. The third is the comprehensive and collision,
and this takes care of the physical damage of your car. If your car is in an accident,
you’ll have insurance with a deductible, and that will help repair the vehicle back to
where it was originally before the accident. To pick the right car insurance, it is very
important that you ask yourself “What do I have to lose if I do not have insurance? Could
I lose my home? Could I lose my business? Could I lose my banking accounts?” That’s
very important. You really need to take that into consideration before you decide not to
have automobile insurance. Another factor that you should really take into consideration
is the age of the vehicle. Sometimes a vehicle, because of its age, is not worth insuring.
And you’ll find the deductibles will be more than the car is worth. So you really need
to look at that and ask yourself that question. If I want just the essential minimum limit
coverage, what do I need to look for or be aware of?
Well, every state has their own minimum limits of liability. What the state requires you
to have in order to be an insured driver. And you can find that out online, or you can
call up your local DMV, and they’ll be able to tell you what the minimum coverage is required
for you in their state. Another good place to find this information is go on to Safe
Auto’s website, We list all the information you need to make a proper
insurance decision. What are some of the common errors people
make when selecting auto insurance? Well, today, everybody is on a budget, and
we understand that. And we have a method of increasing your deductibles on your policy
to help get your cost down. If you increase your deductibles, your monthly payment will
decrease, which makes your policy more affordable. And here at Safe Auto, we want to give you
affordable insurance. Why do different people get different quotes
for their car insurance rates? Everybody’s unique, and everybody has their
own driving characteristics. Like, if you have a new driver in the household, a young
teenager, or you have a luxury car, or you have a car that you use to go back and forth
to work. Where you live is another consideration, and the roads you drive are another consideration.
These factors together help determine what you’re going to pay for your insurance policy.
I know that insurance will vary depending on the state. How do you handle that at Safe
Auto? We’re very good at what we do, and we specialize
in providing you state minimum coverage to make you legal to drive.
Why do you guys do what you do? What drives you?
We find this very rewarding here at Safe Auto. Let’s say it’s like going to a dentist. Nobody
wants to go. Well, nobody really wants to buy automobile insurance. But we provide a
service that everybody can have insurance and feel safe.
What does Safe Auto do better than other insurance companies?
Here at Safe Auto, we do one thing. We specialize in automobile insurance, and we do that so
we can get to know you better, what you need. At Safe Auto Insurance, we want you to enjoy
the road ahead. Take the right steps to protect your car.
After all, it is a part of your work, play, and family. Keep a regular maintenance schedule.
Drive safely, and have the right auto insurance to protect you and your vehicle against the
unforeseen bumps along the way. (music).You can visit these websites to learn
more about the participants on this edition of Designing Spaces.

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