Sales 101 .01 Basic Sales Introduction

Selling 101 – Introduction to Sales
There are many different reasons people buy things. When students go to college they need
books, housing, and so on. A woman buying a mink coat may want to achieve some sort
of perceived social status. You should define what the motivation is behind why your potential
customer would want to buy your products or services.
Why Do People Buy? What type of products or services do you provide
to your customer? When someone is in the buying decision how does their situation dictator
their behavior? If you sell discount tires, your target customer is in a state of need,
and not in the same mindset as someone who’s purchasing a mountain bike for recreational
purposes. Identify what triggers your target customers
to want to buy. Their motivation to buy could be for luxury, education, entertainment, or
necessity. People are more willing to pay for a meaningful experience. By knowing why
your customers are buying, you can be the business that provides that meaningful experience.
Modes of Selling • B2B – Business to business is when a
business is selling to another business. (i.e. cup manufacturer selling to a fast food franchise).
• B2C – Business to customer is when a business is selling to a customer (i.e. grocery
store selling to people). • B2G – Business to government is when
a business is selling to a government agency (uniform manufacturer selling to the army).
• C2B – Customer to business is when a customer is selling to a business (i.e. pawn
shop). • C2C – Customer to customer is when a
customer is selling to a customer (i.e. craigslist). 8 Stages of a Typical Sales Process
There are 8 stages that you will typically go through in a sales cycle:
1. Contact or Prospecting 2. Planning
3. Approaching the Prospect 4. Assessment
5. Presentation 6. Handling Objections
7. Commitment 8. Post-sales Support or Follow-up
AIDA When a potential customer is going through
the buying cycle, they go through a process called AIDA. This is an acronym for: Awareness,
Interest, Desire, and Action. You will need to know sales terms to better
understand the sales process. So here is a: Sales Vocabulary Short List
Prospects – potential customer/ client/ consumer
Cold Calling – reaching out to a new customer/ client/ consumer
Gate Keeper – keeps the cold call sales team from the decision makers
Unique Selling Proposition – what makes one product stand out from competitors
Networking – the way you interact socially CRM – customer relationship management is
how you manage to keep your customers happy Here are some tips to remember when approaching
the sales process – Build relationships with your customers.
People want to buy from someone they feel like they can trust. When you invest in building
a real rapport with your prospect, you have an easier time selling them.
– People prefer personalities to automation. A calm and relaxed consultation is better
than a rushed sales pitch. – Believe in what you are selling. If you
don’t believe in the product you are trying to sell, no one else will either. The more
passionate you are about the product, the more passionate your prospect will become.
– Set yourself apart from your competition. Approach the process with your own style,
and try to present yourself as you want to be perceived.
– Each potential customer has unique wants and needs. You should pay attention, and listen
to pick up on how you can genuinely help them with your business.
– Be very patient, persistent, and don’t take things too seriously. Don’t get discouraged,
and evolve your sales process. Utilize the experiences from failed sales attempts to
improve your pitch. The more comfortable you are as a salesperson,
and the more passionate you are about your product, the easier it will be to sale to
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