Searching Ambulances! Scenes From The Emergency Vehicle Auction

I’m telling for a dream What’s up guys got my fan over here? What’s your name? Emory Say, what’s up to Emory, Emory came here to visit me and he’s checking out the cop cars the favorite cars the crown, Victoria Huh, no, Lamborghini, so we’re here to change Headlight headlights, and he’s Gonna do it for me Sup guys. I’m here at the auction and I came across these ambulances, so let’s go check them out See what kind of goodies weapons kind of stuff. We could find in here How are you dear? Are you are you indeed? Sir, Mr.. School Department patient Care report Get all these switches Kin with a beaker into the spotlight biohazardous Shears look at that things are no joke listen here Seven Seven seven nine MmM mmM when the world’s because Mombi’s What the heck is this? ha ha ha Don’t come after ya what the heck is just freakin awesome, please subscribe to Chrome Rick auto good Not starting command again, so that’s a good sign. I’m not going to take at the Chernobyl ah David Cisco, we’ve got the bonds are we gonna love it to do this I vaseline These are beanbags. I think super sock Super sock slugs less-Than-Lethal camel Do not cross police lines is not correct intelligent battery Motorola critical incident response checklist how convenient Moneymoney San Francisco Junior Pd officer There’s lots of Beanbag slut a real bullet Credit card. I know this is bad. I think the piece of junk All right, is it not this is a full-size car right here full look at it Santana setups They get all these giant Anna. What do you think Jenna? I don’t even If you could be doing visited in the big 200 you got this set up right here definitely something I could use a Corporation or black eyes definitely something I could use and this is got this pretty good condition Silicon, so The Board is definitely difficult aboard the main port penises. They’re working Fire district in gin you know I think this auction is on to me because going to cum loady like they used to Throw into me man vehicles the sign carry for people and I see if I can get this thing started Damn, it wait. There’s no plea sitting in the back Pit maneuver Dummy car lover to a caller Yeah, full roll cage everything To practice pit maneuver. What is this like 97? Yeah Yeah chrome Good that cage Let’s go what a nice battery for a piece of crap car. Oh Yeah Check it out an extended Caterpillar bus Do this is super long in Addition to tirupathi if you don’t leave okay? Baby, it’s about twenty nine. Twenty Five-plus on iron number guys on the vine number epidemic number next month for five four six nine Four Thirty seven Rounds if they give me 25 to go this one Because you gotta believe in fighting at companies. They’re going to be 35 mile two mile Demanded one doesn’t want to go at all. We’re together. We go to the business any violence form or full fat for good Do this monitor you eat no no no 438 those only wheeling’s Baltimore really yep, please people thinking I’m gonna make it into one poppy, but you got a little whiskey kids at first you know baby cutter bucks online Alright another Convey is it oh? 401 yes, what I said – 250 200 300 400 400 Anthony’s Runnin late four hundred five hundred Dollar Bill ma’am Ba-Ba-BA-BA-Ba-Ba-Ba-ba-Ba going to be 500 500 100 fire number 63124 – yeah ground it. We’re Gonna head 590 211 in typical into the land and picking them to be delivered into corner 50. I don’t even have unicorn 50 sold grab here 225 join a bidder number whole time for About together so you can go rather against together Guys, oh now, you know Most people don’t even agree for you when a poor children. I thought – now 300 mounties in the great wide window think I wear a beanie and so in a year 200 you want a better number they won’t bring another on a whore – All right, so I’ll pay the expo are now free. I’m just going to stay out of la you get out of Here 200 People already kissed candidate. Oh, I didn’t know you were doing it look here hundred I’ve seen out of two hundred two hundred Eleven people and left side floors ago one hundred the Liberty of another important one handle of the newspaper enhance you cover know how to expand out to Little bit around 120 time having a little bit of an example that oh hang on them. Whoa I didn’t it one Hittin 150 now 200 200 million gallons on into ninety two hundred Souls I dare one tipping on dinner number four platform Interrogation neutrons a crab here so click here hundred now 50. I’m Convenient again GG. Little bit connected Via 200 200 another one in another 50 every 300 million 1 3 : 3 : 3 300 250 min 3 300 million gallon freelance call sold it right here 250 going to get a number for time for the same deal right here to the crown Vic has 115 into 211 Government buildings in the 9290 Valente Governor GT2 wannabe to 1897 in Suitable answer you right there now is it? 250 of Empathy for the Vigilante to Physique soul trapped here 200 join a bin at number or 5 for a Lot to perform 52 my guys right there joan Busy, huh developer doing guilty his email 15m. Another 150 150 to 200 out to you vanillin government to govern Gwt to soul prepare 150 gone bitter number 4 5 4 oh Take a look here again talk about Lego right there left up report 51 – bye guys take a look right there have it another nothing or 100? 101 110 110 111 get 150 bucks on A 57 continue that letting the velocity is 75 to 290 Mm 50 women develop in Mattoon stay around here, honey 250 250 names we build an assaultive right here $200 you own a better number for applying for on the Moon Thank you for being here. Early. I am at the auction here. What’s up? What’s up guys?


Instead of pls find a gun what if we say pls find a bullet cuz every time he gets a bullet instead of a gun so what if we switch it up so that when we say pls find a bullet we might have a chance to get a gun🤔

You have inspired me to go to a police auction, how much do the functional cars go for? And can a civilian get in, or fo u gotta be a dealer?

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