Sell For Free, Sell Online Auction Site – The alternative to ebay

0:00 if you thought there was only one place
for online auctions 0:03 think again bidlazy dot com is the alternative
online marketplace 0:08 of course you get all the usual features
that you’d expect 0:11 such as seller verifications for buyers
peace of mind 0:14 easy and secure online payment options
from Pay Pal and Google Wallet 0:18 secure registration and login buy it
now options 0:21 and of course thousands of categories
to choose from clothing 0:25 parts electronics you name it plus you
can 0:28 easily set up your own online shop where
you can create your own categories 0:33 and you’ll have an easy to remember link
you can share but bidlazy dot com 0:37 gives you much much more we think that
selling 0:40 online should be great value so we let
you sell 0:44 any items under twenty pounds completely
free of charge 0:48 we also let you earn credits through
our affiliate program 0:51 and if you have loads have items to list
our bulk upload makes it really 0:55 simple 0:55 so you can start selling thousands of
items in minutes 0:59 brilliant stuff for buying and selling 1:02 online you’d be crazy not to check out 1:05 bidlazy dot com Loading icon Loading icon ——————————————————————————–


Same here, it is most likely new one, but why not to try it does not cost me anything…

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