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– Do you want to learn to
sell anything out there? Today I’m gonna teach you just that. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna teach
you how to sell me this pen. The key to selling anything. (bright, upbeat music) Now before we get started,
I have a question for you. How would you sell me this pen? Leave a comment below with
how you would sell it to me. Now most of you are going to be like, hey Neil, this pen is an amazing price. It’s affordable. And you’re gonna go over all these things but that’s not how you sell someone a pen. There’s an exact step on
how you should sell a pen or anything out there. The first thing you need to do
is understand your customer. Ask some questions, or
your potential customer, ask ’em questions like,
hey do you use pens? What do you use ’em for? Do you find any value for ’em? Do you prefer pens of pencils? How often do you use these pens. By asking your potential
customer the question or questions around the
item you’re selling, it’ll help you understand
their motive behind using it. See you’re not selling a pen, you’re selling the end solution. Even when you are selling
software or anything out there, for example my ad agency
Neil Patel Digital, we sell marketing services and we get companies more traffic. I don’t sell them, hey I’m gonna show you how to get ranked on Google or I’m gonna get you at the top of Google. I sell you traffic and sales and more importantly, revenue and profit. The same goes with the pen. If you understand your customer you will then know how to pitch ’em. The second step for you to realize is not everyone is your ideal customer. You don’t want to sell people who have no need for a pen, a pen. You want to focus on your ideal customers. Being a sales person, it’s not
about going after a hundred or a thousand leads. It’s about focusing your time and energy on all of the qualified
ones and ignoring the rest. That’s how you’ll make the most money. Again, it’s okay to not
sell every single lead on the product or service you are selling. The third tip I have for you is use logic and emotions with your selling. For example, if I was selling you a pen and you only used it when
you were signing contracts, it’d be like, whoa, these contracts, they’re changing your business. That’s history in the making, right? And you’d be like, yeah, wouldn’t you want to
remember these moments by using a really amazing,
you know, expensive pen? And they’re like, ah, that makes sense. On the flip side you can also use logic. Hey, use all these pens
when you’re doing home loans or brokerages, your office needs ’em, you could be buying nice,
fancy, expensive pens but we have these pens here
that last twice as long and they’re roughly the same price, they’re only 10% more. People are like, oh, 10% more
but they last a lot longer, I’m saving money! That’s using logic. The fourth tip I have for
you is to use pressure. It’s okay using pressure
to close a deal faster. For example, if you’re really limited in how many people you
can fulfill that month, you can let ’em know, hey, I can only fulfill two more contracts. We can only take on two
more deals or one more deal if that’s not for you, no worries, let me know, maybe we can
start the next month after but I would just appreciate
the open communication. Putting pressure is a great way to get people to start moving. And when you’re putting
pressure, do not offer discounts. That’s the worst thing you can do. When you offer the discounts,
it’ll crush your numbers. You’ll find that the moment
you offer a discount, people will walk all over you and they’ll ask you for more and more. That’s a key to not just selling a pen but anything out there. If you need help growing your business, check out my ad agency, Neil Patel Digital and if you enjoyed this video, leave a comment below, like it, share it and subscribe to the channel. Thank you for watching.


First, to establish need, I would pick up your pen and smash the point it into your desk. I would pause, look at you in the eyes and say: "Neil, you need a pen – let's find out what pen would be best for you".

I would sell you this pen and have a great story. People don't buy what you do but they buy why you do it. As a small youtuber I have to be crystal clear with my why and I have to know my customer. Neil, these tips have really helped me. Thank you

Whateva kind of pin it is… I'd start out asking my first potential prospect if there was A one million dollar check in front of them right now. Would they sign it with their own blood, well now I gotta up sell them A knife too lol this could go on forever until I'm rich I'm sure…

Thanks for the upload like always fam!

Knowing psychology will help a lot in selling something to someone

Thank you for this, Neil!

Winny out…for now 😉

Nicely Explained !

The number grows well when you consider the End Solution instead of the Service/Product.

Don't know how but for once you remind me of thewolfofwallstreet 🙂

TO sell a pen, first we have to understand the customers and then expalin to them how that particular pen can help them achieve that end result…… GREAT SALESMAN sells DREAMS not product & services. every pen is ideally same and first we should identify there need and sell that DREAM.

This pen has scientific values, you can't write anything BAD or NEGATIVE with this Pen unless you force it.♥️

From heart a big Thanks to you. Your video helped me a lot….it takes big heart and courage to do..thanks once again for your teaching.

The 4 simple steps may be Solve almost all the selling problem arising in the journey of Any business. 👍😊😊.
Sir Any guides relating to How to create Great storytelling for the New startup ???

Neil, you sir are amazing! I'm not sure if you sell any marketing related books, but if you do I will definitely purchase a few.

Hey, Neil, I have been following you from the past 6 months. I learned a lot of tips and techniques. I made my DA ranked to 17 in 11 months and PA to 21. Well, I want to know one thing. I worked on a particular keyword, that required backlinks from 5 websites. I made 10 do follow backlinks. But still fail to rank on the top of Google. Why is that so? Your answers are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

First qualify, Neil how long you've been looking for a pen?
If you're not looking for a pen I won't waste my time
If you are I keep asking discovery questions and share the benefits and features of this pen, ask for the sale. Use good tonality
Loop back to benefits of the pen. I will tell you about the company that produces the pen and about me .

Great advice. How does this concept work for an organization that sells "awareness" about an environmental topic without an "ideal customer" as their goal is to reach an entire population?

Before I watch the rest of the video, here's what I would do:

Me: Hey there.

Niel: Hey.

Me: How are things?

Niel: Fine, thanks. And with you?

Me: Great. Hey, let me ask you something, do you still write things down the good old fashioned way, or are you like these kids who've forgotten how to use a pen?

Niel: Yeah, of course I write things down.

Me: What kind of pen do you use?

Niel: Anything, really. It doesn't have to be a pen. I use pencils too.

Me: You use pencils? Me too, but mostly for scribbling random notes. I always use a pen for important work. Do you?

Niel: Man, I don't know. Why does it matter?

Me: Well, it matters 'cause some things are only good the first time, so you want to make them as memorable as possible. You want to create experiences for yourself. And when you do that, you should always take something to remember those experiences by.

Niel: What do you mean?

Me: Well, you look like a business man, so I'm sure you've closed some very lucrative deals before.

Niel: (Grins) A couple.

Me: And I'm sure you'll do many more in the future. The ones you do can be as simple as the ones you've done in the past, or you can make them more memorable.

Niel: How?

Me: With a pen.

Niel: A pen?

Me: Your pen. Your signing pen. The pen you keep in this special carbon fiber case that you only ever use when you close a deal. You're a man with power, so think of it as you giving the deal your blessing. Every time you put your name on a contract, you're showing everyone involved just how serious you are.

Niel: I like the sound of that.

Me: Now, every time you look at this pen, you'll remember every one of those deals. The experience you had. All because of this very special pen.

Niel: Hey… how much is this pen?

Me: $75.

Niel: What? Do I get a discount at least?

Me: A discount? This pen conveys the power and energy you bring to every contract you sign. Do you really want to devalue that with a discount?

Niel: You're right. You're right. I'll take one.

Me: Perfect. Remember, never use this to scribble notes with. Only use it for your most important deals.

If I was selling that pen to anyone else other than you, I'd inquire if they were especially Neil Patel fans. If so, I'd offer to sell them that pen which was once used by Neil himself!

Imagine signing those huge bonus checks with this pen after my service makes you so much more money. If that does not work, break their pen.

Hey Neil, would you say a discount is the same as having a sale on a product, for example if I'm selling an e-course for $97 and on Black Friday I offer it to my email list for $77

This 4 minutes is probably worth more than a degree in marketing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Neil!

Amazing video with clear conceptual explanation of selling the service and product. Keep making videos like these. Great work

1, when was the last time you used a pen? gather information, 2 Can you remember what kind of pen it was?
to determine how important the pen is to client, finding a gap for your pen. 3 Can yo remember why you were using the pen? respond by painting a picture with emotion (We buy with emotion, justifying the reasons later on) of how important, how memorable the event was that the pen was used for. Shouldn't it follow that such an event be commemorated with a pen of stature? the best time to buy this pen is now, as we have had excellent sales with this particular pen with only one box remaining, and I fear you LOSING out! they will buy all day every day.

This pen has lot of untold secret, few secrets I can share now, but no way I will give this pen to you !

I'd talk about the keys to why they would want this pen after asking them all the questions. Then I would dive deep on how that pen will help them save time and money!

I wish I have like your knowledge! I tried to grow my business, but I am stack because of lack of knowledge. I love all your videos, so I am watching them again and again. Thank so much!

Hi Neil,
What you think , in YouTube marketing what is more important?
1. To have more number of subscribers?
2. To have more views on video?
Your opinion is valuable.
Kind regards

Neil, this all feels like "goes without saying" beginner-type info, but I must admit all your thoughts are REALLY good reminders of the fundamentals of selling. Thanks much.

You've nailed it, Neil.
An alternative selling technique? FOMO. Tell people that this is the pen that Kim Kardashian etc uses and is THE pen to have. Everyone is using it and it's the hottest thing at the moment.
How did I do?

Hi Neil. Do a video on how you "batch" your video marketing content. I know you must record 10 – 20 at a time 🙂

First, you need a passion for selling. I would probably give it for free. 🙂 That's why I can't sell anything, but if it is for someone else, I am great. Just not for myself. 🙂

i will pick the pen and write my name sign and then i willl say its not about the pen its about the person who use this make sure u will work hard till ur sign becm autograph and assure you this wont stop when you are giving autograph to yor fans so keep this pen as an instrument and use this surely this pen stuck never sstop untill you dont want to be

Consultative selling. "Do you prefer pens or pencils?" "Do you use paper?" "Would you like to conserve your cash and lease this pen over the next 36 months?" 🙂

I'm so happy for this video. Thanks Neil.

I have to start generating sales for my department and I had a taste of doing sales but it wasn't good enough. This helps me lay out my plan and think about what I want to do to prepare myself before meeting my clients. Very helpful.

I will sell this pen at college centers. Looking at the best place to sell products is we have to go at customers.

Hey Neil! Do you remember how you felt when you got your first life-changing check? (yes) How about when you gave someone else their first life-altering check; do you remember how that felt? (yes) Well Neil, what if I had a product that can freeze time, would you be interested? This pen changes lives and by you having created infinite possibilities, for people like me, to use it: to sign a check that you will write to me to change my life. (So, you think I'm going to write you a check that is going to change your life?) I think you will buy the pen and the money I get here will be reinvested in selling you branded pens. (through facebook ads) haha jk.

Make the prospect do all of the talking. Ask open ended questions like, tell me about your current pen and some of the challenges you're experiencing…what else? How are x, y, z challenges impacting your business? If you could waive a magic wand, what would your ideal pen do for you? How would that benefit your business? How would you quantify those benefits? What if I told you that this pen has all of those features you're looking for, could address x, y, z challenges, benefit your business in the ways you described, and bring positive, measurable results to your business? Cash or credit?

Hi Neil, great video and information, I'm sure those that follow step by step will definitely see improvements. Keep up the good work and inspire many! 😇🙌

Any manipulative sales strategy is the thing of the past, adding value is the way to go, customers are not stupid.

If I will sell pen
This as like it…
Hello sir..
This is pen and have not worry about to sharp to it's point because it is not a pencil…
This is the pen that makes u comfortable to write anything…
Because it has little weight and great material so that sweat doesn't hurdle between your creative creations of great personality like you..
Are you satisfied Sir. .?
Have a good day Sir

This is my explain for selling pen..
Instagram :- DarshanParmardmp

I keep the pen until the interviewer gives me money.

Lots of kids out there want to "sell the pen" by using lots of fancy words. They never sold a pen; they gave the pen a shining review. By definition, you haven't SOLD a pen until you have MONEY in your pocket, or a binding contract that says you will be paid.

I will sell you this pen $ 1000 and will give you one hour to try to end the ink inside it and if successful I will leave you pen and give you $ 1000 and if you lose I keep money and you keep pen

I'm Honest while writing this comment, I'm watching the video in the 0:38 seconds and as an answer to your question, I would say that I will push and influence the customer to feel that he really needs my pen, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh may be my pen has magic powers

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