Selling Used Cars : How to Sell Used Cars Online

The topic we’re going to talk about today
is how to sell used cars online. Now through the advent of the internet, you go online,
you can look at so many different things. Now, car buyers know this. The internet gives
you the opportunity to have a wider and a bigger range of more people looking at your
vehicle, the vehicle that you want to sell. So pictures are very important. There’s a
lot of different sites you can list your vehicle at, like a Craig’s List, maybe even an eBay.
There’s so many different things you can do, but your prospective customers want to see
a lot of different things on this vehicle. They’re not just going to say, oh it’s a 2002
Malibu. I want it, because that’s a good price. Well the price may be good, but they don’t
see any pictures. So pictures are very important and imperative for you getting rid of that
vehicle, for you selling that vehicle. They’re going to want to know a history. They’re going
to want to know maybe even a Carfax on this vehicle, knowing how many owners there are.
They’re going to want to see pictures of interior and exterior, the full, full Monty. They’re
going to want to know everything about it. Interior, as in the trunk, the seats, how
many seats there are, any stains. They’re going to want to know everything. Any body
damage. Under the hood, definitely. It would be a good thing to list the VIN, mileage,
maybe even fuel economy. They’re going to want to know what they’re going to get on
this vehicle. And remember, you’re not just selling a used car, you’re selling yourself,
as well. So list a contact number and remember, you have to have the right number or they
can’t get a hold of you. That’s what I would say if you want to list and sell a used car


Tell me something that will help me sell a car, and is more than just common sense. Anyone who have ever sold a toaster at a tag sale knows everything you just mentioned.



$100K first year potential.

No experience needed. Will train.


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