Setting the Starting Bids-High End Fundraiser Auctioneering by Scott Robertson

You know often an auction chairman, when I
havent worked with them previously, they often say do you need me to give you the starting
bids on an item? And i always smile, and I always say, No,
it will be OK. I’ll take care of it. You see starting bids are not nearly as important
as most people think they are. As long as we start low enough to capture
the people’s interest, and then run up to wherever the bidding is going to go, that
is how it works. And it does not take long at all. I got to 80 thousand dollars from 10 thousand
dollars in approximately 10 seconds! Ok, it doesnt take that long. The trick is that you want to start low enough
and go forward. Now why dont you want to give me the starting
bids? You want me to start it because i’ve got my
finger on the pulse of the audience. I feel them, i sense and predetermine starting
bids are not effective,. what is effective is to trust me to feel the
pulse of the audience and make it run from there. My theories are proven and i think I do OK.

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