[SFM FNAF] “На съёмках FNAF 3” by windy31 (collab with Tender Krim and xX-CRISPEN-Xx)

Hi guys, today we’ll see unsuccessful doubles from Freddy’s Five Night’s 3. Hope you enjoy it. People, let’s be serious already. And then you will assemble your parts throughout the attraction! Helloooooooo. I really like that I was invited to the third part. There I will be the main character, instead of Freddy. Imagine? I’ll be the boss! Only Freddy, stinker, still can’t keep up with me. Scene 2, double 1. All is well, I’m fine! And you know, it seems to me that Freddy envies me, and all because he is not— All because he is not in the third part and now I— Motor, camera, let’s go Oh-oh, damn, camera! Oh… sorry… How are you took oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuut. It’s necessary come in and shout. SpringTrap, come on. Damn mines… You are a poor rabbit. Don’t look. Bonnie, have you seen SpringTrap? No, I didn’t see him. Meanwhile in ventilation…

So what is this? I knew that the pizza was superfluous… No, well, you count up, stuck again. When mom told me that I was special, I didn’t think that my super ability was to get stuck in the vents. That’s all, dear friends I hope you enjoyed it and write to us if you are animatronic Maybe we will hire you take on work.


✨Вау,очень круто получилось,молодцы ребята,отличная работа!✨👏

Мене 4 язика це Русский, идыш, итальянский, английский, и українский,

Это самый лучший канал на всем мире , вы молодцы я вами горжусь, у вас самые крутые видео , просто класс)))

Да уж… Такую качественную и хорошую работу ещё поискать нужно.

Друзья в просто класс просто нет слов молодцы!

Пересматриваю уже 10 раз, потому что передозировка Спрингтрапом.
Как вы поняли Спрингтрап-моя религия, обожаю Спрингтрапа (А теперь и твои анимации)

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