Showing FFA Pigs for Auction : Training Kids for Pig Shows

Teaching kids how to show hogs can be an enjoyable
and frustrating experience all in one time. The kids tend to get a little excited and
run around their hog, and make the hog more worked up than they need to be during training.
We first need to teach the kids to make sure that they keep themselves be, not between
the hog and the judge at any time. The hog must be between you and the judge at all times.
You must never obstruct your, the view, of your hog from the judge. The next thing to
teach the kids, is to stay calm, cool and collected. This allows for the hog to stay
calm, and be managed more easily. During show, showing the kids must drive their hog. Driving
is described as directing your hog in the path that you wish. To drive your hog, many
exhibitors choose to use a crop. The crop is called a Pigback, by exhibitors and it
is used to drive the hog in the direction that is desired. Other showmen choose to use
a pipe, which is simply similar to a piece of PVC and others use a walking cane. Whatever
you choose to use to drive your hog, is to be used for guidance, not for punishment.
While driving your hog, you must always be on the opposite side of the way you wish your
hog to drive. So if you want your herd, hog to turn left, you must be on the right and
tap them on their neck on the right side. If you want them to go to the right, be on
their left side and tap them on the left side of their neck to turn right. If you reach
over your hog and you’re on the opposite side to drive the hog, you confuse the hog. You’re
telling it to go this way, but you’re acting as a door and keeping it from turning the
direction you desire. While showing never drive a hog that is not yours unless the judge
directs you to change hogs. If a hog comes too close to yours, act as if the hog is not
around the area that you wish to enter. Never drive a hog that is not yours. The judge will
knock you on showmanship if you divert a hog in a direction that you are not showing. In
the show ring some hogs will tend to fight. If the hogs fight, simply step back, yell
for a board, and allow for the boardman to separate the hogs. Never get between two hogs.
Hogs that are two-hundred and sixty pounds will not allow you to separate them without
the use of a board. You enter the risk of being bit, or knocked down by these hogs or
getting between them and getting attacked.


This is my first year showing pigs, I was wondering in a 4-H show do you have to put your pig in a pen during the show?

Hi i was wondering if you could show me how to drive my hog. I know you showed us how but my hog is still having troubles please help!

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