Spent $3700 at STORAGE AUCTION! I bought an abandoned storage unit

yes we spent $3,700 on all four of those
units whoo all right what is it it is Thursday morning and we are about to
tend an auction it’s me and my good luck jewnicorn time to see what we could do
saved up a little bit of money made a little bit of money this week got some
good eBay sales in and now it’s once again time to let it all ride time to
see what we could do with $5,000 we all know I am not scared to bid
comment below if you know what one of my models is I’m not make it simple it’s
not hustle grinder whine a comment below in the comments right now what my other
motto is about the storage business the auction I walked up to the auction in
this man said who started to an impersonation of the most gardius really no point in use testing window smoking
during the auction dirty knives by you dynamic for all 120 for one home for PX
3 4 1 9 4 PX who start about $25 bid now 25 we’re about 40 now for every fifty
six seven eight nine hundred 125 one good 175 – uh got 175 right here the machito I got two
over here not 225 got a Twitter diamond rather 225 200 225 25 enhancers wind
power two people got 250 or 275 got 250 or 275 sort of phenomena to sending by
choosing the earth which was second five meter 175 folder wait you thinking I was
I don’t have you always do that kind of your thing come on $10 beans that’s Hanover girl
bout 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 got 225 right here 250
over there 275 now two sitting over 275 $250 be rather than 275 250 over 275
eNOS at 275 25:10 Liberia number 20
then attend our beta for 2010 dr. well over 22 million over 20 Wilson in 2003
wait look b35 we start mouth $25 beard about $10 bid $5 billion $1 anybody
going once twice dollar don’t be a no sale 25:25 we grab our 40 now 40 or 50 60 70
80 90 100 125 150 not 400 425 yeah got 425 450 475 500 550
657 758 850 fine 99 you know that wood cabinet in front of
it like a record player open maybe a bar everybody telling none of them oh yeah do you think every year that’s a
good unit not 150 200 250 of all 225 225 250 275 300 325 350 375 for 425 450 475
5 556 657 758 855 950 got mine over here now by Maya back fifteen thousand eleven
II will say eleven eleven fifty got 11 right over eleven fifty learn how to
look for eleven fifty level 15 15 sold your way over here let’s eat – you don’t
live here doggy in the middle fifty ya got eleven fifty 12 1250 and they’re not ten feet wide either
going to roll the same tanning I guess pellets for our that’s our stove
visit 4050 people think with those fins and that’s 40 50 bucks unless you do
better in your storm this day I’m gonna try if I have the money right get my one you gotta buy all three
these three units all belong to the same owner I don’t see nothing extravagant
but I see quite decent stuff no secret about $25 min not 25 11:40 the
airport over 5,700 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 3 325 350 sending five for 425
one bit per second 5 5 556 657 758 859 got 850 right over 9
they had a stop in the remaining four either regarding wasn’t a mind vulgar
way 13:35 a crossbow see that no he’s not
this is what is done in Casper when I open up one box here to look for
the quality of stuff baseball caps are gonna be a good design because if they
took care of their hats then they took care of stuff right
well maybe you take an age they’ll take Oda looks like an older person the age
you know what is this one that is Penacook that’s actually kind of cool
but doing this recipe they even nothing there’s who did that Wow
eighteen fifty how mint is not new no it’s very good unity yeah
oopsie really sit down here just not finding oppa
this is like glasses the kitchen and yes we spent $3,700 on
all four of those units you have to stay tuned there’s gonna be several unboxing
several several you’re gonna must see this everybody everything you want to
see the storage unit is in this unit you will not want to miss the incredible
finds in this one like share subscribe


I spent many hours in times Square saying subscribe 100000 times or so. Sorry for the plug.

Ok now I'm gonna watch the above vif

Scared money dont make money….but smart money gets richer quicker! Wait, maybe half that is your and I adlibed a little. I like that you are back to meats and potatoes videos….looking forward to more adventures with Pirate!


Great vid Mike good to see you getting out there and getting those units take care pirate 😁👍

I hope the 3 of you are better after the hospital visits and colds. Ready to see what you got…
Is this your quote? "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!" Or was that Yondu Udonta? Tyfs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISTZYZq1H80

Cool auction Mike. I think you did good. Hope the salt princess is doing well & your tooth is not giving you much trouble.

You are fearless! For that kind of money here, you can buy a piece of vacant land from the state land bank. Just got to buy the house for the lot, and you're good to go! I found some auctions here but most seem to be garbage.

Great Job hope you find some good stuff🥰 Good units to auction but the auctioneer doesn’t seem like he knows how to auction correctly 🤪

i usually watch on smart tv so cant normally comment, but pulled the laptop out just to help you out with a couple comments!! Hope you find a major score!

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