Start Up of a WW2 Submarine Diesel Engine of a German U-Boat 🔊

We will now pre-lubricate the engine and turn
it at the same time. Oil pressure 2 bar! All cylinders are participating at the compressed air start up. Continue pre-lubricating! We will now blow through the cylinders with compressed air. That’s why, the cylinder taps are opened. Ready to blow through! out of the engine Now the cylinder taps will be closed. All cylinder taps closed. Water pump switched on! Fuel valve opened! Injection pumps set on filling! Ready to preheat! Glowplugs are glowing! Ready to start up!


The Boot movie guys missed a bit to portrait. Machine on takes roughly 5 minutes … at least in harbour situation

Was n idiot. Voll der poser. Die ollen c425 Maschinen laufen von selbst. Da muss er nicht mit seinen vollgewichsten händen immer den Druck testen. Opas ohne Hobby. Oder:wenn er die Maschine heiraten koennte wuerde er sich von seiner Frau trennen. Sowas armes. Voll der knecht

сомневаюсь что у немецких подводников уходило столько времени на запуск , сильно сомневаюсь

My fathers destroyer sank a couple U-boats during the war near the convoys.. Said he wish he had sent more Nazis to the bottom hehe

almost twice the capacity of my original engines, and only marginally more power. Mine were turbocharged though. Paxman 12-YHAXM

Germans were geniuses. Things would have turned out differently if they had only waited five years. I wonder if they rebuilt it or just ran it from the original build. Does anyone know the answer?

Sounds great they certinally knew how to build good engines and their submarines were a force to be feared and were led by a great man who knew he could win

How do you keep a German happy..? Give him some machinery and something technical to do. It's in their blood, imbedded in their DNA.

hand crank lube system was the same as i used to do on a kelvin hughs electric start coaster engine,,,love old engines,thanks

Простота и надёжность. Вечнaя память всем погибшим подводникам мотористам …

Amazing video, I'm not going to drag politics into it but it is unbelievable to a millennial how much engineering and effort went into killing. What would have been the British rival to this? Something by Paxman?

Написано было свечи включены. Какие нах свечи на дизеле? Форсунки! Я уж подумал на бензине 😂 Движок просто поет! И работа дизеля прям "масло в каше, жизнь от этого становится прекраснее и краше!"

А это, случаем, не имитация работы дизеля на сжатом воздухе вместо солярки?
У меня такое впечатление создалось: все спокойно стоят и не морщатся от солярочной вони в закрытом помещении, а мастерюга свободно работающие цилиндры продувает, прямо в помещение. Там бы все охренели и разбежались.

The bystanders have their faces blured out. Is it now illeagle in Germany to watch a Third Reich submarine engine operating.

Mich würde mal interessieren was dieser Motor an Drehmoment leistet. Das dürften sicher ein paar tausende sein^^

Чё то с первого раза не завелось, по моему не показали сколько не завелось, и это ЛОХЕНДАРНОЕ кУчество ге..мании!?😂 😂 😂 😂

Dieser Beta Sören Vater in seinem Ocker Tshirt. Was für ein Opfer. Den Hätte man in WWII definitiv nur Öl Pumpen lassen.

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