Starter Kit – D&D Edition | Episode 3: More Than We Bargained For

(dramatic ensemble music) – Welcome back to your Starter Kit. I’m your Dungeon Master,
Jason Charles Miller. In this episode, as the adventure heats up our players are going to
learn more about role playing, group decision making and combat tactics with a focus on cooperation. (dramatic ensemble music) Okay, we just made it
through our first combat alive, what do you guys wanna do next? – I’d say we keep pushing forward. – Are we looking in this place for the library of their experience but also they have a treasure in
this place allegedly? – Allegedly, yeah. I mean allegedly Rogon and Zologar had massive amounts of treasure of which they used to build this complex. – Right, so they probably
don’t have any left. – We’re also looking for respect and entry into the Adventurer’s Guild. – That’s true.
– Oh, right. – That’s just we have
to live through this. We don’t actually have to
find anything for that. We don’t even need to find
the treasure for that. You don’t have to, you know.
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– So forward. – So let’s move forward. – You’ve got three ways you can go. – Straight?
– Yeah. – Which way do you wanna do? – I don’t know, left looks kinda cool. – Left looks kinda cool, let’s go left. That’s the sinister way, that
was the way he was crawling. – Oh yeah, right. – He was crawling out this way, so the blood trail was
this way, so I don’t know. – Yeah, let’s go left.
– Yeah, we wanna find the guy. – It’s like dangerous or exciting. – How far do we go? – Great, you can go to that corner. – To that corner?
– And pull that off. – Okay and this one, we pull this one? – No, whichever one you’re, actually yeah, pull that one off and then
pull that one off as well. – Okay because we can
kinda see both streaks. – Yeah.
– Smoldering. – So ultimately there’s another set of hallways on either, parallel with this. – That what it seemed like, yeah. – Yeah, so maybe we go down further down to this hallway on the side to here. – Sounds good.
– Yeah. – Let’s check this out. – Does this all kinda look like
the same stuff we’ve been– – Yeah, the building
material looks the same. It’s all carved out of that dark rock. – Sweet, let’s keeping going
until we find something. – Yeah, let’s keep going.
– Yeah. – Is that a doorway or anything? Just over here, this is a doorway. – Yeah.
– We’ve been through here. The hallway again. – Doo doo doo, I’m singing a helpful song. – Thank you.
– I’m not a bard, I’m just– – We’re all glowing.
– I just want you all to– – At this point when you turn the corner– – Yeah? – You see two goblins. – Ooh.
– More goblins. – Yeah.
– Wait, nice goblins? – They’re not nice,
they’re growling at you and we’re gonna do combat
differently this time. – Okay. – Because there’s only two and I know where you guys are, we’re gonna do this one in what they call theater of the mind. So we’re not gonna pull
out the Battle Map. I’m just gonna place you guys in my mind as to where you are. – Yeah, all right.
– Perfect. – I’m for it, let’s do this. – So yeah, we’re gonna roll
for initiative, everybody roll. – Great.
– Everybody? – Okay, I’m 14. – Four.
– Four. – Plus four, right?
– I think two. – 18.
– 18. – Five.
– 16. – I’m six. – I’m five, so–
– Yeah. – So 18, 14.
– Yeah. Mine’s technically 16
because I have two, yeah. – Yeah, did you add your modifier to it? – I did.
– Okay great. Then who was next?
– I had two. – And you had?
– I’m six. – She’s six, so she’s next and then? – I have five. – Yeah.
– Five. – Wow, I’m third.
– Yeah. If you’re always in
the back, you can throw the flame over top of it,
so it kinda works out. – That’s fine.
– It’s not a bad thing. – I told you guys I had your backs. – That’s right. Although in this situation,
we’re all kinda clogged up. – Oh yeah, because we
are standing in a line. – Yeah.
– We should probably– – Well the halls are 10 feet wide. – Okay, so we can–
– That’s right. – So you still too can maneuver. – So technically–
– But two in the front. So the way the marching order
would be would be the two of you guys would be in
front and then you go for it. – All right. 20.
– A natural 20? – Natural 20 and if I
add four for them all. – Great, it’s our first
natural 20 in combat. So what that means is
that’s a critical hit. So what will happen
there is you will roll, you will roll for damage
and then you will roll for damage again and
add those both together. – Nice. – And that will be your total damage. – So he’s doubling. – Oh my gosh.
– 10. – Wow, plus two so that’s–
– Oh, so 12. Plus 12.
– Wow. – Well actually what it is, that plus two, you will only add that to the
end technically, so it’s– – 22.
– It’s 22. – Yeah.
– Instead of 24. Okay, I want you to
describe to me what happens to this goblin as you
clearly have killed it. – I swing, all of time slows down, it goes (swooshing) and just splits every, it just splits perfectly symmetrically down the middle and he falls into two– – Nice.
– Halves there. – With a blunt weapon,
that’s very impressive. To put a force on that.
– With a blunt weapon. – I had kind of a Gallagher
fantasy about the whole thing. Like this goblin’s suddenly
a watermelon, just sha-pow! And I’m next?
– You’re next, yeah. – There’s one goblin left.
– Nine. And oh sorry, I didn’t say
long sword but long sword. So 13.
– That’s a miss. – That’s a miss.
– Yeah. – I’m gonna squeeze on
up there with my hammer. – Okay, well actually we’ve got, so we have the two guys in front. – Oh okay. – I don’t know if, there wouldn’t be any room left for you to engage. Although yeah, at this
point there wouldn’t be. – Okay sweet, I will use the crossbow. – Okay. – That’s 12. – Total?
– Yeah. – A miss, sorry.
– Okay. – I’m gonna use a crossbow.
– Great. – 12. – Plus?
– Plus six, so 18. – So 18.
– You definitely hit. – Yes.
– Roll for damage, please. That would be your–
– Sixes. – See where it says with a crossbow? – Crossbow, use your eight-sided dice. – Oh, my bad. – You have a hefty crossbow. – Too bad because that was a good number. – That was. – Six. – Plus?
– Plus four. – He died instantly.
– Yeah. – Yay.
– Done, go. So I say there’s a doorway
right here, let’s go in. – Let’s hear about the bodies though. Are they interesting or anything? – Oh yeah.
– There’s like the other ones. They’re pretty much, you know.
– Okay. Let’s never hear about the
bodies because they’re gross. Where is the hallway? – I think this door
right here interests me right here because right here
it leads to another series of stuff like that, I just feel
like we should go in there. – Yeah.
– Oh nice. – There’s business in here. – Okay. – Going straight ahead, left,
right, what do you think? – Straight ahead always.
– There’s a room over here. – Always straight.
– Okay, all right yeah. – That’s just my idea.
– Straight ahead down this, ooh nice big room, very exciting. And no door.
– Nope. I’d like to describe the room to you. – Yes please. – So the floor is covered with a carpet of tufted molds that extends to all the walls and even on
parts of the ceiling, obscuring the rock surface. The molds appear in a
rainbow assortment of colors and they are mixed in their
appearance with splotches, clumps, swirls and patches, presenting a nightmarish combination
of clashing colors. This is indeed a fuzzy fairy
land of the most forbidding sort although beautiful
in its own mysterious way. – Same. – So investigate, like look
for, sounds dangerous right? It sounds like something
about to (squelching). – Yeah, I think because of the nature of what’s on the floor and
it sounds so fairy-like and mysterious, we should Detect Magic. – Yeah.
– That’s me. – And before you do that, you could also do a nature check and an arcana check too before anyone wastes
that spell necessarily. – I think I have that, yeah. – Is that one time thing, Magic? – Detect Magic is a level one spell, so she can only use it
until the next long rest. – It’ll take up the
other spells you can do. – Yeah, it’ll take up
one of our spell slots. – Let me do a nature check
and see what’s this moss like? I have certainly seen
it before at home, 13. – 13, is there a bonus modifier to that? – I already did that.
– Okay, 13. Yeah, I mean it looks like maybe at one point it was a tended garden that has now been long since abandoned. So everything in here has kind
of grown amongst each other. – Got it.
– Should we just press on? – Yeah, let’s press on.
– Sure. You said arcana check
too, can we just do that? – What is arcana?
– Yeah, let’s try it. – It’s like knowledge of magic, right? – Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah. Unless anybody has a higher
intelligence that can do it. – I am not intelligent.
– You may have a better, because your intelligence is 16. – How do I check for arcana, just the 20? – It’s in our skills.
– It’s in your skill set. – I see it, five. – You get plus five.
– Nice. – Is that good?
– Yeah, that’s real good. – Do I roll?
– Mm hmm. – Okay. Six. – Plus five.
– Plus five is 11. – 11, okay cool. You don’t really discern too much. To you most of it just feels like– – It’s just a moldy room. – It’s a moldy room with lots of– – It’s a good thing I checked.
– Big mushrooms and things everywhere. – Very Willy Wonka and
the Chocolate Factory. – I cannot tell from
the way this is written, okay so for the most
part unless we want to really check this, we
can go back and go back around to the other side of
this wall, do you wanna go? – Well shit, let’s go in the
room and see what happens. – Okay. – Like there’s no doors
or anything, right? – Right, as far as you call tell, I mean it’s very hard to
see through because like there are literally little
spores flying through the air. – It feels like there’s
probably treasure, I don’t know. I mean it’s a cool dark room.
– Yeah, let’s do it. – There’s usually treasure.
– Sure, okay. All right, so we’re entering the room. – Great, basically you’re– – It closes shut like a Venus flytrap. – Yeah no, you see there’s a grove of giant fungi kind of in the middle. So you want to approach that.
– Sure. – And inspect the fungi?
– Shall we inspect the fungi? – Yeah.
– Let’s inspect the fungi. – I’m actually going to do a little– – I hope it has bad in there.
– To determine what you find. It’s kinda built into the adventure. Okay you basically, so when you, you notice that there are all these different multicolored
mushrooms everywhere. You can choose to pull them off, inspect them, lick them, eat them or not depending– – We should all inspect the mushrooms. – I’m a Cleric, I’m interested
in healing properties. I also have a very low intelligence, so I’m gonna go touch one.
– You’re gonna touch one? – Yeah.
– Okay. – Gonna pick it up, see if I recognize it. – I could also lick one and if anything goes wrong, you could be like on deck. – Yeah, go ahead and give
me a perception check. – Oh that’s really bad, six. – Okay, you touch one and you don’t feel anything. – Cool, I’m gonna grab a
few and put ’em in my bag. – Sure.
– Okay, all right. – I’m very unwise, so
I’m going to lick one. – Sounds great. – Okay so this is actually gonna be our first saving throw roll of the game. What you’re gonna be
doing is saving against your constitution and basically seeing if whatever you licked affects you or not. – Okay. – So I have a secret
number here that you need to roll higher than based
on your constitution and then I’ll let you
know what happens or not. – Good luck.
– See what you get. – Two plus two which is a four. – All right, you start to feel nauseated and for the next six minutes, you’re gonna feel nauseated so be
sure to mark that down. – Cool. – What that’ll do is you’re gonna make any roll at a disadvantage.
– Gotcha. – Because you’re just “Oh
god, this is terrible.” – Right. – You shouldn’t have licked that mushroom. – He licked the mushroom, you know? – Never wise.
– Yeah man. – Wanderlust.
– Disadvantage means what? – Disadvantage means
that you’re gonna roll two D-20s and you’re
gonna take the lower roll. – Right.
– That’s no good, no good. – For the next six minutes though, so. – For the next six minutes,
so hopefully nothing crazy happens in the next
six minutes, it’ll be okay. You don’t know that but I’m
telling you as a player. – Gotcha. – Anything else interesting in this room, a reason we shouldn’t leave? – Give me a perception check.
– Okay. Oh my gosh. Anybody else wanna make
a perception check? – I’ll make a perception check. 20. – There ya go.
– Great, okay. One little move over there to
the right, you notice a body. It looks like it’s very well decayed. The body is because the fungus has sorta just eaten into it.
– Yeah. – The body looks like it has a couple of items on it that you
might be interested in. – Moon, do you wanna loot the body? I can’t. – Of course I’m gonna loot the body. – Yeah.
– Finally. – Great, okay cool so
you loot the body and you find a short sword and you
also find a silver dagger. – Nice. – With a black dragonskin handle. – You guys can have it. – What I might recommend is maybe doing an arcana check on it just
because there’s something, it looks really nice.
– That sounds magical. – I just roll this thing, right? – Mm hmm.
– 20. 15. – Plus five, right?
– Plus arcana, five. – 20 like you said.
– I predicted that. – You are fairly certain
this dagger is magical. – Yay, a magical dagger.
– Yeah. – Now what do we do with it? – You can use it.
– You can use it. – Yeah.
– You guys will probably– – Next time we fight things.
– I am a dagger man. – You like to go with a dagger? You can have the dagger.
– Well you have a butcher dagger already,
it’s a plus six plus four. Mine’s a plus four plus
two, so if I had it– – I gave it to her already.
(laughs) Can I have your old dagger? – You mean I don’t get both? – So normally you would have to rest for an hour and kind of
examine it but I’m gonna give it to you since you rolled that 20. It’s a dagger plus one, so
what that does is it gives you plus one to hit and plus one
to damage with your dagger. So you’ll add one, if you choose to use it as your main weapon when
you’re in combat, it’ll be easier to hit your opponents
than with your short sword. – So you get better points– – So your dagger’s now a
plus seven and a plus five. – Okay good.
– Your first magical item. – Yay!
– All right, cool. – Thank you, Moon.
– Now can we leave the room? – Now we’re, yes, leaving the room. – And which way do you wanna
go, left or right guys? This way or that way? This way?
– Yeah. – Yeah okay, we’ll take the piece off. That’s another hallway, anything in it? Then we keep moving. – Now we just move forward.
– We keep on moving. – Okay, take this one off. – Is this a wall, this black thing? – Yes. And that’s also a hallway
that goes this way. – Keep going, fam.
– Yeah, keep going. – I feel like we’re going in a circle. – Yeah.
– You do? – I don’t think we’re going–
– There’s a door right there. There’s a door here,
should we enter the room? – Yeah.
– Let’s go. – Okay, we’re gonna enter here. – It’s another hallway.
– Which is, it’s more like, yeah it’s a little–
– We’re in a maze. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – It’s another hallway, okay?
– Keep going. – And we enter I guess,
this way or this way? – That way.
– This way? – Yeah.
– Okay. All right, oh it’s a maze that goes in. So the turning corridor winds inward until ending in a dead end room
measuring 20 by 30 feet. The walls of this room are unfinished. The stuffy room smells of rotting flesh. You smell it before you
make the final turn. The final 10 foot by 10 foot section of the room is filled with refuse, garbage, scraps of cloth, wood, you even
see bones amongst the pile. It stinks of death. – So we need to get out.
– Mikes rolling for something. – I’m getting ready,
so a perception check. – I mean I feel like we
gotta go all the way in. – Yes, we went into the room. – I can do perception
once we get in there. – But the problem is though, so there’s garbage, was
it like piled up or– – The garbage is in,
that whole last square– – This one?
– Is all garbage. – Oh I see right here, okay so we’ve basically cleared the
corner here like that. – So perception.
– Okay, yeah. – Go for it.
– Yeah sure, yep. – 12 and here wait, there
we go, plus one, so 13. – Okay.
– Okay. – You’ve reached goblins–
– 14 perception. – Okay, jumping out of the garbage– – Oh god.
– Completely surprising you is a monstrous giant centipede. – Yes. I mean oh, no. – And we need to pull up the
Battle Map ’cause it’s one guy. – Yeah. – He’s just gonna be wailing on you and you’re just gonna be wailing on him. – That thing’s awesome.
– Yeah. – That is a lot of garbage. – He gets, because he surprised you guys and he was higher than any of
your, he had a great stealth and it was higher than any
of your perception checks or anything like that,
because he surprised you, he gets to have one free attack and then you guys roll for initiative. – Okay.
– Okay. – We are surrounding him
basically, effectively right? The way you would design this is we would have all walked in and kinda we’re all– – No, I’m totally way in the back. – Except for her.
– She’s always in the back. – It’d probably attack
one of the two, I’m gonna basically roll at random to
see which one he attacks. He goes for the dwarf right in front, a nice little tasty morsel.
– All right. – And let’s see. – Just like when you
burned the beer, you know? – Yeah exactly, have I told about beer? – He snaps at you but he misses. So now you’re not surprised
anymore and you’re in combat and now I want you
guys to roll for initiative. (dice rattling) – Four.
– 19. – Nine. – Two. – 14. – You have like all extremes here. So 19, 14?
– Mm hmm. – Okay. – Oh wait, that one doesn’t
have the name on front. – I know it doesn’t, yeah
that’s what you’re fighting. And then who was after
that, who’s after 14? – I have nine.
– Nine. – And I had six for my initiative. – Nine, six and what did you get, Thumper? – Two.
– Two, okay. So nine, six and two, okay. You’re up, what are you gonna do? You gonna stab him with
your new magical dagger? – Yes I am.
– Yeah. – Okay, let’s go for it. – So I got 10 and I get to add– – Seven.
– Seven, right? 17.
– 17, yeah great. You hit him.
– Woo hoo. Okay now I roll for damage.
– Right. So you hit him and
because you were next to Thumper who the centipede
was also engaging with, you get your sneak attack damage. So roll your D-four for the dagger, add your bonuses and then roll a D-six. – Okay, I roll this guy first.
– Uh-huh, roll that guy first. – For my damage.
– Yeah. But not the, you have to decide
what die, it’s the dagger– – It’s the four sided dice for the dagger. – Yeah and then you add your bonuses. – That’s the little pyramid.
– That’s the little, yeah. – Come on, come on. – One plus–
– Wait, how can you choose? – It’s the triangle.
– It’s what’s on top. – It’s what’s on top.
– Oh okay. – One, add your bonuses.
– Okay so that’s eight. – No, plus five.
– Plus five. – Oh yeah, I’m sorry.
– So you’ve got six and then now roll one more D-six for
your sneak attack damage. – Oh I get to, okay.
– Yeah. – So two.
– Two. Okay, so you gave him
eight points of damage. – Nice.
– Great. – Yeah.
– You’re so sneaky. – Most centipedes cannot take that. – But it’s a monstrous giant centipede. – Normal situation, you attack a centipede with a dagger, it’s over. – Yeah okay, now he is
going to attack you. – Literally me?
– Yeah, literally you. – Since it’s my first
attack, I might be fine. – And he hit you for– – Centipedes are not known for being very agile at attacking really. – You take four points of damage. – That’s the worst out of anyone. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – So you’ve got five hit points right now. You just write it in
your regular hit point– – Okay so right here, four.
– Yep, okay cool so Deborah.
– Yes? – Your turn. – Okay so here is where I really shine which is that you’re really injured and I just can’t go by, like
let you be that injured. I would like to do some heals.
– Great. – Which we haven’t done yet and I don’t really know how to do
but I’m excited to try. – Okay. So you’re gonna wanna
cast Cure Wounds on her. – I think yeah, I don’t think
I’m gonna do a healing potion. I’m gonna use one of my first level spells which is called Cure Wounds. – Great. – A creature I touch regains a number of hit points equal to one-D-eight plus my spellcasting ability modifier which is– – That’s against your wisdom.
– Okay ’cause I’m a Cleric. – So what is that? It should be right under your wisdom. – Yeah, three.
– Plus three, okay great. – The spell has no,
okay great, here we go. Are you ready to heal some hit points? So you were down four.
– About to feel good. – Now you are back up
four, so you’re at full. – Hey.
– Thank you, how sweet. – You’re back to nine hit points. – This involves me going like
“Oh, I’ll take care of that.” Like wrapping you up, you’re
like “I’m in combat, come on.” – Thank you, thank you.
– Never. – All right.
– Great. Okay so now it is Moon’s turn. – I’m gonna do a Firebolt.
– Hit him. – Do it, set that thing on fire. – Three. – Ah.
– I know. – No.
– I know. – Ain’t happening.
– But wait, do I– – Set the garbage on fire. – Yeah, it does hit the garbage though. You have successfully–
– Wait, is it with this too? – Even with the plus
five, it’s not gonna– – It’s still?
– Yeah. So you’ve successfully– – He’s gonna attack me now, huh? – Well no, not yet because
you’re in the back. – Oh yeah that’s right you guys, sorry. – But you did successfully
set the garbage on fire. – Thanks.
– Nice. – So the smell is great.
(laughs) – Three, whatever.
– Five, all right. Yeah so three.
– Okay. So that’s a major whiff.
– Swing and a miss. – Thumpar, it’s all up to you man. – Nine plus, four, so 13.
– That’s a hit. – Is it?
– Yeah, that is. – All right.
– Yay. – Good job. – Nice.
– Nine plus two is 11. – Dead. – Wow. – You guys really, really nailed it. I’m very proud of you. – Cool, can we make boots
out of it or anything? – 100 boots.
– You could. I mean it’s kind of all screwed up. If you wanted to drag it
through the dungeon maybe. – Yeah, right. Probably save it for
later, it’s in the front. We’ll come pick it up later.
– Yeah. – Let’s find this treasure.
– Yeah. – So it seems like we
should search it for, oh. – Keep it as a trophy for the time being. – Should we search, see if there’s any loot it was hanging out on, or? – Well the garbage pile’s now on fire. – So we’ll just move on.
– Yeah. So I think we go back out the way we came. Do we wanna try this other hallway that’s really short or do we
wanna just bugger off and go back to the hallway
and try to head down this way? – There’s a little unexplored area but– – Yeah but–
– Yeah let’s move on. – Do we care about it?
– Let’s get a big purse. – Go this way, come this way.
– Okay right there– – Oh, here?
– As you turn– – Uh-oh. – You see three humanoids coming your way. Not surprised because they heard the fire, they heard the commotion.
– Yeah. – And everything else–
– Chaotic good? – They’re not chaotic good, sorry. You see two goblins that you recognize and then you see a creature behind them that you have not seen before like– – It’s Adam Savage. – Oh no. – Standing as tall as
a human, this muscular gray-skinned creature peers
about with tiny observant eyes. It wears chainmail and
carries a shield and sword. – It sounds difficult to kill. – That sounds difficult.
– Let’s kill it. – Is there a difficulty check? – And it says “You, stop, there! “Surrender, drop your weapons!” – I say run. – Well you’ve got really nowhere to run. – Yeah, no I say engage.
– Engage. – Yeah engage, let’s
fight him, let’s do it. – Yeah.
– Swing for the fences. – Wait, is there any talking to him? Is there any “Now hang on a
second, you don’t know us.” – No. – You could say something if you wanted. – If you were worried about that big centipede thing, we killed it. Maybe we did him a favor. Maybe they’ve been trying to get to their garbage all day
but there’s this thing and we’d be like “We
just killed it for you.” – I think your pet centipede is sick. You might want to go look at it. I’ll go get a vet, you wait here. – And his response is “Attack!” All right, I need you
to roll because we got– – Yes.
– Drop it, yeah. – Ah, come on.
– I got 15. – I have 16. – 15, 16, 17.
– Eight. – 17, 18, 19. – 19. – So I go second? What did you roll?
– 18. – Wait, so I’m confused.
– No, eight. – Well it was six plus two. – So Haldor got first.
– Yeah. – Oh I’m sorry, I went back there. – In the time that has passed, can I take advantage of my short rest? – No, no, no.
– It’s too late? – Yeah, not at the moment.
– You need heals or anything? – You could use your–
– Want your abilities back. – I could use a potion but– – Do you have one?
– Yeah. – So Haldor you’ve got two
goblins in front of you and then the bigger guy is
behind sort of barking orders. – Tell you what, since the goblins are there and they’re kind
of holding, he can’t really do much over
the top of them because he has a sword right, and not a shield? – Right, yeah. – So he doesn’t have a bow or anything, so I’ll attack with my dagger.
– Okay. – Eight plus six, so that
gives me 12 is a hit. I’m sorry, 14 is a hit. – You missed.
– I miss at 14? – You miss at 14.
– Wow. – These guys are wiry. – I guess so, they’re skinny. – They’re wiry and they’re, you know– – We’ve killed them before.
– Aren’t goblins all the same? Because the other ones
would’ve died from 14, right? – No, they would died from the hit but the misses, some of ’em were, yeah– – They’re not all the same, it’s a beautiful group
ecosystem, they’re all wonderful always and
we’re gonna kill them all. – Okay. – I’m going for the same goblin. – Yeah.
– The front goblin. – 16, so that’s 20. – Great okay, roll for damage. – There we go. Eight plus two, 10.
– Yeah. You hit that goblin down
the hall, you’re a big dude. – Nice.
– Nice. – Yeah. – Yeah okay, that’s one goblin down. Okay and then– – Now it’s the goblin’s turn, right? – Or somebody.
– Right. What happens is the other goblin engages with you and he hits, six points of damage. – Oh, that’s just a whole lotta damage. That is just like a whole bunch. – All right.
– Mm hmm. – At this point actually the guy that was barking orders walks forward
and engages with you. – Okay. – So they each get to
do a thing like this? – Yeah because I have their whole, the way I’m doing the initiative
is they’re as a group. – Yeah.
– That’s just a way to, one way you could do it.
– Yeah. – Okay. Let’s see, he definitely hit you and he gets you for, you take nine points of damage. – Dang dude. – I’m dead.
– Well you’re not dead. – I have eight points from last time and I haven’t healed since.
– You’re unconscious. – I’m unconscious.
– Sounds great. – Yeah. – Here’s what happens when
you hit zero hit points like Hal just did, Hal
is actually not dead, he’s unconscious. When you reach zero hit points, first you fall unconscious and then you’re gonna save every
turn against death. If you fail three times, you die. If you succeed three times, you live. Right now we’re still in combat though, so you’ve got plenty
of time to die or live. – Right. – And it’s now Trin’s turn.
– I have a quick question. – Yeah?
– If she jumps in and does– – Yeah, when do we try to–
– Then is he out of that? – I’ve got a plan.
– She can heal him and– – Yeah.
– In the same way. – Then he’s out of that whole thing. – Mm hmm, mm hmm.
– I’ve got plans for you. – Thank you. – I am here, I have
sandwiches and juice boxes. Don’t worry about it.
– Yeah, great. – All right, Trin, which one
are you attacking by the way? Oh, and you rolled the wrong die. – There’s only one alive, right? – Well no, there’s the tall guy who just took down Hal
and then there’s the– – And they’re both
right there up against– – Okay, so I can choose who I wanna hit. – Mm hmm. – I guess I should get– – Right now both of them are engaged. So if you do hit, you’ll
get your backstab. – Let’s get that tall guy.
– Does she get disadvantage? Is tall guy behind or are
they both next to each other? – They’re both, you guys are like this. – I need to take him out, I can use my stealth to
do that at this time. – Great. – He just killed my friend almost. So I’m going to avenge you.
– Thank you. – One.
(laughs) – You rolled a one?
– That was a one. – All right, that’s not happening. Oh wait, you can because you
have your lucky skill right? That works in combat as well.
– That’s right, I’m lucky. – You have a lucky skill.
– One more time. – 15.
– 15. – Plus–
– Awesome. – Do I get to add something, no? – No, well you do add your other bonuses. – Yeah, whatever you were attacking with, the dagger, is that what
you were attacking with? – I didn’t say what I was attacking with. – She did, you had your
dagger in for the last one, so I’m assuming you’re
attacking with it after that. – So plus 17, so obviously, yeah. – So 15 plus seven, so– – 22. – You absolutely hit him. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Now roll for damage, first of
all roll for dagger damage. – Okay.
– Right. – So that’s two plus
your bonuses, so seven. Now roll one of your D-sixes
for your backstabbing damage. – Ooh, he’s a goner. – Five.
– Five, he is a goner. You took him out.
– Nice. – You’re welcome.
– Thank you. We’ve still got one
goblin to deal with but– – But you’re unconscious.
– Yeah, I’m– – You don’t need to care about that. – Yeah, you don’t even know about that. Deborah, what are you gonna do? – I am going to go up to Haldor and I’m going to use my cantrip which is called Spare the Dying. – Great.
– Now isn’t that nice? – Tell us what that does. – I touch a living creature
that has zero hit points, the creature becomes stable. So that means that you
don’t have to do your rolls. You’re just stable.
– But you’re at zero still. – Yes. – So you don’t have to do
your saving throw rolls. – Okay great, so and then how
do I get my hit points back, through healing and other stuff? – Yeah, well somebody, we
can pop a potion in you. – Because I have a potion, yeah. Because I have those,
I’ll do those on my next– – Right, you’re still unconscious. – Yeah.
– But you’re stable. – Yeah.
– Okay great. – Take one of our dues
and heal you back up. – Moon, there’s one goblin left. – Well you know I’m a good
shot with my Firebolt. – Go for it. – Well but I keep doing the Firebolt, otherwise I just have
Light and Shocking Grasp. – You’ve got Magic Missile. – Should I use that? – I mean this could be a time to use it. – On a goblin? – Have you still got one though? – We’re gonna have to
wait awhile to get Hal healed up anyway, you might
as well do something cool. – Yeah, because I’m tired of Firebolting. – Yeah, live your life.
– Go for it. – You don’t even have to roll,
you just roll for damage. Tell us what Magic Missile does. – Magic Missile, you create three glowing darts of magical force, each dart hits a creature of your choice that you
can see within range. A dart deals one-D-four plus
one force damage to its target. The darts all strike simultaneously and you can direct them to
hit one creature or several. – Like the heckler from the
Guardians of the Galaxy. – I can use all these darts
on this one little goblin. – Do it. – Yeah, do it.
– All right. Four. – No you don’t even have to
roll, it hits automatically. All you have to do is roll damage. So roll three of the D-four, the triangle. – The triangle?
– Mm hmm. – One, so one–
– That’s a seven. – No, it’s a one. – It looks like a seven.
– Four. – Four.
– Yeah. – And one again.
– Another one plus three for the force damage.
– Nine. – Nine, yeah.
– So yeah. You hit him for nine
points of damage, he– – I didn’t realize how
much math there was. – Is destroyed, he’s destroyed. – Yay.
– You killed the goblin. – But now I can’t use my
Magic Missile ever again. – You can when you rest.
– Yeah, you have to rest. – Yeah. – That’s why they say you can’t have your Magic Missile
and (whistling) too. – This is a really good place to stop. – I was ready, I was totally on to it. – This is a really good place to stop and we’ll be back soon. (dramatic ensemble tones)


Absolutely loved that Haldor rerolled his initiate roll… It was so obvious… Very gracious of the DM to overlook it and not call him out in public…

I've been playing fantasy role playing games since Gary Gygax and Jeff Perren's "Chainmail" in the early 70's. Later, when D&D came out, we used both in conjunction, until AD&D and the DM guide and Player handbook and Monsters guide books came out… I used to play "Traveller" (a space setting RPG by GDW) as well. Great memories and great times…

hal aint so bad! we can all be guilty of over enthusing when playing, games looking better and better

Just starting d&d great learning and fun thank you so much for recording this and posting I cant stop watching

For Hal being a supposed "experienced player", he sure does not no the game rules very well! He just just stop trying to play up to the camera & party and stop trying to explain shit he obviously doesn't know very well…I would blue bolt his ass, DM! LOL

The black shirt dude on the left needs to take some social interaction classes and chill the frick out. I love at 31:10 when the cleric tries to shut him up, that was awesome.
Everyone besides Hal was GREAT and I LOVE this DM! I've never played D&D before but I would love to learn from this guy and play with him!

I didn't see anyine have a meeting and decide Hal was the boss. That's trouble with someone like that having played before, he ruins everyone else's fun because he thinks he is the leader and knows everything.

Clutch job by the DM to remember the Lucky Attribute when the Rogue rolled a 1.

Just makes you realize how much stuff there is to have to keep track of!

This seems less like role playing and more like dice rolling, no ones doing anything eccentric or fun

I think hes just really trying to impress moon blood because lets admit it, shes got the looks, raspy voice , and plays D&D (atleast tried) , otherwise. Then hes just really the embodiment of a cheat player. Cant even believe this guy DM'ed.

Sparky needs to slow the heck down! – and quit cheating too… double initiative rolling IS cheating…. He is clearly "That guy" who is in most groups, talks over people, tries to lead the party to where HE wants to go, accuses them of being carried by him, loot ninja extraordinaire… etc…
Its kinda what puts me off doing table top with others in the same room, and now I prefer sticking to conference call d&d. (Discord, skype, facebook, etc)

So I see everyone like tagging on the guy in the black shirt but I’ve never played (trying to learn not my thing but i want to bond w my brother) and I thought he was my fav prolly bc he just knew what he was doing the most so I gravitated to him idk I don’t know rules and all of that soooo 🤷🏼‍♂️

Please need more vids like these I'm hooked my man if I knew how to play correctly I'd be doing this every weekend

27:03 “We live in an environmentally, diverse world where all goblins are different, and we’re gonna kill them all” Beautiful

Can't believe someone has the gall to cheat on camera. I mean he shouldn't cheat either way but really? These people are new and u are being a douche.


23:22 "What should we do with the centipede"

"Lick it!" That's perseverance right there Moon. The mushroom went wrong, but I gotta good feeling about licking this dead monster centipede.

watching these videos have renewed my interest in D&D. I haven't played the table top version since I was a kid but I'm really missing it now.

Yeah I truly do not like the guy with black hair and grey shirt… He's 100% not invited next time..

he's the type of guy that's trying to impress to two hot girls but the other guy is the one that actually gets laid by both of them 🤷🏻‍♂️

Mr. "meh meh meh" and cheater controlling douche have to go back to their dinner theater jobs. They get in the way of the somewhat spineless DM telling the story and the other three actually getting to play. just replace em next episode please.

I like how they at the start point out that this ''Haldor'' is very experienced.. he seem Fairy obnoxious, not really helping the new players get familiar with the game, And instead push his own agenda, and beeing ''That guy''.. Talks over DM and other players, Loot hoarder (wich is perfectly fine, but let the rogue have the dagger + shes new) uncovering pieces of the map and just plowing trough.. there is shit to explore man. take it down a notch, its stressfull and annoying to watch..the guy in red shirt is trying to RP and its great with the humanoid guy in chainmail. and Hal just cuts him off.

Angela appreciation comment!! She's also a seasoned player but she's just so good about including the newbies and suggesting things they can do and when they can come in

I've never played, but after a battle I would heal every player and loot everything from the corpses. The arrows and daggers (if they're still intact, I can reuse them), their weapons, and maybe they had gold or some treasures in them. Maybe I'm too much of a rogue, but if we're here to loot let's loot, right?

They seem to have so much chemistry as a party; I'm sold. Mixi is adorable with her enthusiasm and she actually looks like a damn sorceress, Angela has really gotten into the role of the cleric, Mike must be tons of fun to be around and Carmel is this quiet, intelligence force every party needs. I did enjoy Hal's character up until this video, but the self-importance is over the top. Take it down a notch, pal.

Of course there are no words to describe how fucking awesome the DM is. I'm ordering books and dice!

Despite all the grief Haldor gets in these comments I have to give him some credit. At the end of this episode in response to Thumparr's whistling he absolutely says "I was totally YONDU it with you." That's brilliant.

Hal- It's called teamwork bud…don't just uncover things without your team! Sheesh. I'm genuinely struggling to watch this and I haven't even played D&D before! Have some respect for your team and DM!

You can tell the girl playing Trin has never played any game ever, not even a board game. Enjoying this though.

People hating on Hal. He's excited guys… He clearly loves the game and has passion for it so he takes initiative almost like a little kid. Cheating sucks but w/e he wants high rolls for his team. Props to the DM for not taking it to heart and
keeping things going.

At first I though I wasnt going to like moon because I judged too fast but the feeling she portrayed on the first episode, but Hal is a little overbearing with his tactics just because hes experienced, I get yes is trying to help but he isnt doing it in the correct, social way. His cheating really isnt helping at all either

Dang first time watchint dnd video never played it before wish i had a group that played oh yea just without that hal guy lol

Just started this today, already episode 3, I just randomly found this series sitting on my page while scrolling, now I'm addicted, I need to find someone to start playing this with 😱

I've been DMing for over 20 years. Playing for much longer. I did enjoy watching this. You do some things I don't. But that's the game. For me it's all about getting into the character. Acting it out, describing your actions. Hell hardly ever roll dice, course I've let people play marilith's, I always find that it's my story. Never used a board, find it take to long for many other things. All rules are optional tho

People giving Hal hate but honestly i think he's just at the wrong table. He's an experienced player, so he knows the basics and know what he's doing. He shouldn't be in a noob party cause noob parties tend to be slower and need a lot of GM guidance to progress.

I can sense that he's irritated by their pace honestly.

Haldor is definitely annoying and a play hog.
But am I the only one who wants to know where the DM got the Chalices and mugs?! I WANT that set!!!

I was looking at Hal sparks and couldnt stop thinking of the tv show lab rats, and I looked it up and he actually played Donald Davenport

Put a muzzle on her, Turkish!
My God, Hal is definitely “That guy” of this whole series. This DM has the absolute patience of a saint! One of, if not the most Cringeworthy moments in this video starts at 5:45 where Hal doesn’t let the rogue get a chance to figure out what hit die she has to roll, or let the DM help. He practically is playing the rogue’s game for her (as well as everyone else’s). It gets especially cringey when he pipes up and says “I say we go this way because I’m curious about this door here” while he proceeds to rip off another dungeon shroud. As a DM I’d really want to smack the hell out of him for not seeing what EVERYONE wants to do first before just deciding for everyone on a whim. I get that to some the game is really exciting and they can’t wait to find out what’s around that next corner but DAMN! Hal isn’t even giving the DM a chance to describe the last corner the party was at before Hal is 150 yards ahead ripping off another dungeon shroud. Hal is a murderhobo of the sort that wants to kill everything in his path, loot everything, get on to the next encounter as quickly as possible, Talk over everyone,(worst of all speaking over the DM), all while sparing any and all detail that the DM had so painstakingly planned. Hal consistently does this throughout this episode and throughout the series regardless of whether or not it ruins anyone else’s game experience. To me, that’s the worst type of player. If there’s ever another series/new adventure, they need Hal to sit that whole series out. He’s definitely taken away from what makes DnD so enjoyable in this series. But kudos to the DM and the rest of the party for putting up with that behavior.

I really want to get into D&D and was enjoying this video so much but I can’t keep watching with that Hal guy’s constant talking and over riding everyone….. like charlie much?

Everyone else is awesome though.
Thanks for this

Damn, people here are mad on Hal'daor. C'mon yo, relax. It's a non zero sum game, a small cheating should bother much

Good concept but the Haldor character is not helping the production or delivery. If he can't adjust his game style he has to go to let the new players interact more. In a learning game a good, somewhat experienced player should be able to take a step back and support the others as they learn how the game works.

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