Starting and Reserve Rare Coin Auction Pricing

hi this is Gary from land of coins ,com thanks for checking this video out today. I want to talk in thisvideo today about the difference between a reserve price and a starting price. It was when I was first started buying and selling coins on auction I was a little confused about this for a while. But the starting price is the price that the auction will actually start at and then the reserve price is the minimum that you want to accept. So the reason why you would have a lower starting price is to maybe generate a bit more interest on the coin. You’re watching this because you want to maximize the money you can make when you sell a coin and of course everyone wants the most that they can get for their coins even if they’re just selling it to trade up or to upgrade. The reason you have a lower starting price than the reserve price is to generate activity and interest and action. The more people that are looking at the coin and putting it in their watchlist, that is keeping an eye on it because it has a low starting price, the more people you will have looking at it the end of the auction. When it’s time expires everyone’s bidding on the coin. That’s the whole idea of starting with a lower price which is below the reserve price. The reserve price is for if the price doesn’t go above the reserve, the auction just cancels and nobody is the winner and it just gets relisted again. Well if the price does go above the reserve, chances are it will if you started out with a lower price, and then the price will go up from there because more people were like wow, this is a really good deal on this coin. Let’s keep an eye on it, and they put it into the watchlist and then you have a ton of people have your coin in their watchlist and eventually they’ll realize hey I like that coin regardless of what the price is. That’s how the reserve and the starting auction price works! Again this is Gary from Land of coins .com please go to the website and sign up. It’s $15 a month only and there’s no hidden fees and you can buy and sell as many coins as you want.

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