Stay united behind your bargaining team

The money is sitting there, and if we don’t
fight for it, they’re going to put it in other areas. And that’s absolutely not OK, especially for
what it was intended. As a teacher, I feel unappreciated. As a taxpayer, I’m frustrated. And as a parent, I’m furious. The state now has ample funding for a significant
salary increase to make up when we received nothing. To claim that you are limited to 3% is pathetic
and insulting. It’s not that we’re getting a big pay raise. We’re getting paid money that should have
been paid to us a long time ago. And so I say hold out and hold strong for
it. And why not ask for it? And why not fight for it? We will fight. We’re not just going to stand there and take
it. We’re going to bargain and we’re going to
bargain well. It’s quite straight forward. The legislature set forth so much money to
meet the McCleary decision and it was very simple to plug those numbers into a salary
schedule and divide it up. And that’s what you come out with. So I have a message for the Mukilteo School
Board and Superintendent Larsen: Do what’s right for our students. Stop the excuses. Let’s negotiate the competitive, professional
pay we need to continue attracting and retaining the great educators Mukilteo students deserve.

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