Steven Maldonado from Interstate Toyota – ACV Auctions Testimonial

I’m selling on an average, I think, anywhere from 30 to 50 vehicles per month on ACV Auctions. Yeah. Selling the vehicles at ACV
Auctions frees me up from actually having to go to the auction and pretty much I’m here now five, six days a week. You know, I don’t have to waste any
time actually traveling to auctions or going through the process of
selling a truckload of cars. I can sell a truckload of cars
pretty much in about 15 minutes. Which I’ve never been able to do in
this industry. Ever. It’s actually replaced us taking vehicles to a standard auction. So, I do sell 95 percent of every vehicle I do wholesale, is wholesale on the ACV Auctions as well as front-line retail, sixty-day units or vehicles I’d like to sell, they do also go on ACV Auctions. They have accurate condition
reports, take some great photos, they put the vehicle on a computer and make sure that they actually
disclose any issues with the vehicle and also show any issues, you know, on their site as well. I think they actually are very
comprehensive, their condition reports, I think if you actually open it up and spend time looking on it. They do disclose any issues with the vehicles, both positive and negative. And like I said everything that they
know about the vehicle is pretty much posted rather clearly online. I also have used live appraisal on a few occasions and I’ve gotten great market value
for the vehicles then, in turn, can appraise the vehicle properly. The fees are more than adequate. I mean I know that local auctions actually do charge more fees. And again. So, that’s the buyer and the seller so, in turn, I think ACV Auctions does have a lot less fees and other conventional auctions. I would definitely recommend ACV Auctions to anybody. Without me even recommending it. I’d recommend you give it a chance. I bet if you give it a chance you
will not be sorry.

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