Storage Auctions- My WINNING *Aggressive Bidding* Strategy!!!

Storage auctions
Storage Auctions-Aggresive Bid Strategy Train into city
Harlem took train to attend auction
auction facility rooms for
treasure hunting 40 rooms for sale junk
bid price over 1000 dollars
final bid 1300 dollars 375 room
strategy winning bidder treasure hunting storage facility
hunting african art
hand carved walking stick interesting things
clothes shoes carved statuettes instrument
coconut husk
knives swords
spears training material
storage auction treasure hunting Dan storage auctions


Your knife skills are awesome! hehe Congrats on the finds, you'll have to let us know how it turns out for you 🙂 ~T&D

Hmm, never had a unit with a lot of that kind of stuff. Let us know how it ends up working out and how you sell it all. 🙂

Hey Dan love your vids I just wanna know if I could get the number to to the person that buys your clothes? Please inbox me I have a ton thanks buddy

Great video! Thanks for taking us along for the ride,Dan. Awesome finds in your unit! Love the sword mastery :>)

Hey Dan, its good that u avoided those other lockers…question..what % of lockers under say $200 make u good money, like triple or more than what u paid for them? Would have liked to see u uncover those knives in the locker..turn the camera on when u think u found something.

I know the guys who go to that auction and you bidding style had nothing to do with why you won that room. They simply were not interested in it that much. Most of them look for different types of inventory..
Besides, African art is like the lowest tier on the scale when it comes to aboriginal & native art pieces & collectibles. Unless it has real age on it, it's pretty much souvenirs. Hence noone else really care about the African art in plain view.

Dan I hope you didn't trash the drum that you see in the front of the unit. Looks like the walking sticks and swords are standing up in it. Even though the head is busted the hand carved core is still worth the price of your unit. It's called a djembe and they're valuable!

Hey Dan can you tell me some info for the clothes. I have a ton of clothes please let know as soon as you can. Thanks Dan love the vids

Just saw it and the answer is "no". So there you go. His excuse is bullshit, he simply did not want the risk. That same guy and/or his fellow businessmen have bought African Artifacts on the spot from the NYC storage buyers, it's just a matter of what you have.
I think you should make profit on the unit regardless but I feel you should be more realistic about why you got it.

hey my name is MOE and i am a lover of storage auctions i am trying to start at a flea market and end up being the Walmart of pawn shops and i'm just looking for somebody to mentor me and show me the ropes so i wont make those rookie mistakes if

still laughing about the one knife where it looks 3ft long and you pull out a 5 inch blade. that and also the second one was kinda kicking your butt. good videos from the looks of it you have slowed down on your hunting, so im wondering did ya go broke or retire.

I may just not be seeing it. But in all the videos I watched. From different folks. None tell the actual process. How do you find auctions. How long to get stuff out. All the other stuff I've heard.. what to do if wrong unit sold. what to do if find guns, drugs money, old old antiques. Tips here and there. So it seems I'm willing to spend more than most so everything else is cool. Except where are the auctions. Do you need license or permits. The first steps I guess. Kinda feels like everyone is telling you what happen and where to find treasure. But not how I guess.

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