Storage Wars: Battle Edition: Granny Pottymouth Meets Brandi & Jarrod (Season 10) | A&E

[music playing] Speedbump has been
really good luck today. So I’m hoping he can help
me sniff out some money. Oh, TV, flat screen. 50 inch. You could probably get
200 bucks for that. There’s another
one right here. Another TV? Yeah. A little older, but
it’s still super nice. 150 bucks. Hey. JARROD: What? Why don’t you, since
I bought this unit– JARROD: Yeah. Yeah. Why don’t you skedaddle? Go see what Kenny’s
doing or something. I can’t sit here and
go through your unit? No, I’m going
to go through it. I– I bought this unit. Let me do it.
OK? All right. But if you make any
money, it’s ours. Somebody was kinky. Kenny. What up with you, boy? What’s up, man? Brandi kicked me out of
her unit over there, man. Oh. You got any money? Not yet. JARROD: All right. At that rate, we’re
going to be here all day. I got, like, a big
ol’ mixer back here. Let’s see if I can– uh, oh my god, it’s so heavy. [sigh] Oh, I don’t think
I can pick that up. [grunting] [laughter] OK. Uh, son of a bitch. That thing is really
cool, actually. It looks very vintage,
maybe restaurant grade. I might actually get
this checked out along with these old mixers here. See if I can find somebody
that can look at both. I’m going to put it down here. And then whatever this guy is– ooh. It’s for milkshakes. That’s super old, too. Maybe they collected,
like, vintage restaurant equipment or something. And hell, this thing
is really amazing. Well, I guess I’m going to get
all this stuff checked out. I pretty broken
even on this locker. So the mixer and
the milkshake maker could be the cherry on top. What do you think, buddy? Did I do good? [barking] [swoosh] JARROD: What is that, silver? That’s all– this stuff’s all
worth a little bit of money. Yeah.
Just let me see something. Yeah, I don’t know
what it is, man. It looks like it’s for
steaming something. You might– what else you got? KENNY: Oh, all right. It’s like you put slices of
toast on it or something. JARROD: I don’t know, man. You might want to
get this checked out. Checked out? JARROD: You see if
there’s any more. All right. Hey, look what I found. Hell, yeah. We’re making shakes.
[clap] BRANDI: Isn’t that cool?
– Yeah. Yeah, it is. BRANDI: I think that there’s– Banana shakes,
chocolate shakes. Brandi bring all the
milkshakes to the yard. Right? [laughter] There’s a mixer in there. It’s super heavy. And I need your help.
– All right. Kenny, I’m going to
go check this out. I’ll be back, man. Appreciate you, bro. Milkshake to the yard. BRANDI: [laughter] What is that? Talk Dirty to Me. If you want to talk
dirty to me, talk about how much
cheese and mayonnaise you’re gonna put on a sandwich. What’s in here? Oh, [bleep], baseball cards. I think I hit a jackpot
right here, boy. 1984 complete set. I will make my money back. But let’s say, if
each box is $50, you got about 20 boxes in here. That’s about a
grand right there. [music playing] Hi. Well, I’ve heard
about you [bleep].. Come on in. Oh, thank you. Oh, did I mention we’re
meeting with YouTube star Granny Pottymouth? This is going to be
so much [bleep] fun. Well, we are. What the [bleep]. Oh, looks like just what my
grandmother had in her kitchen. She was the [bleep] baking queen
of Northeast Massachusetts. This is more ornamental. And it was an early version. Can we try this? JARROD: Try it out. [music playing] That’s good [bleep]. [bleep] the magic moment. If it works, it’s
worth something. [whirring] [laughter] That’s the [bleep]. So Granny, what’s
[bleep] worth? Well, you can probably
get 100 bucks for this. JARROD: Nice. And the mixer– wow, the granny of mixers– 400 bucks. I made some money. Good for you. I guess you can have
your cake and eat it, too. It’s the worst
cake I’ve ever seen. BRANDI: It’s beautiful. I’m at the Heritage
Museum of Orange County to see how much my
antique silver is worth. WOMAN 1: Oh, wow. It’s beautiful. This is called
a pickle castor. They would bring
this to the table with a lovely pickle inside. Look at this. WOMAN 1: Oh!
– I thought you put, like– WOMAN 2: Wow. KENNY: You put toast
between here, huh? WOMAN 2: I have looked
at a few toast racks. And I haven’t seen
one quite like this. Yeah. And then they put the butter
on the toast with love. They would bring it to
the table, unbuttered. Unbuttered? Unbuttered toast. And then you would have your
servant bring the toast in. And I got the big
enchi-ma-lada right here. Oh, my goodness. WOMAN 2: That’s beautiful.
– Yeah. What is it? That’s what I want to know. This is a biscuit box. There’s some really
elegant work on it. The embossing and chasing
on it are really lovely. It’s a really unusual piece. So how much you think
I can get for everything? Probably, for everything,
about a thousand. Hello, homegirl. Kumbaya. (IN ENGLISH ACCENT) Jolly
ho, an extra $1,000. Brilliant. ANNOUNCER: Kenny Crossley
took home the silver, serving up a profit up 4,500 big ones. And Jarrod and Brandi [bleep]
baking equipment [bleep] managed to [bleep] fetch
them a weak [bleep] 700 [bleep] dollars.


You wanna talk dirty to me?
Tell me how much mayonnaise N cheese you gonna put on a sandwich…..😅😅😅2:22

Where do these guys come up with those numbers?? Lol. That out of date tv is not 150. Lmfaooo. It's probably like 50. At most. You can buy a brand new tv up to date….that's probably as big for 150.

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