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– All right. Here we go. [auctioneer chant] $100 bucks. AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Yes! AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Yep! AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Yep! AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Yep! AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Three. Yep! AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant]
– 50. AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant]
– Yep! AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Yep! AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Here. AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Yeah. AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Yeah. AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Yep! AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Yeah.
AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Yeah. AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Yeah. AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] – Yeah.
– Woo! AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] Yep. AUCTIONEER: [auctioneer chant] It’s on its way, Brandi. You got it. $750. BRANDI PASSANTE: That’s right. The lady knows. All right. Best unit, not only of
the day, but in a while. How you want to do this? BRANDI PASSANTE: I don’t know. But what I do know is
we’re about to make a crap-ton of money. What’s in that box?
– Hold on. It’s coming out. Heavy [inaudible]. That’s you. OK. There’s these cute dishes. $40 on the set. Ooh. Ginsu. JARED SCHULTZ: Ooh,
let me see that. Ka-cha-ga! All clothes. This is all kitchen stuff. This is a cool pot.
It’s heavy. [gasps] Money. JARED SCHULTZ: Woo! $5 bucks. What do you got? BRANDI PASSANTE: I don’t know. So maybe it’s like a
cappuccino maker or something? JARED SCHULTZ: Whoa. It has a waterline, so
you can plumb it in. BRANDI PASSANTE: Ooh. Fancy. OK. $200 bucks. BRANDI PASSANTE: Yeah. JARED SCHULTZ: Come
on, be something great. Designer handbags. Oh. JARED SCHULTZ: Cash money. That is how we
make the big bucks. BRANDI PASSANTE: Put it
in the wipey dispenser. Yeah. That’s an easy $7
bucks right there. BRANDI PASSANTE: Let’s
check out the furniture. JARED SCHULTZ: OK. This is turning out to
be a really good unit. That’s a pretty
nice bedroom set. I know. Super nice. You got the headboard,
the running boards, and the end of the bed,
dresser, the nightstand. All as one set, what do
you think that would cost? I mean, I know if you
were going to go buy this, you could probably pay a
few thousand bucks for it. How about $1,000 bucks? I think you’d have no problem
getting $1,000 bucks for this. BRANDI PASSANTE: Yeah. TV stand? JARED SCHULTZ: Yeah,
but I think it doesn’t really match the bedroom set. BRANDI PASSANTE: OK. We’d probably get another
couple hundred bucks. BRANDI PASSANTE: What
are these, shelves? JARED SCHULTZ: Shelves, yeah. You just bolt ’em to the wall. BRANDI PASSANTE:
They’re really cool. Yeah, you’d probably get
$40, $50 bucks apiece for ’em. Hold on. Hold on. See what’s in it. Oh, it’s heavy. Whoa. Hello. Jackpot. BRANDI PASSANTE: Nope. Not jackpot. There’s just some
little pieces of art. This little shelf here
is like $40 bucks. JARED SCHULTZ: I got one,
two, three lamps here. You can probably get
$60 bucks for all three. This table is nice,
and it’s real modern, with a silver chrome base. I’ll bet you with the chairs,
you’d probably get $600 bucks for it. BRANDI PASSANTE: Really? JARED SCHULTZ: I got
to give Brandi props. She picked a pretty
sweet locker. This was a really good unit. Yes it was. Hey, Jay, where are you? Aren’t we supposed to
meet that broker guy? I don’t want to be late. Are you coming? Jared and I are on a roll, so
I want to make sure that we’re smart with our money. JARED SCHULTZ: Brandi. Surprise! Look at our gift. Look what I got us. Are you kidding me? JARED SCHULTZ: No. I took that money we made,
and I invested it in this. In a car? JARED SCHULTZ: Yeah. No. In a Jaguar. Without talking to me? Yeah. And it’s cool because I
used that $1,500 bucks for the down payment
and the first month. So all we have to do is just
have money by next month. My god, Jared. JARED SCHULTZ: Look, I
even customized it for us. You want to go for a spin? BRANDI PASSANTE: Oh. Oh my god. JARED SCHULTZ: Brandi! Baby, I bought it for us. Brandi. Babe, I bought it
for the family. But I don’t want the kids in it.


Absolute beauty when the car is working 100%. Jaguar power seats on that particular model tend to fail, minimum 2k to fix. Infotainment system crashes & thats about another 1.5k. Source: Family member has 1

I can tell you one thing. Brandi does not like the car nor wants a new car.

EDIT: Jarrod is not going to be able to convince Brandi to accept his decision. She's going to escalate an argument.

Team Brandi all the way. I thought he found the car in a storage space, I didn't think he s actually wasted $$$ on it.

Insider Tip: They can easily afford a Jaguar due to their salary from the show, and this was just a ruse to demonstrate what it's like for the average person who makes a living buying storage units.

Brandi I bought it for us ๐Ÿ˜‚
I bought it for my family ๐Ÿ˜‚
But I don't want kids in it ๐Ÿ˜‚
That was funny ๐Ÿ˜‚

Everything , Ivy buys is worth absolutely heaps , I saw him pull out an old black an Decker drill once , hahahah , and claim it was worth $100 !
I couldnโ€™t stop laughing for twenty minutes..ya certainly an optimist Ivy..

What they don't mention in this show is cost of running a business and how much they pay themselves.

A business with employees and a shop can easily cost $15K a month. Not including the 6K a month you'd probably pay yourself before taxes.

I bet these people barely scrape by at the end of the day.

And that my friends is the definition of hood rich. Make 1500 bucks profit and finance a car that's $550 a month.

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