Striking a Bargain with the Devil

I know you’re not supposed to make a
deal with the devil I know you’re not supposed to sign any contracts in blood
offer up your soul or pledge to return a favor when he calls upon you I know
these things and so I thought I could outwit him the summoning was the easy
part making few markings with goat blood and whisper some random latin phrases
and poof he shows up behind you sitting in your favorite recliner drinking a
martini no less interrupted my happy hour so this better be good
he spoke biting off an olive with sharpened teeth I hadn’t imagined the
devil would dressed so well and briefly forgot my next move I’d like to make a
deal I began no shoot he replied clearly
bored fame fortune favors whatever he wants so long as they’re good to give up
your soul everything but I won’t be giving myself for it then why the fuck
did you waste my time I smiled knowing I had an offer he wouldn’t refuse I’d like
to offer the souls of all my descendants instead if that’s alright he raised an
eyebrow and stood walking slowly around me as though to take in my genius surely
he realized the potential of innumerable souls and the gifts he’d bestow upon me
would be nothing but a trifle for someone of his immense power
yeah all right I can make that work he thrusts out his hand for me to shake
which I grabbed eagerly to seal the exchange the devil downed the rest of
his martini and waved it away into dust then snapped his fingers and smiled
you’ll be getting a call from a producer sometime tomorrow offering you the role
of a lifetime in an upcoming action flick
he’s another client of mine so that Jobs’s gives yours already I couldn’t
help but grin successful in tricking the devil himself I stared deep into his
ever burning eyes and revealed my secret plan lusting for his reaction I can’t
believe that actually worked I didn’t think someone like yourself
could possibly be dumb enough to fall for that
he raised another eyebrow after which I explained you fool I’m sterile I’ll
never have any descendants whose souls you’ll reap I stood in front of the
Beast more smug than I’d ever been in my life but as he smiled back my resolve
slowly faded the devil seemed far more pleased with our deal than he should
have been I’d been careful enough right oh not to worry he chuckled this won’t
be the first time I’ve helped with an immaculate conception


Great story! I love how you warp your voice to differentiate the separate characters. Keep up the good work, Cory. xo

Bro after much deliberation I crown you king of this underground reading thing. Recently between ur readings and this Malawi gold I think I've hit contentment for a few seconds. It's not common that I enjoy anything anymore. Cancer shit. Thanks for existing papo (papi means friend in spanish).

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