Support Your Bargaining Teams! June 8th National Day of Action

In this round of bargaining, we’ve said since
the very beginning that we are looking for improvements to the collective agreement and
we’re looking for some basic respect. And we’re not being treated with respect at
the bargaining table. Well, I think it’s very important to support
these bargaining teams, they’ve been sitting now at the table for a number of months both
with the previous government representatives and now with this new government. The government is saying one thing and they’re
doing something totally different than what they’re saying. They haven’t changed the approach. The approach
is the same, they still want concessions. I think we’re going to come out on June the
eighth – all of us have seen the information, we all know what we’re expected to do. We
need to come out of our buildings, we need to send a message to our employer, that we
are totally behind our bargaining teams. That we are not bargaining concessions from
our collective agreements.

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