Susie vs. Toto Wolff – AMG Suzuka Track Battle!

Where is the blinkers? Why do you need blinkers? Well, no, they are on. I have to switch them off. The hazard lights. Both blinkers on? No, just the hazard lights. I don’t know. Gee, thanks for being so helpful I am helpful Must be here somewhere I’ll put the window up for aerodynamics Ready?
Yep Suzuka, here we come! Woo! Yeah, use a little kerb here Listen, you don’t know the track, OK, maybe you try to see how it goes first I only have one lap No, you have two laps No, we have two laps, I only have one No, you have one out lap and the first launched
one so you can learn it Starting bad, starting bad Car feels good This is a great section This is the chicane. Oop, missed the apex there She just missed the apex completely OK, there’s no need to make a big deal of it Wooo, first lap of Suzuka There is people on track now. Brake! Small brake… Run wide here This is no fun This is lots of fun and think how much progress we’ve made in our marriage
You are actually staying in the car The last time we did this, you chose to ask
me to stop and then you walked back to the pits This is progress Yeah, the last time in Laguna Seca, I told
her to stop and I walked back the last two miles I might do it now… be careful there is the right hander from before Easy, this is the run-off area, we have loads of space Result Wahooo I’m feeling slightly sick OK, you are feeling sick but we made it back
in one piece Now it’s my turn Now, I’m intrigued… This is payback now… How do you put the blinker lights off? So here I am in the passenger seat with not
a professional driver in the drivers’ seat. He’s actually a manager, so I am not holding
up much hope for this lap Wait. This is payback. Yep, definitely prefer to drive BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE that’s too fast That’s too fast Toto… TOTO that’s too fast Toto that’s too fast That’s too… fast This is the difference, you try and show off on the first lap This is not going to end well Woah, we are sliding Now’s the right hander, now’s the right hander BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE It’s a tight one, it’s a tight one Oh here we go Tight one, tight one,
don’t run too wide, don’t run too wide This is not a nice feeling Tight one, tight one, TIGHT ONE Gravel trap, gravel trap Left hander, left hander, left hander Can’t say I am enjoying this Wahoo! 250! Yeah, congratulations Slow down, slow down, people, people Thank goodness that’s over Oh, you have to stop. You don’t get another lap Were you in control for any of that lap? All the time Thank goodness that’s over


I thought Toto was funny as a passenger, But….. Susie was Hilarious!!! Good drivers never make good passengers!

Wonder if when they getting busy does suzi make Toto do an Arnie impression, exactly why women wont be F1 drivers tho, got no bottle ffs would of told my wife to stfu love am driving

When Susie was driving, I was expecting to car to be pulling to the right due to the rock on her right ring finger, but noticed later that it was balanced by the rock on her left finger. 💎💎

Top absolut Geil.Habe mich köstlich Amüsiert. Das ist fern ab vom Formel 1 Stress mal was anderes .Super habt ihr beide das gemacht. Danke ✌Liebe aus Geldern Markus Poppinga

Such a wonderful couple, He is the boss of 1 of the greatest teams in F1 history and She is a very pretty woman who can put most men to shame behind the wheel, they look perfect for each other which shows clearly. Seeing Toto's face as a passenger got me laughing but i never expected Toto to hammer it when he got in the drivers seat, i thought he was gonna drive like miss daisy but he was TOTOly the opposite, what also i find unexpected is that suzie keeps screaming at Toto what corner is coming up next – i'm pretty sure he knows the layout of the curcuit….. does he?

That guy won the lottery when he married that girl. She is super adorable, cute and can drive the hell out of a car. I love these more than the Hamilton and Bottas videos.

Lovely it’s so typically the wife knows all the time something better how to drive …first big mouth and after scary ….and afraid 😜👍 thanks Toto ✌️. That’s why man races the formula 1 🙏

I swear, this is the funniest video I have watched in a looong looong time. Thank you thank you.

Sorry Susie….. I am still laughing…. tears running down my face

First you get the money, then you get power, then you get the dream woman racing driver F1 fan who will watch it with you but also be a good housewife coz she knows whose boss. mmmmmmm what a dream. If only these women existed.

I suspect Toto intentionally drove a bit rougher to frighten Susie lol
I drove a LOT SLOWER and sometimes my wife would react the same way LOL..and its just a straight highway hahaha

Everyone saying how Susie lost it way more than Toto – but nobody talks about how Susie took it waaay more relaxed in the driver seat.
Toto was out there putting a lap time in, sliding over the track and just yeeting the thing through the final chicane (just watch how Susie bops around in her seat) – while Susie clearly dialed it back for the sake of Toto. 🙂

At least we know what their "drive to the shops" looks like.
Susie smiles – Toto mildly amused
Toto smiles – Susie poops herself


I hope Mercedss will never produce a double seater of a modern f1 car….she would have a heart attack driving in the car with Lewis or Bottas 😂

I got tired of listening to someone who has no clue, so I sent my wife to a racing school. The first night she came home, her arms and hands hurt and she was slightly sick the whole day. (I slept in the spare bedroom) After the second day, she was really up, she was only slightly sore in the arms and she even went out jogging. After the third day, she came home telling war stories. And after the fourth day, She was impossible to be around, but for a different reason.

Toto in his Arnie voice: Stop the car, I'll walk back.

Susie in her Scottish wifey voice: I think I've just shat ma knickers.

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