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– A college student is
selling her own virginity online, and a famous Hollywood actor has laid down over a million
dollars to have sex with her. (upbeat music) Hey guys it’s Ali for Hollywood Life, and this is actually an old story that is trending again for some reason. Maybe it’s because the mysterious 26 year old Londoner named
Jasmine, last name not known, put her virginity up for auction and the wining bid was $1,488,043.48. Don’t sell yourself short
girl get that 48 cents. Every penny counts. Jasmine listed her virginity
on the site Cinderella Escorts and apparently a bidding war erupted between a Munich businessman, a soccer star from Manchester United, and the Hollywood celebrity
who ultimately won. Jasmine says her reason for auctioning off her first sexual experience is to raise enough cash to
start her own business. – Hello, I am Jasmine
and I am 26 years old, and I live in the UK. I would like to sell my virginity on Cinderella Escort Agency
because to be honest I would love to travel the world and I would like to visit America. I would really like to
set up my own business. And obviously I would be doing
it for financial reasons, so that is why I would
like to sell my virginity. – And surprisingly her
parents are supporting her. She told the Daily Mail “They
know everything and agree. “I am 26 and they know
that I am adult enough “for deciding alone
what I do with my body.” She went on to say “I
met the actor already “and I was always a big fan of his. “I am more nervous as a fan “than about losing my virginity. “But who knows, maybe I will get “more nervous when we meet” in a hotel. The two are set to rendezvous this month, April 2018, in Germany where
this kind of thing is legal. This may seem super
strange, but Jasmine told the UK paper, The Sun,
that she was initially waiting for marriage to have sex. Clearly she’s changed her mind saying “I don’t want to wait
any longer so I chose “another way which will make me happy. “I am sure about my decision.” Jasmine is facing tons
of criticism online, but listen to this
logic, also from The Sun. “Let’s be honest, who would not prefer “to take a million rather
than having the first time “with a guy who most
likely has already left.” I think I know what she means by that. The crazy thing is Jasmine’s not alone. The New York Post has a
story about a teen auctioning her virginity to pay
for college and a car. The Washington Post has the story of 21 year old Katherine
Stone, who auctioned her first sexual experience for $400,000 after her family’s home burned down. – Hi I’m Katherine Stone and
I’m from Seattle, Washington, and I’m here to sell my virginity. The whole reason I’m doing this is because last year my family’s house burned down, and we were forced to live
in the burned down house. – Then there’s 27 year
old med school student Elizabeth Raine trading her
first time for, she hopes 400K, and says she’s not doing it
for the money, but rather for, “adventure, eroticism, scandal,
and challenging norms.” (buzzing) There are tons more examples
of this I can’t get to them all but I would like to announce I am putting Producer Nick’s virginity
on auction right here today for the low, low price of one
billion dollars, such a steal. Act now because you don’t know how long this offer will last. Our operators are standing by. Nick are you ready for this? – I’ve been waiting my
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and make your best offer in the comments below, but don’t be rude. I’m sure you all will be super
respectful to my friend Nick. (laughs)


I don’t give a fuck about what y’all think these bitches ain’t shit. I mean look at that bitch at 2:50 That bitch look like she’s advertising a product or something.

I mean the're a lot of peeervy people out there who'll do stuff like this for what they say is a good cause but really their doing it for a meaningless matter like for example buying a chair you don't need do you agree?

Like I would not do this but it is her body and if she wants to do that that’s fine like I don’t think it’s right to judge

that story is a lie… Ive written to Cinderella escorts about selling mine but they never respond…. and I'm no uglier than her… the whole thing is fake news… if she siad that on tv news… she was lieing…. 400,000 is believable… but nothing more than that

notice how she only talks about it before doing it… you dont hear from her after because the after part never came

Hell. I would sell mine for about 2m. Y’all wanna judge her for this, calling her desperate but worship Kim, Chyna, Amber, etc. y’all don’t think they’re doin/ did the same thing?

I don't think these people realize that when they do this or even talk about doing this they forever spoil their chance at real love. No good man will ever love these skanks that think the pussy is worth that much. Nobody even test drove that thing. Is there a gynecologist in the house? Btw if a girl's boyfriend dies…is the pussy haunted? yeah I see somebody saying that's what Kim did. Not exactly…she did not auction off her virginity. And look at her relationships…All the kdasians got f ed up relationships. Money can't buy love. Kanye's rap career is done. that fool look like them easter island heads

Don't buy it ….she just talk for money and popularity 😝😝 yak….. How much you earn for that …

Bitch I would sell mines for that much tf I’m not waiting for one fuck boy to fuck me then leave when I can get 1000000 dollars for selling mine brb imma go sign up bye.

Personally, I don’t think she is worth that much.
But opinions vary. That is just mine.
And isn’t prostitution illegal and immoral???

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