Tender Tuesday – Episode 1

*Car Door Slam*
Madisyn: I’m Madisyn Cailin: and I’m Cailin
Together: And this is Tender Tuesday! Madisyn: Cailin! What is Tender Tuesday? Cailin: Tender Tuesday is where Madisyn and
I go around and we try all of the chicken in the chicken capitol of Oklahoma
Madisyn: Yukon. Madisyn: We are only eating chicken tenders from places that serve pretty much exclusively chicken. Cailin: Where are we going today? Madisyn: We are going to- Would you like to
do it? Cailin: Chicken Express
Madisyn: Ready? Cailin: Let’s go!
*music* Madisyn: Oh here we are! Cailin: Oh we made it! Madisyn: We’re rolling up! Madisyn: Okay! Cailin: Chicken please! Madisyn: Two Express tender snack packs. Chicken Express Worker: Do you want to go
ahead and make the tender snack pack a three tender meal? It’ll be cheaper on you. Madisyn: It’s cheaper to make it a three tender
Cailin: Sure Madisyn: Sure Madisyn, rapping and clapping: Waiting for our chickens Waiting for some chick Waiting for that tender that’s shaped in a
stick. Cailin: Oh! Madisyn: Gonna have some chicken
Gonna eat it up Then we’ll go away and poop it in the toilet. Oh! Cailin: Ayyy! Madisyn, still rapping badly: It’s chicken
time! Cailin: Yeah! Madisyn, still rapping: Eatin’
chicken tendies with my friend Cailin. That was a stretch, but we got there. Hope my tendie doesn’t have any hair. Cailin: Eww. Chicken Express Worker: Hey, how are you doing today? Both: Hello! Doing good! Chicken Express Worker: We have 2 three tender meals with biscuit and a roll, Diet Dr. Pepper and a sweet tea? Madisyn: Heck yeah. Chicken Express Worker: You guys saw the opossum, too? Was it real or was he lying? Both: I did not see a opossum
Chicken Express Worker: He told me he saw a opossum. He might be going crazy. Madisyn: Are really eating chicken tenders
or- Both: Opossum tenders?! Madisyn: Thank you! Chicken Express Worker: You’re welcome! Straws are in the bag. You guys have a good day, okay? Madisyn: Alright, thank you! You too! Opossum: SCREECH! Cailin: So today we are going to be judging
on Taste. Sides & Sauces and mystery! Let’s begin! Madisyn: Let’s begin! Tender Tuesday! That’s really good. Cailin: It’s so crispy and I don’t normally
like juicy chicken, but it’s so juicy in a good way. Madisyn: Taste-wise, it isn’t anything super
special. Like, it’s not spicy, it’s not salty-
Cailin: salty. Madisyn: It’s-
Cailin: It’s a little salty. It just tastes like chicken. Madisyn: Yeah. Cailin: So it comes with bread. You can have a choice of a biscuit or a roll. Madisyn: It’s soft, it’s chewy, it tastes
like a school roll! Cailin: This biscuit is so buttery and like
flakey. And… you want a little bit? Madisyn: Mhm, do you want a little bit of
this? Cailin: I got you a really good piece. Madisyn: I gave you a huge piece and you gave
me this. Cailin: It’s a big piece! Here, whiney. Madisyn: Oh. My gosh. Cailin: You want more?! Here! Jeez! Cailin: I love biscuits all the time. Biscuit, biscuit every day. Biscuit, biscuit that’s the way! Madisyn: Fries! Madisyn: They’re pretty good! Cailin: They’re squishy, but crunchy at the
same time. Madisyn: Sauce! Now we’re going to try the sauce. They got gravy that came with these meals. Cailin: *noise of dislike* Madisyn: It’s a soupy gravy Madisyn: You know what Cailin? Cailin: What? Madisyn: This chicken inspires poetry in my
soul. I think it’s time for the mystery catagory. Cailin: This chicken has not only invaded
our bellies, but also our minds. So we will be expressing our love and our
affections and our thoughts on Chicken Express chicken with our pen as our voice. Cailin’s poem: Chicken so dang good
Like a party in my stomach Such flavor inside. Madisyn: That was beautiful
*snapping* Madisyn’s Poem: Tenders, fries, and roll. Didn’t see a opossum, though! Tenders forever. *snapping* Madisyn: Thank you everybody for watching. Cailin: Remember to join us next week for Together: Tender Tuesday Cailin: Say goodbye chicken! Madisyn: Goodbye chicken! *music*

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