Tender Tuesday – Episode 3

* Door Slams * Madisyn: I’m Madisyn. Cailin: And i’m Cailin. Both: And this is Tender Tuesday. Cailin: Something good. Something good. Something good. Zaxby’s! Madisyn: Zaxby’s. Cailin: Let’s go! * Music * Madisyn: Why’d you change it? Cailin: Because i’m so over it already. * Music * Zaxby’s Workers: Thank you for choosing Zaxby’s in Yukon. Would you like to try our fried white cheddar bites today? Cailin: No. Um how many chickens come in a kiddie finger? Madisyn: I was thinking about two four finger plates. Should I just get those? Thank you! Cailin: This is a medium? Madisyn: That’s a medium. Cailin: Oi! Madisyn: Oh boy! Oh boy look at this. Look at this medium I got. Cailin: Yo Yo. We here. Chicken tender outlaws and we got Zaxby’s today. Madisyn: No! Please don’t call us outlaws. We are law-abiding citizens. Cailin: Just a refresher, this is Zaxby’s. Madisyn: Zaxby’s! Both: Dink! Cailin: That’s not very good. Madisyn: No. Cailin: It’s kinda chewy. Madisyn: Uh oh Zaxby’s. Cailin: Maybe we should try em with sauce. We got Zaxby’s ranch. Madisyn: This is barbecue sauce. Cailin: Dip it! Madisyn: Improved. Cailin: Very much so. Madisyn: Frenchie Fries! Cailin: I like them. Madisyn: They’re kinda plain though to me. Cailin: I would put more salt on them. Cailin: Bread. Madisyn: Bread. Yep.
Cailin: It’s toast. Madisyn: Eat. That. Cole. Slaw. Sounds crunchy. Is it not good? Cailin: I’m really disappointed. Madisyn: Oh no. Madisyn: Even though these chicken tenders don’t taste that good. I think that substance combined with the dippability makes them a great paintbrush. So it’s now time for the mystery category where we are going to see if these Zaxby’s chicken tendies are better paintbrushes than they are chicken tendies. What are you painting today Cailin? Cailin: Chicken. What are you painting for us today Madisyn? Madisyn: A opossum. Chicken Express worker: So you guys saw the opossum too? Was it real or was he lying? Both: I did not see any opossum. Madisyn: So tell us about your previous artistic experience Cailin. Cailin: I was in art in high school for four years. You know where that got me? Places. So have you drawn a opossum before? Madisyn: Um opossum-bly. I kinda wanna give him a curvy nasty body. Cailin: I like painting for fun but I usually only use watercolors and I usually use a paintbrush. Madisyn: Oh no! That made him little hooves. And of course they got their little nakey tail. Cailin: I really love it! I’m not gonna lie. Madisyn: K that’s him. That’s my boy. Cailin: Thanks for joining us for Both: Tender Tuesday. Cailin: And which of these would you rather see on a shirt? Madisyn: The chicken or the opossum. Let us know in the comments below. Cailin: Until next week! Stay tender. * Music *

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I would like to purchase the possum painting, please. How much are you willing to sell it for? I'll pay $1,000,000. That's my final offer.

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