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hi everyone it’s Dan here from tender
vle and in this video we’ll be talking about proofreading now I know what some
of you must be thinking surely proofreading doesn’t warrant its own
video well when it comes to bid management it
really does we always say this is one of the most important aspects to managing a
tender and is an area where many excellent supply is a fall foul by
failing to carry out those all-important final checks prior to submission having
someone else check over your work is an excellent idea having a third party and
a fresh pair of eyes to look over things will allow mistakes to be picked up
that might have been missed though even the best writers become blind to their
own mistakes after having stared at the same piece of text for hours on end
proofreading is an opportunity for your content to be constructively criticized
and substantially improved bit by bit before the buyer evaluates this there
are three things to remember when proofreading one know your deadline
never leave the reviewing of work to the last minute there is nothing worse than
rushing through or skimming over important work with a looming deadline
there could be major changes that you’ve missed and you don’t want to rush to
rectify these so always allow for a few rounds of drafting you might end up
doing one or two drafts on more than half a dozen depending on the workload
and the level of precision required of course it might be a pin but it is
better to get it right than to lose marks over content to change your review
I always get different people to review your work this could be your boss your
colleague an external consultant or even an apprentice now many organizations
have found that having junior level staff reviewing tender responses rather
than the senior level staff helps strengthen the response to make a more
readable and a lot clearer if junior members of your internal team don’t
fully comprehend what you’re saying how will a buyer who may not know anything
about your company or sector this helps you retain clarity focus and precision
in your answers 3 use the evaluation matrix for public sector works
especially the buyer will be providing insight into how they will be evaluated
in the works this is usually a prescribed table that shows a scoring
method and usually details what you need to cover in the responses to receive the
high marks now use this to your advantage and make
sure that when you are reviewing work that you are reviewing it in the way the
buyer would ask yourself am i fully answering the question here am i
demonstrating what they have explicitly stated they are looking for if the
answers of these questions are no then some rewriting is needed always have
someone else in your team act as the purchaser and ask them to evaluate your
responses based on the criteria set out in the specification or evaluation
matrix remember another person will read your work with a more of a critical eye
if you require any further support with your tendering writing and proofreading
efforts I want some free advice make sure you get in touch with our dedicated
tender consultants team today and you can also get in touch with our industry
specific account managers or join the discussion on our LinkedIn forum thank
you very much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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