“Terminator” Vs Range Rover | TerraMax | Top Gear | Series 19 | BBC


In one news article I read that range rover was in the top 10 worst cars in the UK and best most reliable car was Toyota yaris that was based on drivers experiences.
Range rover is one car that I will never waste my money on.

Funny how he says the Range Rover is the greatest off road car in the world. Pretty sure i'd rather have a wrangler or g class for that

Bunca imkan varken yarak gibi video çekmişsiniz amına koduklarım. Yazdığımıda anlamıyonuz zaten o yüzden yine amk sizin

Great video , but it sort of ended a tad prematurely, we missed James gloating and would of liked to of seen where the other vehicle came in relation to James and RR !?

Confronto in fuoristrada preparato da gente che sa poco di fuoristrada. I due mezzi non fanno lo stesso percorso, che cosa si è voluto confrontare?

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What happened to offroad vehicles being reliable and easy to repair and truly meant for offroading? Not a vehicle meant for show and speed.

He was wrong about one thing. The Range Rover is not "the greatest off road vehicle in the World". And I don't need to say it because we all know what vehicle is truly the greatest off road vehicle of all time and the standard that very other off road vehicle strives to beat! =) I will just say "Thank you Japan for nearly 69 years of the greatest off road vehicle of all time!"

Постановка, Renge Rover унылое г..но. На кадрах видно что у машины уже что то отвалилось.

اقتنعت بالتريله الصراحه هذي وهي بدون سايق 😂😂 المعنى الحقيقي لـ خل الاماكن ذي لاهلها

Can you see the catch?
Time 8:46 AM at 1:16

Time 9:16 AM at 1:25

Time 9:23 AM at 1:52
Time 9:20 AM at 2:03

Time 9:17 AM at 2:44
Time 9:22 AM at 6:00

Do not believe this shit ,my RRS got stuck in snow in my drive way ,not in rough terrain lol , it was embarrassment in front of my neighbors

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