Tesla Roadster Update!

– Today is a big day. I haven’t had my Tesla
Roadster in a while. It’s been like a month
or two and I miss it. And we’ve had it here at Luxe Auto Spa and some things are getting done on it. This is not my Roadster. This is a Tiffany Blue, wrapped, Model X. – Yeah, and look at
the back of this thing. It doesn’t say, like, Tesla
or P100D, it just has SpaceX. – Whenever we wanna get
our cars looking cool, like our gray wrapped Model
X, or like the calipers when we painted them red, we
always go to Luxe Auto Spa and so they’ve been working on it for a little while fixing the paint and doing some things to it. We’re gonna check it out. All right, Cougar, show us the car. – You ready man? I know you haven’t seen it for a minute. – [Daniel] I know, what
have you been working on? – So we got most of it done. – Dude. (upbeat techno music) – [Daniel] Look at the paint. That paint looks so good. Oh my gosh. It’s my normal paint, that we have. – [Cougar] Right. – [Daniel] It looks brighter. – Yep. – So what is this stuff
that you put on it? – So its an 8 mil, its called
Xpel Paint Protection Film. So it’s the ultimate version of it. It’s 8 mils thick and it
protects against rock chips, obviously makes the car
look so much better. On top of the film even,
we put what’s called Modesta Ceramic Coating on it. You’re protected about as much as can be. – Dang, okay. – And then inside the actual car. – [Daniel] Oh, we having
some upgrades in here? Oh my gosh. – [Cougar] There’s not a lot left in here. (Laughing)
– [Daniel] Wow. What the heck? Lincoln you gonna get in there? – Hey, I heard you lost
a key under the seats. – I did lose a key. – So you have you have
your second key back. – [Daniel] I lost it a long time ago. It was just like right down in there. Look how torn up it is. Oh my gosh, look at the stereo. What the heck? – That looks so cool.
– Do you see it? That is huge. – [Cougar] It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? – Look at the difference. Before we had this CD player
that was so old school I couldn’t even figure out the buttons, like I couldn’t even figure out how to change the channel or to do presets. It was hard to even turn it up and down. So I’m like, “Can we get
something of a better stereo?” There’s Lincoln hopping
into the car with no seats. – Yeah its nice. – It’s still tiny.
– It’s a lot easier to go get inside of it now though. Without the roof off and no seats. (car dings) It’s on. Whoa. Look at that screen. – Stinger. It’s the Stinger. (laughs) What’s a Stinger? So we’re gonna put two
speakers right there which there already were speakers there, but the speakers that they
put in were pretty garbage. Even considering that this car
was like 120 grand brand new. There’s really not a lot
of space inside this car for you to even put speakers in. We want a subwoofer, right? – Yeah, we’re gonna put the sub. – [Daniel] Our options
are this wall right here. – This is just a plastic piece and then the firewall’s behind it, so we’re thinking about trimming this out. – This was built off of
a Lotus car and the Lotus had the entire motor and everything. And so they have this little
air intake right here. There’s no engine in
there to be cooled down and so you just kind of have
this little hole right here. There we go, okay, so if you
look in that entire space, there’s really nothing in there. It’s just open. So we could put a subwoofer in there. That was the initial idea. That’s what we told Cougar to do. And now he’s thinking it’s not a good idea because the last thing that he wants to do is have a car, brrr, just
like vibrating everywhere. So by putting it inside of the car, it’s gonna take that away, right? – I think you’ll get a lot better sound quality inside the car. There’s only about half an inch of space between that and the firewall. – [Daniel] Is that enough
to put a speaker in? – The speaker would actually
come out of the enclosure. It will come out a little bit so it wouldn’t be flush mounted. – [Daniel] But it wouldn’t block the seats – Exactly.
– or being able to push your seats back. – It’s called a pancake
subwoofer and so it’s really, the dimensions on it are really tight. – [Daniel] Lincoln likes pancakes. – Yes. – Look at these calipers. See that color right there? And you see the rust in there? A lot of cars have locked hubs,
but it’s to protect people, I guess, from just coming
and stealing your tires. Somehow in the transfer of
the car from Dallas, Texas to here, they disappeared. We don’t have it at all. That’s kind of an important thing. If you ever get a flat tire, to be able to actually take off the wheel. You’ve seen the multiple videos where we’ve painted our calipers. You don’t bring a car to Luxe Auto Spa and have it leave with
normal boring calipers. We’re kind of thinking,
see if we can match the paint, possibly, from the roadster. – [Lincoln] Oh, that would be so cool. – And make those calipers blue. But when you can’t take
off the actual wheels, it’s kind of hard to paint
everything and do it. – Wait is that like
every one of the wheels? – [Daniel] Everyone of them is locked. – Wow. – I’ve got about five more lug key kits. These have like twenty lug
keys in them apiece coming. – Really?
– Hopefully one of those has got it in it. We’ve tried a bunch of others. If it doesn’t, we’re just
gonna have to drill ’em out. So we’ll get ’em off. At some point in time we’ve gotta change the wheels and tire. We gotta change the tires
anyway so we gotta get ’em off. – [Daniel] So what do you do? Take a drill and like drill a hole and then just pull the thing out? – Yeah, you pretty much
gotta drill the center out. It’s not a pretty process. – [Daniel] Where are
you getting keys from? – All over the internet. We’ve literally searched
the internet far and wide to try and find this key. We usually don’t have this
kind of issue but this is, there’s not many of these. So we’ll see what happens. Hopefully we can find it. – I had no idea that he was searching the internet to find this. Now I feel really bad. That’s a lot of work. Wow, that’s a nice
looking car right there. I like that color. This is gonna be fun. The sound system is gonna be
better than any sound system in any Telsa Roadster in the entire world. Ah, I love that car. It’s almost winter. But where we live, even in the winter, we can drive this car, so I can’t wait to take my daughter to school and embarrass her a ton by blasting music as I
drive in with this car. Let us know what you guys
think about this car. Are we making the right
decision by putting a subwoofer in the back there? More to come soon. I can’t wait to get this thing finished and get it on the road. Thanks, Cougar.
– Yeah of course, man. – Oh and one last thing, see
these mirrors right here? Before, if you remember, they were black. And I think we’re gonna keep ’em blue because they look really good. What do you think, Lincoln? – Yeah.
– Blue? – Yeah, they look a lot better blue.


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"can't wait to take my daughter to school and embarrass her with tons of blasting music"

Typical dad that embarrasses their children, like my dad

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