Testimonial Werner de Jager. First Livestock Online Bidder

My name is Werner De Jager. I am an attorney. I farm about nine kilometers
from Kenton-on-Sea, on the Salem Kenton-on-Sea road. I farm with beefmaster cattle. I’ve been farming, on that specific farm, since about 2000, so about 18 years. Look, I don’t spend enough time there. I rely heavily on experts to assist me. The experts that are very good to me are Mark Ford, he’s assisting me a lot. So he’s, to the, Stretton Justin Strettois helping me, but my main go to man for expertise is Johan du Preez, he’s with Hobson & Co. He selected the specific bull that I bought from Justin Stretton. So yes, I rely heavily on
assistance from experts. I saw an ad on my
telephone, and so I went, I downloaded that, and then
on the day of the auction, the selection was done
by du Preez and Justin. I was happy with their
selection, they chose two, so I was bidding on another bull as well, up to about 65, and then…yeah and then after the selection, I just followed the App. It was really convenient. If I had to criticize positively, I would say the following, I would say the lighting on this specific auction wasn’t good. I don’t think one could
completely replace the inspection, the selection. So they are just reliant on experts, and I was happy with what
Johan and Justin put together. But I don’t think you could replace that, but as far as the bidding
itself is concerned it’s fantastic. I would hae traveled
three and a half hours to the farm from Kenton and three and a half back so I sat and worked for seven hours, spent half an hour on the app, bought a bull, carried on with my work. So, it was fantastic. Also, I enjoyed sitting
calmly in my office. Taking the decision, what to do next and how far I wanted to go, so it was a very convenient exercise. And I will do it, probably, again. Without a doubt, I was saying to Mark, and I don’t know, unfortunately, I couldn’t follow
Mark’s auction, Mark Ford. But if you get the lighting
right, get in a bit closer, you certainly get that atmosphere, just by watching what’s happening. So yeah, I would recommend it, and, as I say, I would do it again. Certainly, you are
broadening access to auctions for guys like me. It’s not easy for me to
take of time from work, this is my main income and, I could have lost my practice, so for me… and people similar to me, I think this is fantastic
way to access auctions.

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