The 3 Most Powerful Sales Questions Ever

Hey, this is Ago. Welcome to another episode
of And today, I want to walk you through the three only questions you’ll
ever need to ask to have a successful first sales meeting. Now, I know maybe you’re sitting
there thinking to yourself, “That sounds a little incredible. That sounds a little unbelievable
perhaps even.” And, trust me, when I first heard about these three questions, I felt
the exact same way. I thought, “How can three simple questions virtually guarantee a successful
first sales meeting?” Until I started putting them into practice. Until I started experimenting
with them and honing them. And, today, I use these three questions, no exceptions, in every
single first sales call or meeting that I have with a prospect. So, here we go. The first question that you want to ask is,
“Where to you want to be or where do you want to go?” Now, my favorite way of asking that
question, and you can ask it a hundred different times or different ways. But, my favorite
way of asking that question is something like, “So, let’s imagine you and I were having this
conversation 12 months from now. And let’s imagine that I asked you, “So, what’s really
changed in the past year? What’s improved? What’s different?” What would you answer?””
That’s a great, great, great first question to ask. Really gets your prospect thinking
about what it is that they want. How has your business evolved? How has your career evolved?
How has your revenue changed? What other aspects or elements of your business have transformed
or changed or improved? That’s a great first question to ask. Where do you want to be or
what do you want to have in the next 12 months? Let’s say. The second great question to ask is, “Alright,
so, now that we understand where you want to go or where you want to be. Let’s talk
a little bit about where you are now. Where are you now? What’s going well? What’s going
not so well? And especially compared to where you want to go, where are you now? What kind
of things do you have?” This really helps your prospect clarify how where they are today
is different from where they want to be. In other words, it’s a great way of establishing
momentum and a sense of urgency to see that where they want to be and where they are now
are not, obviously, the same place. And the third question I love asking is, “Alright.
So now that we know where you want to go or be, now that we know where you are now, what’s
holding you back? Why aren’t you there yet? What are the things that are lacking or the
things that you need to have or perhaps the things that are there but are holding you
back from getting there?” Now, I promise if you ask these three questions you’re going
to get a very, very detailed and complete picture of what your prospect is looking for,
where they are, and also, obviously, how you may be able to help them now. I say may be
because, in some cases, we can’t help them. And you know what? That’s great. Just be honest
about it. Be straight-forward. Be transparent about it. Tell them, “You know, I don’t think
I’ll be able to help you.” But, maybe refer them to somebody else. But here’s the thing,
if you can help them, you’re going to have so much insight and such a deep understanding
of their situation that whatever comes after. Whether it’s a proposal or whether it’s an
idea or whether it’s just another meeting where you’ll talk about a potential approach,
it’s going to be based on their situation. It’s going to be based on fact. And it’s going
to be based on reality. So, there you go, three simple questions to
ask that will virtually guarantee a great first sales meeting. Where you want to be
or go? Where are you now? And what’s holding you back? If you like these tips, if you like these
practical, tangible strategies, then sign up for my YouTube channel. I’ll put a button
up here. And I hope to see you on the next video. Thank you. Bye.


Philip – glad to hear you liked the "three questions". Do me a favor: let me know which results you've been getting using them. Would be very interested to see if they're as powerful for you as they were for me.

Great and simple post.
A variation of Q#3 when I meet a prospect for the first time is "Why now ?". It usually leads to greater insights from the meeting.


Absolutely – that's a great question to ask. I also like asking something along the lines of "so what if you did nothing ?"

Thanks for sharing,

Thank you Ago, I really enjoyed this video and the more direct and honest approach to selling. Here are my initial Questions to a new prospect on the phone or in Person Meeting.
1. Mr. Prospect why am I here ?
2. What are we trying to accomplish during this meeting?
3. What do you need from me inorder to do business today (or Not).
I believe in a very direct,aggressive and honest form of selling inorder to cut to the chase or fire the prospect. Thanks Again. Claude Diamond-author of G.U.T.S.


Thanks for this – (variations on) #1 and 2 are great questions to ask, to gain clarity on the purpose of the meeting and qualify the opportunity for both sides.

Not sure if I'd use #3 myself, most sales I am involved in require a longer sales cycle with several stakeholders involved. But if it works for you …

Great insight…however, I am not sure about #3 (feels negative), if I ask those first two questions . I would rather ask: ''How do you want to get there?"
This, I believe, would provide more ground to explore. Apart of getting to know their pain in a nutshell at first and then use more difficult questions and assumptions to help them explore the dark side of their moon! 🙁
….you also allow prospects to use their creative side, to share their thoughts and plans for business development. Prospect would be able, to deeper explore their needs and acknowledge them!  🙂

So, I am selling DirecTV in stores. What do you think of these variations? 
1. How has your time with Comcast (provider) improved over the last 6 years (time frame)?
2. Where would you like to be, take advantage of, or wish to have with Comcast?
3. What's holding you back from taking advantage of these things or switching providers entirely?

I have this feeling that some day you and I will meet. And I will be taking you out to dinner or a ball game and thanking you for all of your insight and wisdom. Thank you!

great content sir, but please ask someone to review your videos before uploading, half of the have a high-pitched ringing/buzzing sound that drives me nuts and makes it hard to watch. It's really high-pitched, it may be hard to hear. If you can re-upload without the buzz I will re-watch everything!

Ha Ha – Thanks Ago, we call these current  and future state questions – check out our questions on our channel

Hi Ago. It's Peter Beckenham and I just wanted to congratulate you on sharing these 3 simple but extremely powerful questions. After 36 years in sales, I must tell you that your 4-minute video contained more value than many of the sales training that is being offered right now

Some prospects just don't like to share those information to a complete stranger, you said that these questions are intended for a first call or meeting. If I'm selling a toilet paper to the company, does it really matter where do they see them selves in 12 months?

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