Good afternoon guys from San Luis,
Arizona. And we are back! I’m saying we’re back because we’re going to be
adventuring again! And we have not been doing enough adventure! There is a big
problem there! I’m pumped! We’re heading to Baja for a month and
we’re gonna really do Baja right this time! Since we have the 4×4 expedition
vehicle but we’re going to share remote over landing destinations, RV resorts,
random campsites and just so much awesomeness and culture! I’m pumped! I’m so pumped that we got like 20 or 30 new songs off of epidemics and I’ve
been just itching to use them so bad! So here’s what you need to do… You need to
get the earbuds out, turn down the hearing aids if you have them, crank up the volume, because we’re blowing the dust off those speakers! Okay! Sunglasses off, hat off, I know the hat is probably gonna be a little scarier than the alternative….
Passports…. Passports… Go around here in a secondary….Registration…Is this a house?…Motorhome… Alright guys!….
Viva la meheeco…. It’s about to get really fun on the channel! Okay…. Couple of housekeeping items! Number 1: if you hadn’t noticed, Benjamin is quite happy to be in Mexico!
I don’t know coming through on the film… So I just thought I’d let you know!
Because yeah! He’s over here about ready to…Like light off or something! He’s so happy so….
Anyway, I know that everybody always… Is curious about the logistics of coming
down here. So let’s talk a little bit about: “Auto insurance.” Historically, we’ve
gone with companies like Seguros or, Baja bound. This time, I was a little shocked by their prices. And so I
kept doing some research and found that Triple-A offers insurance as well! and so I got a quote from them it was
considerably cheaper. Again, still a little shell-shocked but… We forget that
Denny’s worth about four times about Nellie was… And so in the interest of
full disclosure and transparency, I will let you know that for a 31-day policy, we
paid $950. We put $100,000 value on
Denny. So that gives you a rough idea! Now,,,, We’re only staying for the month. Had we bought for six months it would have only been $1,100 so that’s clearly a
better deal! Just didn’t seem to be valuable to pay the extra 200 bucks when
we know that we’re only going to be here for a month. Because we are gonna go home to Alaska….. We can also renew…. Yes we can! So…Uhhmmm… Anyway…
Ahhhh…. This time we took the San Luis port of
entry.And when you do that, you come in actually on the Sonora side…. Oh and
that’s another point with this insurance that we purchased! It is good for Baja
and Sonora only! If you go anywhere else, you have to buy a different plan! Anywhere else in
mexico….Ahhh… When you come in on the San Luis side you come in through Sonora and then take a little…..Ahhh… Toll road that brings you over to the two and you head down San Felipe…. We’re about 50 kilometers out of San
Felipe and there is a permanent military checkpoint here on your way into the
area! Alright! And that was easy, good guys!
Just young men on their job !….We have reached the edge of the San Felipe area
and oh my goodness! What a surprise when we got here! Look at all of these purple
flowers, the ocotillo are starting to bloom…..
Seriously…. Like we have never seen the purple flowers like this in all the
times we’ve been down here! It’s gorgeous! They must have got a lot of rain this
winter for the whole place to be carpeted… This is gonna be awesome!….. Oh! Look and yellow now….So pretty! Oh and this is a different kind of purple
flower! Look at the middle now! Wow!… We’re here!… It feels good to be in San Felipe!…It almost has a feeling of coming home because we’ve been here many times! Exactly! We have been here a lot! So much so that I now hit all these stop signs here…And I think I’ve ran a couple in
the past because of all the “Stop sign, 100 feet…. “Stop sign!” ….If you’re interested in knowing,
diesel is 20 pesos per litre right now! Which is about $4 a gallon. We’re noticing a lot of new growth. Even
on through Mexicali. Like just places where restaurants weren’t open. They’re
like six or seven open on the drive down. And now there’s like sushi in like five
or seven new restaurant signs here in San Felipe!…… Victor’s RV park! Let’s see what changes they’ve made
since we were here last time! Every time we come they have new things and…New improvements…And… It gets better every time….. At least we don’t have to worry about the edges anymore! Denny’s much shorter than Nellie…Oh yeah!…
We’re here!…. We made it!… Okay. We’re all settled in here at Victor’s RV park!
We’ve got oceanfront camping, an incredible sunset happening and we’re
looking forward to relaxing evening! Be sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button if you
want to join us as we head South on the Baja over the next month. And we’ll see
you tomorrow!


So … now three of my favourite Youtuber's are in the Baja … The Motorhome Experiment and Vegan RV. I've been getting all kinds of culture now. Looking forward to following along with you as well. 🙂

How exciting! I was trying to find the cost of staying there in your RV all I could find was the price for a room. Would you mind giving us that cost?

I drove to SF after your vids last year. Elderado ranch was exactly like your vid. Bill gave me a weeks pass while I viewed property's. I loved all the senior activities.
I'm excited to follow your month, and have inspiration to enjoy more of Baja.
Love you two !

Great video . Don't go on the 5 . If you need info on the 5 Contact Paul & Lorena from The Motor Home Experiment . They went on the 5 & they experiemced horendous road conditions in their Class A Motor Home . Have fun camping on the ocean in San Felipe .

The US State dept recently issued a Level 2 travel advisory for all the Baja peninsular."

Exercise increased caution in Mexico due to crime. Some areas have increased risk. Read the entire Travel Advisory

Violent crime, such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery, is widespread '

I used to be a world traveler now I stay home. I’ve been to Mexico and I hated it. Maybe San Felipe is better than the border towns but my experience was horrible, all the catcalls from the locals and they were not nice. For the first time in my life with all the countries I have been to , I felt very threatened and scared and I had my husband on one side of me and his friend on the other so I was well protected. Maybe it was an isolated incident but it really soured my perception of the country.

hey ben & becca, gr8 to see made it bk to san felipe , baja .. enjoyed ur vlog, we have a place in san felipe and consider our home, planning on retiring there in about 12 months. we've been traveling and calling it home for almost 18yrs now … its a gr8 place. just want to share some info about insurance , it is something u differently need but according to the visa office and others we have always been told that if you get insurance without having or getting a tourust visa , ur policy may not be valid, or u leave it up to the insurance company whether to pay a claim, something i dont think they tell you .. since as we all know , without it we are pretty much illegal aliens in baja… Something probably worth chking into, but the visas are only $30 for 6mths and worth having, especially if your traveling to So. baja, where it is required.. wish we were down there , to meet you guys and invite you guys by our place , maybe next time .. enjoy beautiful baja !!! we are jealous!!! lol

Love your spot and the Music. Eamon & Bec are travelling the Baja…..perhaps you will meet up.

Hello again! I commented on another video about a month ago and said we are heading to Baja soon and that I was just starting our channel. Well…..we are here too now! We just crossed the border and are heading the San Felipe. We might have missed y'all but maybe we can still cross paths at some point. We plan on being here for two months so we will be moving really slow. So excited to be here and among fellow YouTube travelers! And for us 6 months of the insurance with AAA was cheaper than two months so we did 6:)

Have you seen the movie "The Long, Long Trailer" starring Ricky and Lucy? Also has Floyd the barber and Ma Kettle.

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