The C7 Corvette is a Bargain Ferrari Killer | 2014 Chevrolet Corvette [4K]

The C7 corvette is the coolest car that America
makes right now. FIght me. Now, in order to appreciate the most recent
‘vette, you’ve got to understand where it came from. [Now, I’ll leave the first 3 iterations
for later, but] I would argue that definitely since the fourth generation, known internally
as the C4, Chevrolet has over promised on the performance of their vehicles. Chevy produced these cars at a price point
which made them accessible to the general public, which in its own right speaks volumes
about what Chevrolet wanted to do with their sports car, and for the fans of the car. But, there is no doubt that Chevrolet volunteered
their baby as “America’s Sports Car”, and when you look on a global scale, things
start to fall apart. Disregarding the price, the Corvette faced
steep competition from around the globe. Starting with the C4, Chevrolet made the first
complete redesign of the Corvette since its inception, and in doing so, they accomplished
quite a task. They pumped out one of the fastest cars ever,
certainly the fastest from the States. A less-than-seven second 0-60 time made this
America’s contribution to the ongoing global sports car battle. And, in a straight line, we had something,
save for perhaps the same year Porsche 911. Both cars were capable of sub-seven 0-60’s. But take a these two on a curvy technical
road, and even the new transverse fiberglass mono-leaf spring suspension system
can’t keep up with Porsche’s years of racing history. Skip ahead to the C5 and we see more advancement
from Chevy. And all-new LS1 makes a healthy 345hp, minimum. The new generation brought all around improvements,
but again, other countries made the Corvette sweat. By ‘97, the first year the C5 was available,
the bar for a quick car had been considerably raised. The we Corvette no longer held a spot on the
top 10 list, and even had its National number one taken by the Dodge Viper. The story is the same; the Corvette does well,
but gets shot down by other options. The sixth generation sees some high end trim
levels that do begin to compete heavily, most notably the ZR1, which absolutely held its
own against race-spec’d cars from around the globe, but this required you to purchase
the most expensive Corvette available, then priced at $120,000. But now, you don’t need six figures to hang
with the best, not even close. The C7 Corvette, the latest generation which
debuted in 2014, finally matches its bark to Chevy’s bite. I think, in this generation, America finally
has a dog in the fight. To be sure, this car still ticks all the Corvette
boxes. Up front is the fifth generation of the LS
motor, the LT1. It’s 6.2L, and in this base model the naturally
aspirated V8 pumps out 460 HP, with 465 ft-lbs of torque to match. *talk about how the torque feels* *do a 0-60
type bit* It’s smart too. The limited slip differential, and double-wishbone
suspension keep the car light on its toes. *talk about the
drive modes, and how it feel. Try to take some corners.* All this to say that the Corvette is very
exciting to drive. And an even match for sports cars from across
the pond. And this is simply the base model. Want to take a step up the ladder? Take a spin in the Z06 version, which adds
a supercharger, advanced magnetic suspension, and some fancy carbon fiber, and you have
yourself a bonafide track monster. But not only is the C7 a contender in the
performance ring, it’s also one of the best looking cars made right now. A bold statement, I know, especially considering
the C7’s break from its design past. Gone are the round taillights of days passed. There are more hard lines on this car than
any before, and every single one is dramatic. Every angle *blah blah talk about it
from the heart you fuck* So, America has produced a world class sports
car, there is no doubt. But what I find so impressive, is that they
managed to do so while holding onto one of the most attractive aspects of every Corvette
produced, back to the first. Just about anyone can own one. The corvette continues to be a blue-collar
hero. In 2014, this base model cost 52 grand new,
and three years later, you can pick one up in good condition for under 40. Even the top of the line ‘vette, the Z06
with some fancy bits and pieces, can be priced at or under 100k mark. Talk about value. Finally, America is hanging with the big dogs. No exceptions, no caveats, the C7 is a force
to be reckoned with. WIth 460HP to
play with and head turning good looks, this Corvette is one of my favorite cars out right
now, and with such an approachable price, you might be looking at your next car. VROOM


you're on crack, the C5-R completely dominated the competition in the LeMans series. That car had 31 class victories, 1 overall victory at Daytona (meaning it even beat prototype cars) and they won 4 championships in a row. Get some facts before talking out of your ass next time.

Bang for your buck the Corvette has been one of the fastest cars available worldwide for decades. The C6 still holds times at the Ring that new/more expensive cars have yet to beat.

Hello. As a result of your Roadrunner review that was posted on Scotty's channel today I found your channel & subscribed. And I like your style of reviews. Keep up the good work!
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