The Elusive New McDonald’s Sweet N’ Spicy Honey BBQ Glazed Tenders


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I work at a McDonald's. And we only set certain amount of tenders for the day, as they take about 24 hours to thaw. And with the addition of the glaze, it goes by very very fast.

I would love to see you take on the Hot Ones gauntlet with Sean Evans, and hear your review on the wings as the challenge progresses.

I wish we could get a review of the McRib sandwich, but Mc Donald’s only has them every so often. IMHO the best fast food sandwiches are the McRib and the old burger kind angus burger.

While watching Review eat I came to the conclusion that he either really really liked them or extremely hungry. . .in the imortal words of the Three Stooges. . . "Success Success Success"

I tried these yesterday, my mother would order them frequently and always tried to get me to try them, but I didn't know what they were or what the sauce was, but yesterday I noticed she ordered some, and I asked to finally try one. They were fantastic, they were so good, I took the remaining money in my pocket and bought my own box. These delicious little devils are my new comfort food. I got meme'd, I got lost in the sauce. I wish I tried them sooner.

I live in a small town with 1 McDonalds. I rarely eat fast food but these tendies looked so good I had to try them. They didn't have the tendies …


These tenders are huge! Wish I would have seen this video before buying a 6 piece. Thankfully I didn't buy the 9 piece…I was eying it. Thought these tenders were bite size.

Extremely poor presentation. McDonald's corporate Would Not be happy. I would recommend a bed of lettuce in the bottom of the box and toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on top.

Pleasantly surprises how good these are. The sauce can be too much for some but you call pat some of it off with a napkin if it bothers you that much, not an issue for me. Solid 9/10 as fast as McDonald's food goes.

I've never had a problem getting them at my local Mcdonald's. I've gotten them 7 or 8 times already and they're fantastic as long as theyre not overloaded with sauce. If the amount of sauce is moderate and not excessive they're great.

yeah I don't see any advertisements for these .. maybe it's because they run out fast and they don't wanna get too many people hyped up about them only to not be able to buy them

Oh my god, your sacrificing yourself just to entertain us you are the most amazing youtuber god bless I loved the vid

“A race against time.” Lol

I will say these chicken tenders with the BBQ sauce are excellent. One of their best products ever.

The McDonald’s I worked at last year had them and still has them, they were scarcely ordered. I think for the 3 months I worked there we only had 2 people order them. I tried some samples my manager made one time, they were decent.

I half expect to run into you in Tampa at men’s warehouse shopping for the next dapper fit of the day

he woke up thinking he would find those tenders easily but had no idea he was in for a long adventure. the exhaustion on your face says it all

These were very tasty, but they went through me like a brick of compacted hair.
I haven't had McDonald's food since then unless you count that new, underwhelming mcflurry.

This guy is a living legend. 36 McDonald's that is very very impressive. He looks like he traveled half across the country.

I had these and loved them. Everytime i went to get them they were always sold out. The sauce is awesome I thought.

My batch was mushy and way too salty. Could not taste any spiceyness or sweetness. One of the worst. Could not eat more than 2 pieces, it was just disgusting.

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