The Fiscal Cliff and Obama’s Grand Bargain (Part 1)

now everybody’s going nuts about the
fiscal clip all wiped out with so that i was a little more producer did
some research on this about that uh… who created the words fiscal clint
because that didn’t exist before it was also memories are talking about transat better data that september or
risk of work the make sure that you know raises taxes so uh… here we are and of course both
sides i suppose to create that term nambiar doubles at nearly riversdale at
what we know that you’re with us for success it’s made out to see a political
operative what’s right and i think about that the way that is positive difficult
they’re going off of it and i think one must do something you must make sure
that we do not increase taxes this is that this will clear the way
they’ve written a budget i would argue says that there’s going to be five
hundred billion dollars out of the budget next year unless they’ve fixed up right now don’t look at your freight i know there’s a new pics i want balance
the budget yet the way i would balance the budget is by raising taxes include everybody by
the way right so i have a problem with that i would
prefer a matte as not a fiscal clip but i want your fix on in terms of what
evidence is coming let me tell you who’s not by the defense is going to revert
level that what they’re saying is that it doesn’t come their their consequences
to be anoka the budget fakes is if we do a lot of the do-nothing ko mail but i
but that’s true i was in it well not entirely but yes our balance of
three so please always all the frame and and that’s one of the republicans
friend about where wall street people dot that it’s over that way but of course the democrats play-along
so and that’s why the media goes well both sides agree so it must be a fiscal
clip so now juga came out yesterday and said of hell no aware and i work with uh…
hopeful bomb a on taxes as we should be on the show ah… last
night he dropped all then solar still the tax increase for the
rich non-negotiable and and the essentially mitch mcconnell said the bb the basically powerless metropole that’s right and so-called president
while my failure etcetera family has moved up the definition yet
when he was was a big of a lot of seats in the senate you losses in the senate that would be a failure mitch and that’s
your leadership in the senate for the republicans so president obama going to be given
speech today on the first group and is he going to play along with a
framing or if he had to draw a line in the sense that we have a lot about one
oh seven out the guy who won the election well got mixed back today uh… so first uh… he said hellis remember who’d like to vote for and i just want to point out this was a
central question during the election it was debated over and over again and on tuesday night we found out that the majority of
americans agree with my approach and that includes democrats independents
and a lot of republicans across the country
as well as independent economists and budget
experts that’s how you reduce the deficit with a balanced approach so our job now is to get a majority in
congress to reflect the will of the american people on tuesday they said loud and clear that they won’t tolerate dysfunction they want tolerate politicians who’ve
you compromise as a dirty word attended lover for them in my second
tour and i expect to find one partners in both parties to make that happen nasa in my view of the things that’s mixed news but let’s start with a really
good news for studies so he says very clearly i got elected and i’ve said it will raise taxes on the
on the rich arguing over two hundred thousand dollars and ask the will the people i’m glad that he affirmatively stated
that uh… it was nice a strong and
afterwards news came out that he would veto any plan that does not re state the rates that we had under
clinton get rid of the bush tax cuts for the
rich and let’s not sweep this under the carpet i mean this is exactly this is a gift to the liberals this is a
gift to the union’s this is exactly what they needed to hear you know there’s no
no way to even look skeptically ethnic that is a good did exactly that was
exactly what this does the skeptical of his that it he’s coming out strong and
saying look by uh… i got elected obama have you know what i want the province but for a long time and
liked what he thinks the white house has approached this like he’s invited so
that’s what i want that works so we set so i was so the positive italian some possible accepted if if he
sees that i was initially the cigarette break i thought this some chance egos awaited
new tax reform and what it’s all subjects but looks a
lot less likely after today while a lot less light because he could not set tax reform are we took
away some exemptions and deductions so if you are looking for the red please
why do you walk down where the burden will be in where the birdman won’t be in the immediate over except that
standards with the solar system callers now and uh… the party like in that was
because the pros and you know and we’re going to compromise and we got elected
for companies that doesn’t confine things and you should
compromise is not the obvious in every one of the bounce approach but one side is saying even though
they’d just lost worse so our position and out of sight and saying we’re
sticking to our position so that eventually you can have compromise but
this i say already compromise so when somebody says of a rehab when other guys
as i’ve moved image that’s where the actual government is going to be it’s
going to be even further towards the republicans so except it support negotiation stance or palm oil while one but it wasn’t what i was most concerned
about here’s what i’m most concerned about or because ur i’m not wedded to every detail of my
plan i’m open a couple months i’m open to new ideas uncommitted to solving our fiscal challenges i refuse to accept any approach that
isn’t balanced i’m not going to ask students and
seniors and middle-class families to pay down the entire deficit while
people like me making over two hundred fifty thousand dollars are asked to pay
a dime more in taxes so the parts i did not like him number one my whole agendas open for negotiation no but you just want over one and a
treaty at can you drop some lines in the sand can you say hey you know what i got elected for this and this is a my
whole woods and the recoveries doy opening identified our heart what it is
is that i’m not wedded to every single thing in the year we’re not a nurse said that’s not come
by tonight might not have severely hires the young man i mean it’s a list of ten
things that i’m not you know and i’ve been out six and eight or over
conducted a part to what i did like the cake on wall descent into the cato institute
in balance and i’m not gonna let you take just receive
citizens that but what he actually said was i’m not going to put you fell sick be
tiger budget on the backs of senior citizens the for the middle class in other words and there are a few bells use of the budget on their backs and that’s not to say inference that i’m
reading into it arrives i need to know us the senate over and over again his
proposal is four trillion in impulse overall three dollars for every one
dollar comes from spending cuts seventy five percent come from spending
cuts analytic workup in suppose that tax increases okay now even the great debate he gets up twenty
five-cent tax increase which i don’t believe ’cause that the devil’s in the big tax
right the seventy five y which is what and by the way the first go collected at
some point i don’t like the increased use of the circle of
because what the school challenges legally agrees completely lock stock and
barrel with their framing which is nonsense but right now the night so what does that work we have one point two trillion dollars in custom but have the discovered from defense which i don’t want a dollar defense
which is below it is inefficient his wasteful oftentimes fraudulent defense contract workers so
it so instead when they do the new spending cuts is
thirty th almost three times as much as spending cuts and almost none of it as they come from
defense well that’s six times worse for us and saw what you’re asking about that’s thanked his sasser that’s right
job skepticism well i i i would say that i’d been
looking more into this because generally i would agree with you that make it
looks like if we simply don’t do anything it it it benefits us but we do have to look at the possible facts
and so we do want the budget to be balanced
that’s one of jected but there are other objectives like continued economic
growth and but we can’t just take c_b_o_ analysis when it favors us with the
against us we also have to trust them to be intellectually honest in with they came out with data today that
that part of its good parts bad they said that look if you’re going to let
any parts of the six fire part is going to hurt the economy leases letting the uh… the tax reductions for the the
milk the most wealthy people but you cannot that expired it will hurt the
economy much which is good for us but they’re also saying that if you have
other parts of expire could mean possibly hundreds of thousands or
millions of jobs and so we do have to weigh that against her desire to balance
the budget quickly issue so that’s where i disagree with economist
you can feel free to ignore my views on that disease he looked at your
opinion but your guys who crunching numbers itself so obvious fair honest as i can about that article believed that packs cuts stimulate the economy and in fact they will tell you the spending at actually service economy style more
overspending also has always has historically in modern history and and middle
american history early american official municipal not done in an american radio anything when you look at that did you
see that incredible you rationality even if you don’t agree with me and you
think the middle-class tax to stimulate the economy everybody agrees based on those numbers the spending certainly support so why
would we do three times as much spending cuts hurt the economy three times as
much as tax increases that makes no sense
media budget block i wouldn’t do tax cuts for anybody but
on the minority ellam nalla obviously luzon that democrats and republicans
overwhelmingly to middle class tax cuts but business spending cuts especially
the medicare and medicaid on necessary counterproductive innkeeper aggressive anti american
because the american people overwhelmingly over seventy percent say
do not put those programs in the middle school about uh… and
you’re writing a book one of the students is that most of its kind of on
the back of these people i’d we don’t know what it’s going to look like now and and actually i i’ve said this
and said this earlier today in a few words on i don’t think i think they’re
gonna kick the ball down the road to march i don’t think he’s going to work
this would belinda congress and i think that it’s it’s his intention to do something cities that that pushes
this down between now since he did today that uh… that he’s going to keeping
tax for the remainder get rid of the fact that for the wealthy one thing that
really disappointed me about the president today said it into a press
conference uh… the winning president always does
a press conference uh… comes back to the white house it’s a press conference
at the place for him to answer directly the questions that were asking hearing
uh… and that was a disappointment to me that means spotlight so to be two things about that


I am talking to people. And when I am in a debate with American Conservatives, we usually get to the point where they lay down their Fox Newsish-propaganda-talking points ("tax cuts for the rich create jobs", and such bullcrap) – and pretty soon thereafter, the debate abruptly ends, as they refuse to listen to the facts proving how their propaganda has ZERO do do with reality. If you are a Conservative, yet dare to still have your own, well-considered opinion, you are about as rare as a Unicorn.

When you say "take some of that money," it means borrowing more. Why raise taxes and damage the economy? Just borrow the money for your jobs program; you'll have to anyway. Also, revenue went UP after the Bush tax cuts. They didn't add a single penny to the debt, on the contrary. As for defense, it's only 19% of the budget. Good luck paying off our $16 trillion debt playing around with that!

Let's talk about tax cuts for the rich. Did you know revenue went up every single year after the Bush tax cuts were put into place? From '03-'07, revenue went up 44%. When you leave more money in the right places in the real economy, it results in growth. So if the tax cuts are done in a smart way, as the second set of Bush tax cuts were, you take a slightly smaller piece out of a much bigger pie.

Could you imagine how this world would be if Democrats weren't pussies? That would just be great! I can dream. Will never happen though. I don't believe this. They've been pussies up until now. I see no change in sight.

i think cenk is being a little too negative in his interpretation, obama can't go out saying YO republicans i'm the president do what i say.

i think you need to analyze the bullshit you're saying.. if anyone, romney should be arrested. all he wanted to do was send even more troops to iraq. President Obama tried to pull the troops out and got heavily criticized by the republicans for doing so. mitt romney is a crook and has been using every loophole imaginable to evade taxes. He has even done his investing through foreign companies like bain to avoid taxes. Read up on an argument before saying stupid shit like that.

Rich people need to pay more taxes than they do now. It's not fair that they pay less than middle class Americans. Studies show they are not job creators. If they were, then while they have enjoyed Bush tax cuts where are the jobs?

It's because you aren't thinking for yourself. Thanks for confirming that you can't answer a simple question. How are taxes taken? Byu force. Wo'nt be reading any more of your idiocy. Stop advocating theft from your fellow human beings, that's why Europe and America is in such a mess, stealing from from each other and the unborn via National debt.

You lose, good day sir.

President Bush cut income taxes across the board for all Americans. Now that our economy is still down, this is the time to let those tax cuts expire. Letting them expire will put that money, the money that taxpayers otherwise would keep, into government hands. The government can then pay government workers to spend that money on what the government thinks the money should be spent on. This will take spending choices out of the hands of Americans, thereby helping our economy grow.

Let the Bush tax cuts expire. Than present a bill in January to lower taxes for people making 250k or less, and watch the Republics oppose it.

…"of course the Democrats (and Republitards) play along…"

Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are the problem. In one way he is right…the cliff is near…he just doesn't see that he is the reason for the "cliff". We will drop off of it if he stays in power…that's where he lies. We cannot sustain the devaluation of the dollar that will result quickly with QE3+. What the Fed (and the congress in allowing the Fed to exist) has done over the past years is treason.

Screw all of you statists (including the Young Turks…who I often agree with) that have/will allow this to happen.

I hope that "the Young Turks" survives the upcoming chaos…you all do some crazy good reporting (compared to the schtick main-stream).

Why would you want to lower taxes with such a huge budget deficit? Only 18% of the Bush tax cuts went to the rich, so to only let that portion of the tax cuts expire, will lower tax revenue too much, contributing to our already huge deficit. That would be irresponsible. We should move back to where the tax rates were when Clinton was President, when everything was doing so good.

Michael plays Devil's Advocate every godam day. It's refreshing to see it once a month. Not when its the only thing that comes out of your mouth. I've been watching this show since 2008, cant stand Michael. Period.

Alan Grayson is right to say this fiscal cliff is artificial so Washington can rape the American people of their benefits/services.

The president has to set the tone of working together, especially in this highly charged political time after a hotly tested campaign. The country is divided right now, and folks are still wounded over their losses, but still, Americans we remain, and Obama has to govern everyone's concerns not just those who voted for him. It must be about compromise at this time. Republicans are not our enemies they are our brethren who we strongly disagree with.

Balancing the budget is far more important than foolish talk about fiscal cliffs and lines in the sand. In fact, if the the POTUS and Senate can't balance the budget and set us on a sustainable path to paying down our debt, then the entire body of them should be impeached.

"MY" idiocy? Your quote: "How are taxes taken? By force."

Obviously, there are different social concepts upon which societies are built imaginable. They might not have had taxes in the Stone Age. And we might not "need" taxes any more in a distant future. But right now, they are an important part of how things are run.

When you drive your car – do you get a choice not to stop at red traffic lights? No you DON´T! You are arguing at kindergarten level – and call ME the idiot for pointing it out.

So riddle me this the billionaire "job creators" can't afford to pay higher taxes without laying people off but they can afford to lose hundreds of millions to Carl Rove and the republican political supplicants?

That´s so true! Those, who CAUSED the financial crisis in the first place – the BANKS, basically pay ZERO taxes for the insanely profitably, yet at the same time incredibly risky profession as gamblers. That is one of the most outrageous injustices in our western civilizations: That gamblers in banks, who NEVER EVER CREATED ONE USEFUL THING, like a car, or a piece of bread, or a computer – can bring down entire INDUSTRIES with thousands of employees who, other than they – provide us with GOODS!

Yes, and we shall see if we fall back into a recession. Pretty much the voters voted for us to go into recession, so they will get what they deserve. I voted for a recovery, but I will get what we all will get, as we are all in this boat together. But of course some of us know how to swim better than others.

he always supports obama regardless of the situation. he's a democrat not a principled progressive/liberal. I've noticed they've never had michael on to talk about the NDAA and legislation like that. I assume he would still defend the president even when he's dead wrong. it really frustrates me, which is why i felt the need at the moment to leave that comment

The American people shouldn't be responsible for their governments misdoings, why should we right the wrongs of investment bankers and politicians? The tax bracket is way too low, and they should be taxing MNCs not the middle class and upper middle class. A solution? Legalize weed, regulate it, and enjoy the near billion dollars of profit.

There is a blog over at blogspot called "greyscaleadventures". It's provided some really good analysis on the Bush/Obama deficit problem.

It's not set in stone that being rich equates to creating jobs. Incentivise job creation for those who are actually creating them, rather than split classes.

its not meant as an insult but more like a funny analogy
its the first thing that popped in my head esp after cenks bit after the election when he brought the Shaq vs Bryant video singing how does my ass taste in the end I do respect micheal a lot though we may disagree

The unemployment rate got to 4.5% under Bush, which is really as low as it gets. It got a little lower under Clinton, but he cut capital gains tax! Also, those were the dot-com boom years which wouldn't last.

Here's what I would do to reduce the deficit… I would legalize pot and allow REGULATED off shore drilling (fuck you BP)

Wow. That's like going to a car dealership and saying "I willing to pay more for this car." Is he really this bad a negotiator or is he just the Washington Generals in this Globtrotting game

you sure it is Clinton's politics that affect those rate and not any of bush's politics. It the reason why people keep calling the Bush's tax cut on that name, because no one want to be connect to that plan, and take that blame/credit. Also that plan is going to expire this year, so it do show that older's president plan do affect the upcoming president.

Make up your fucking mind. Do you want the budget balanced or more jobs? You dumbshits continue to forget that trying stimulate job growth by giving tax breaks grows our budget deficit.

One of the left's favorite games to play on RINOs is to ask, if they would accept $1 in tax hikes for something like $9 or $10 in spending cuts, to show that Republicans have some kind of unreasonable opposition to higher taxes. RINOs realize it's a trick. The tax hikes are always real, while the promised spending cuts never materialize. The train wreck dubbed the "fiscal cliff" offers a worse option. O offers the "fiscal cliff" w/ $4.75 in tax hikes for a measly $1 in spending cuts.

Its worse that that – corporations absolutely can afford to hire and grow business! They have received stimulus money that they have SAT on, while costs(jobs) have been eliminated & their cash flow/profits are sky high. They sit on a pile of money -which makes the notion of another stimulus yet again even more ludicrous!
Meanwhile the debt goes sky high & the market freaks.
O's stimulus fails as it is not used to hire & grow biz.

What happened when Kennedy did this? and when Reagan did this?
If the money saved or given in stimulus is actually reinvested, it absolutely works! When it is done with borrowing that creates more debt & the market & businesses freak & do NOT reinvest it into jobs – which generate more taxes – it fails. Thus far O's policies borrow, create more debt, & are NOT being reinvested by cash rich companies!.The worst of ALL worlds!

It's very simple, more customers with more money to spend.

You dodged my question, by the way. "Reduce the over sized government and stop squandering!" is not an answer for job growth.

It comes down to the same question Mitt Romney couldn't answer without magic math…

How do you reduce the size of government, reduce the deficit and increase job growth?

President Obama can talk all he wants about raising taxes, but he hasn’t presented any deficit reduction plans. At all. Slogans and pep rallies won’t cut it. Its time for O to actually propose something!

So far, all O has done is insist on higher taxes. He has not proposed what he thinks should be cut from the budget, or even how high taxes should be. Meanwhile, he blames Congress for taking a very clear stance on the deficit: no new taxes.

Shit or get of the pot O.

A "mandate"? LMAO! a shift of only 330,000 votes in the swing stares would have resulted in a Romney win. So much for loud & clear…

@gcytmhr yeah they aren't lying. I wasn't totally convinced at first but then I had 150 greenbacks deposited in my bank! Its dead simple just answer some polls each day. Check em out ==>

Actually Obama tried very hard to get the troops out of iraq. as soon as he did, the republicans gave him such a hard time. if you dont have the dignity to show some respect to the president of your country, why dont you move to somewhere that doesnt give you any rights? its imbecilic anarchists like you that are the real issue here.

riiight.. we just have to kick out the candidate that fairly one because his plans dont appease you. do you think mitt romney would have been better? he openly admitted to wanting to get rid of obamacare yet he had nothing to put in its place. clearly he should have one. the things you're saying are comical.

i dont deny that tyranny is happening but the numbers are very small. also, i never said any of this was funny. so dont put words in my mouth. i said your ridiculous comments were funny. undoubtedly bush made some mistakes, but hey, what president hasnt? if you dont like obama or romney then who would you have lead this country? yourself? because you absolutely have what it takes to be a leader.. lol

yeah bush made some mistakes but not what you're saying. bush sent troops into iraq to save the citizens there. men, women, and children were being killed for no reason until bush intervened. he absolutely did the right thing in that case. you should really look this up. im tired of explaining common knowledge to you.

I know about the suicide rate in the military. some of the missions that one has to carry out are quite hard but if a soldier cant accomplish his/her job, then leaving the army might be wise. there really isnt one person to blame for this. thats insane

war is pretty much a fact of life. shit happens and there is no way to prevent it. saying we are opposed to going into war will allow other countries to stomp all over our country. its more important to be prepared than to assume every problem will solve itself.

war has almost nothing to do with the "problems" in the country right now. the economic issues stem from deficit spending and taxes that could be a little higher. bush shouldnt have lowered the taxes as much as he did

The military is in saudi arabia to protect the oil. i never said sending troops to iraq was free lol. but its not as devastating as the effects of medicare/medicaid are having in the economy. Obama has been gradually bringing troops home. being at peace at home and fighting a war overseas is not serving two masters. i dont even get what thats supposed to mean. whatever.. good luck with your tyranny.. ive wasted enough time on this

Hey, guys,
I share Cenk's concern about the so-called "Grand Bargain" — I think Obama wants to do it. Every day since the election I've sent a very short email to the White House through their website. It says, "No cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security or Food Stamps! No Grand Bargain!" I suggest we get as much of the TYT army on board as possible. It's the least we can do to try to stop this disaster. Email the White House — let them know how you feel about this "Grand Bargain" BS.

When you say "before Obama expanded it", what statistic(s) are you using to judge?
Government sector jobs? Size of Military? Etc?

I'm sending you a PM with a link to an article I thought was very interesting. I'd be curious to see what you thought. The most important part of the article is every claim is backed with a link to the source of the data. If I'm missing something, I'd like for someone with a different perspective to point it out.

Thanks for your time.

Go On Baby! Pedal to the medal.. Off this cliff! The ones who will be affected the most are soulless zombie Rethuglican sheeple! Where's Thelma and Louise when you need them!

Find the answer in “Mankinder (Occupying Chairlifts)”! A guy working in the white house calls on an underachieving old college buddy, to solve the economy from it’s debt and unemployment troubles. A couple brief conversations with the reluctant skibum corrects the course of humanity’s future. A simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! Or watch the shorter “Inheriting an Abundant Earth” on youtube then sign the petition, and share it!

This is funny….Republicans still have fresh stiches in thier ass After the Election Yet they are cring the same ol spew!….Tax cuts tax cuts tax cuts !!!! stupid bitches…haaa haaaaa haaa

That was your agend….before the election!…how did that work out!…Try to have a open mind,you may learn somehting…You are half right!…Its a spending problem…and the people making over $ 250K a year need to pay a little more!…That is my agend.before and after the election…..Lets just wait and see!…Im betting on Obama to" get er done"..Have you heard this video? or are you just replying?????

hey! lady I stoped reading you comment right at "fucking"….If you think I want to hear that stuff comeing from the side that LOST the Election!…Haaaaa Haaaaa haaaa…oh! yeah! you must really know haaaaa haaaa whats up! haaaa haaaa

I disagree with you so I must be a child living in his parents basement?

Way to take the high ground. You are obviously a very mature and competent adult who is not to be questioned.

You mean substance… right? 20 years old? Not one spending cut?

Your hypocrisy and ignorance are embarrassingly typical of my republican countrymen.

Hey,..Troll on! just not to me!…advice from the side that LOST…Haaaaa haaaaa haaaa…Your agenda Lost also…..ssssssh! ssssh! zip it ssssh….shhhhh go blabber to another Republican,No one wants to hear your spew…YOU LOST fool!..

Obama will not accept any deal from the right,he wants the cuts and taxes from going over the cliff.And yes IT will blame the republicans regardless of any compromise they gave.Obama is a world class piece of shit as is most if not all democrat traitors of the Republic.They want a democratic controlled democracy where they?It retains all power to decide who has rights

Agreed. There are WAY too many people in the U.S with health issues. Making healthcare Universal in the way Obama has may very well cause it to collapse. The thing i dont get is, why didnt they allow health insurance companies to compete across state lines? That is the most retarded thing ive ever heard. It reduces competition immensely.

You want to know why? Because big insurance company want to keep health insurance at high cost. And big pharma love protectionist tariff. 100% stalling government protectionist is too much a good deal for consumer, and bad deal for pharma and insurance. Any wonder why government subsidize fructose sugar, and not subsidize healthy fruit?

The question is how they will create the public option? Solvent one or insolvent one? Medicare and medicaid is not solvent

And who provide the extra money for speculation on the first place? Bernanke monetize Bush spending on war! Not just that, Bush create subprime lending program!

The insurance companies didnt want this themselves. It makes total sense. If they had to compete with hundreds of other companies as opposed to just a few in their state, it affects their bottom line. They subsidized corn, i know that and as a result making high fructose corn syrup became supremely cheaper than making regular ol' glucose. But if the government DID subsidize fruit, they would become much cheaper. Of course fruit doesnt taste as good as HFCS-added foods.

About fruit. Well i against any kind of subsidy. But my point is, government subsidize high fructose corn syrup. Because it also indirectly subsidize health care industry. If all food are not subsidize, people would prefer healthy food. It will lower obesity, and it would reduce demand for healthcare. This is just my conspiracy theory, government subsidize high fructose corn because they want to preserve the expensive healthcare price.

I dont believe conspiracy theories. I isntead subscribe to Occam's razor. That is, the explanation with the fewest twist and the one that is simplest is probably correct. I dont know why they started to subsidice corn, but once they did the companies then paid politicians money to make sure it stayed that way as they were making a killing off of HFCS. The one good thing is that most people are aware of how bad it is and the FDA did not allow them to change the name of HFCS to "corn sugar."

Thank the info! I was watch Molyneux documentary about, how cheap is health care before government takes over with AMA,etc. Free market solve expensive cost of health care. Government solve cheap health care. /watch?v=IBFoC1gkExI

Obama is enjoying his best Christmas ever.He is in Hawaii on the tax payers expense. All he needs to do is nothing and taxes will go up on ALL Americans. He then will blame the Republicans for it. It is a win win situation for our Socialist President.Is this a great country or what?

These Young Turks are the BEST example of 1) Lack of Common Sense 2) Lack of Math and Economic skills 3) Believing in Big Government to take care of their needs . … this is 21st century America and this is the new generation ..way opposite from their forefathers who worked hard to build corporations, innovations and didnt depend on government for basic needs …

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