The journey of a Japanese Import | Cars from the Japanese Auction House

Hey guys! We finally have two new cars from Japan: an Elgrand that’s already at our detailers and this cutie right here 2012 Toyota Estima fresh from Japan. Today is gonna be great to tell you about the journey of a Japanese import right from the moment that it’s purchased at the auctions to when it’s ready for sale. Subscribe! Next it goes to the holding yard of our agent. It stays there until we decide we want to ship it. Once we’ve decided to ship it, it goes to the shipping port where it hangs around for 3 days. A bit of a setting change but it’s less windy here. So then it gets shipped off to Australia and it spends two and a half weeks floating over here. Then it arrives at Wollongong, Port Kembla, where it spends 3 to 4 days having customs and quarantine done. Subscribe! So what do they do? Well they make it legal for Australian roads by changing the tires and oils, and installing anchor points. Then a smaller tow truck delivers them to the detailers. But in this cars case it came to us, because it came here on Friday night, late Friday
night, and the detailers were already shut. So all up a cars journey takes 6 to
8 weeks. So that’s what we’ve got for you today and I really hope you’ve learned something. Subscribe, like, share, comment, ring the notification bell. And see you next time!

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