The Perfect Steak | Jamie Oliver

I’m going to show you how to make the
perfect steak. This recipe is gonna hold your hand and give you the tips and
shortcuts so you can get it right every single time. This here is the griddle pan
now in Italy they’ve got an old old method of cooking called Alma Tony, it
means under the brick. We’ve got these beautiful sort of shark tooth ridges
which are gonna give you those incredible bar marks but, also in my hand
is a thick heavy grill lid. You’ve got the cooking and the weight from both
sides and it’s gonna give you the juiciest juiciest meat. So we’re gonna cook
a beautiful sirloin steak now look lots of people get their steaks from the
supermarket and they get thin little steaks like that and it’s so hard to
control the cooking the way to fix it is to buy a double steak for two people
simply in your butchers or supermarket go to the counter and say look I want a
nice sirloin steak about an inch and a half thick that way you can get it
golden really crispy and the inside doesn’t get overcooked. So first up what
I want to do is just rub this steak with a little olive oil not much and then I’m
gonna season it quite generously with pepper all right so I’m not gonna season
it with salt I’ll do that later once I’ve sliced the meat. So we’re gonna roll
the pepper all over and look at that nice and generous.
Now this griddle pan, it’s been preheating for like four or five minutes,
it’s screaming hot turn your fan on right this lid is as hot as the bottom
so I’m going to put my steak in push it down and I’ll put the lid on top and now
we are cooking. So I’ll turn the meat after a couple of
minutes so you get that nice crisscross bar marking, and then you can cook it to
your liking medium, medium rare, rare whatever you like. Let’s have a little
look so you can see already we’ve got lovely bar marks down we go and on
with the lid again. So one of the things I love to do is sort of halfway through
the cooking you know just whip the lid off like, that get yourself some herbs a bit of rosemary a bit of time and just mop up some of that fat that’s rendered out of
the steak and just use that to sort of brush and base the steak, you’ll smell it
straightaway does it make a difference yes it does absolutely beautiful so
that’s cooked now I’m gonna take the steak and I’m just gonna let it rest
look at that sizzling away as it rests the juices go back to where they came
from that’s why you’re gonna get the juicy meat also a little bit of the
juices come out and if you just shake that with the olive oil you’re gonna get
the most amazing natural sauce. Now to go with this I’ve done what I think is
one of the best little side dishes it’s a little potato stew with mushrooms and
I start in a pan a little oil, a little garlic, a little thyme I just bring it up
to the heat and as it fries in go in the mushroom then a little finely
chopped onion and as I fry that off I’ve put in some little chunked little
nuggets of potatoes and a little chicken stock I’ve popped it in the oven for
like an hour but I’ve cooked it in this cocotte pan, and this is like a
casserole it is so beautiful it holds heat in such a wonderful way and if I
turn the heat up now I’m gonna add some creme fraiche and this is such a
sumptuous indulgent I mean look at that, too good. So, come on, the moment of truth. Let’s see what this steak is like see what this steak is like let’s move it around in the juices it’s
shining it’s gorgeous we’ll save this juices
don’t waste that. So get yourself a nice carving knife and let’s do lovely thin
slices so it’s blushing, and it’s gnarly and crisp on the outside, so juicy
and look at that and now you take a pinch of sea salt and from a height just
season that and then you can just place it on the resting juices here and that
is going to be so so good. So let’s plate up on the plate we go let’s get a nice
slice of that steak and the juices and then I love to serve that steak with
just a little watercress really nice and peppery and then what you can do is take
just a little bit of vinegar to those resting juices so there you go guys the
perfectly cooked steak with that incredible little stew of potatoes,
mushroom and that kick a creme fraiche watercress salad happy days right enough
talking let’s have a little try. Mmm, it’s so good.


the salt and pepper order should be reversed, why are we burning pepper people??? That wasn't near enough salt at the end anyway

This steak looks so delicious😍I like the wild mushrooms stew with creme fresh…. Good food&good mood for everyone in 2020

Дааа… конечно , картофан с грибами и сметанкой и хорошим мясцом – это очень даже GOOD !

I must say I absolutely LOVE the lighting and colour correction on this video. It makes the food really pop!

DJ BBQ on this channel: dont season with pepper because it burns, put the pepper on when it is out of the pan

Jamie on the same channel: I will do the opposite of that.

Looks delicious, though I prefer to not pre-cut the steak as it gets cold almost immediately. I need that pan and lid, I'll have to see if Jamie sells them.

Blushing??? It's not cooked. I once spoke with a gastroenterologist,and she informed me that if I was going to eat red meat,I should cook it all the way through. ditto, lamb,chicken and pork. I won't go into the reason why, because I don't want to put you off.

Olive oil the steak and season with salt and pepper before hitting the pan. And what’s all this crap about pepper being burnt LOLOL

Hello Jamie Oliver! Sorry I have English very weak. But I want to ask you a question. Sow somehow the steak is well fried without blood. Since I love your recipes very much. Hope the answer gets a steak without blood. Thanks a lot🙏🏼

Dommage pas de traduction en français j aime bcp jamie oliver heureusement que ces livres sont traduits

I like the idea of cooking with "the brick", but it does mean it is another item to wash up. I also really enjoy fliping the meat each minute; brasing it in the butter and garlic. This presentation however is awesome — I must try it. Thanks Jamie.

Okay, you put the weight on top of the surface of the raw (potentially contaminated) side, then when you turn the steak, you put the cover (touched the raw side) back on top of the cooked side.

Hygiene-wise, someone tell me this is a problem?

Jamie, a huge hello !!! 🤝🤝🤝🎄🎅🖐🎉 I love transmission with you on television channels … if you can translate into Russian, or subtitles in Russian, on your YouTube channel … I myself am from Russia, Sochi. .. many thanks for your work … and may the Lord bless you !!!

How can a steak be perfect? killing animals just for our palate is the most imperfect action that we as humans can take. It shows lack of compassion towards our defenseless co-inhabitants the animals.

One of my favourite Steak in Singapore was @ Jamie’s Italian…I had it several times.

Unfortunately they changed it ..i went back around Aug 2019 & order the steak medium rare. They told me I could not order it medium rare cos the steak is a thin cut 🤦🏻‍♂️

Is this method better than Heston's method? That is flipping the steak every 30 sec.
And why not add the salt in the beginning? Every other chef I've seen so far tell us to season with salt right at the beginning in fact some say to season it only with salt leave the pepper for last after the steak is cooked because the putting the pepper at the beginning might cause it to burn due to the high heat in the pan.

All that smoke, I thought you were here in Australia! Looks delicious. Happy New Year to you and the family, Jamie.

J'adore ca passion pour la cuisine, mm si je ne parle pas anglais je fait un effort pour le suivre et le comprendre ☺

You can cook it to your liking;
Those are truly the only ways you should ever cook a steak.

the second i start to rejoice that there's finally some non veggie stuff he goes and burns the kitchen with some weird steak technique.

For anyone in US or Canada, that is a Striploin steak. If you ask for sirloin here it'll be from the hind amd considerably chewier

I season a steak with olive oil, white vinegar, salt and some rosemary. Rest for a couple of hours at least outside of the fridge.
That's it. Try it and then tell me you don't like it. 👋🏼
Ciaoooooo from the ITALIAN FOOD BOSS 💪💪🇮🇹🇮🇹

I have my doubts about the effectiveness of that lid. It looks like it would have given off most of its heat very fast.

i'm vegan and drooling while watching this looks because it looks good asf. Just gotta remind myself an animal had to be slaughtered before this

I love jamie but straight away, not liking the parts when he says, a 2 person steak????? And also golden and CRISPY, on a steak everybody knows you get a sear with searing , it's never CRISPY but never the less love you jamie and crack on

Perfect steak? I think I have to invite him to my home. I will show him how to make steaks. Black pepper powder in a very hot pan! And all the good herbs will have nearly one second contact with the meat. Yes, so lovely!
I'm sure that's a joke video

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