The Right Coverage

hi it’s Jeff Mays you know I was asked
the other day what’s the difference between you and other insurance agents? And
that’s not the first time I’ve had that question but it always makes me think.
you know what I really believe in what my core value, what my core competency is
in sitting down with someone either in person or on the phone or maybe through
Skype or Zoom who knows. but sitting down face to face asking questions getting
the answers and then making sure that your insurance coverage is correct
you know it’s not all about price and I think sometimes people get kind of hung
up on the price thing and they forget to think about what would happen if
something bad did happen you know I look at it from that direction
that’s my value is that I can see the holes in your insurance plan that you
may not know about it really important to understand where the holes are
because you can’t protect them if you don’t know it so rather than focusing on
price what I focus on is the right coverage at the best price hope that
makes sense to you I hope that we can sit down and talk real soon thanks so
much my name is Jeff Mays the Mays Agency the one insurance agent you need
for all your needs

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