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I love my job. I love what I do, I love the agent that I
work for, I love the brand, I love Allstate. LSP stands for a licensed sales professional. The best thing about being an LSP for me is
bein’ able to help my customers, and to be able to be there every single day with them. Because it’s about helping people and helping
people protect what they’ve worked so hard to have, and earn throughout their years of
life. It really is fulfilling to provide a service
to people within the community. I mean, nobody understands insurance. We have lawyers, attorneys, doctors that
had very bad coverage prior to havin’ a conversation with us. These are smart people with a lot of liability–
exposure. So to have those conversations and to see
that really happen and, you know, their– the– the light bulb go off in their mind
on how important this issue is really ma– you know, has– had an impact on me. I mean, that’s an awesome responsibility–
and that’s just somethin’ at the end of the day when I go home, I’m extremely happy with
what I do I actually had a very dear friend of mine
who had a small child, I badgered and badgered him until he finally agreed to do a small
term policy. Not a year after we wrote the policy he
was diagnosed with brain cancer. So that was such a benefit for them to have
for his family. So after Hurricane Irma in 2017– in Florida
we had no power. We were in our parking lot– for almost a
week– using a generator, laptops, and cell phone signals– numerous phone calls, text,
and email of customers with damage to their homes But the moment I knew I was in the right career
path as an LSP was when– a woman came up– borderline in tears because there was a tree
through her roof. And we ultimately could back up what we’ve
always told her, is that she’s in good hands– (LAUGH) and that we were gonna make her life–
her home whole again, and she had nothin’ to worry about. I think that starts with compassion, because
if you really feel compassionate for what you do and for the people that you’re helping, music piece changes to one that is more motivational,
less dramatic And you also need to be ready and willing
to learn, because– it changes every day. That’s what I really love about being an LSP
is it’s never the same, every day is just a little bit different. If you’re someone who thrives to learn new
things this is definitely something for you. We have a lot of tools in place– whenever
you start as LSP, that is– helps with training and gettin’ to know the material, but also
gettin’ to know the techniques that we use. the training that Allstate offers is some–
among the best in the world. Well, don’t get me wrong, being an LSP I love
the competitiveness and I love the sales side of it
’cause it’s very performance-based. You wanna make more money, be compensated
better? You put in the work and you can– you can
do that. There’s no cap on it. You can go as high as you want, sky’s the
limit. I’m extremely competitive. And if I don’t
have the number one position I go crazy. I feel like with– with a company like Allstate
you can always move forward. You know, it goes from LSP to maybe– a senior
position in your agency, to maybe eventually managing an agency– and then even maybe owning
one. What I really love about Allstate right now
is that they really encourage LSPs if it’s possible, to become an agent. So being an LSP doesn’t have to end there. It’s really just a place to begin… I do one day wanna manage and own my own agency
and– and be– be one of the best. This business is one that you always need
to– keep up with pace and keep learning things, and that’s one thing that I love about doing
that. And being in the small office gives us the
opportunity to get that done. I personally love bein’ in a small office.//
because you have that more one on one connection with your customers. You know, it’s– it’s really nice to come
into work every day and, you know, joke with each other, help each other out. It’s just– it’s honestly the best place I’ve
ever worked I love my job. I love my job, love my boss, love my company,
everything about it.


I WENT ALONG to allstate and wanted to upgrade my insurance and 3 times I went there to make a PAYMENT I asked about upgrading POP and medical AND ROADSIDE AND DISABILITY AND asked about injury of a passenger and they were saying injury to passengers is different and require almost a separate policy because the policies cover mainly the driver. and I asked for PRINTOUTS and they ALWAYS say that …….."IT WONT LET ME PRINT IT OUT."
every time for years at same location. it wont let me print this out either. "IT" I guess either controls the office or theyre LIENG. ANYTIME THEY QUOTE something they can never print it out and NEVER have paphlets or LITERATURE TO GIVE PERTAINING TO any product.
I called NEY YORK and Chicago OFFICES HEADQUARTRERS AND THEY TOLD ME ITS TRUE. THEY CANT PRINT OUT ANYTHING. and that really the driver is covered.because TECHNICALLY the driver owns the car and the car was meant for the driver . so any passengers that happen to be in the car are not covered. ND THATS A MATTER OF LIFE INSURANCE OR HEALTH INSURANCE. BUT THEY CANT PRINT THAT OUT EITHER.

How much does an LSP make typically. I am in this role currently, and wondering what salary is being paid to other LSPs . I have an MBA and have been licensed since 2012, and my new agent is paying me $15.00 an hour. It is less than my kids make.

Oh my I'm at a State Farm independent agency 2 days out of their modules and I'm on my own. No training, no support, Agents toddlers in the office, she is MIA most of the time. Hubby's the "office manager " aka toddler sitting daycare center caregiver. Agent is busy at the gym or her job smelling wines at a hotel in town. Tomorrow I'm quitting after 12 days of the bullshit!!

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