The Simple Trick of making Juicy and Tender Chicken – How to BRINE Chicken

How to Brine Chicken There are two simple steps before making any Chicken recipes to get flavoured, Juicy and Tender chicken meat. This step prevents chicken meat turning harder after cooking Brining Chicken makes the chicken retain moist, After cooking it turns out tender and juicy Two steps are : Brining (immersing in salt water) and Marinating (Soaking chicken by applying Masala) Here is 1/2 kg Chicken Salt 1 Tbsp, Biriyani Leaf, 3 cloves, Chinnamon stick a small piece, 1/2 tsp pepper corns ( Spices are added to enhance flavour) Water 1/2 Litre Take a container or Bowl, add chicken pieces Now add Salt, Biriyani Leaf, cloves, Chinnamon and pepper Now add Water to cover the Chicken and mix Now cover this with a lid and keep in the Refrigerator for atleast 6 hours. Overnight is good After 6 hours wash it with Ordinary water and soak this in ordinary water for 1 hour to take away the excess saltiness. You can also marinade with masala for 15-20 minutes to get super tasty chicken Brining retains moisture during cooking Try this simple step and enjoy tasty chicken. Post your comments and subscribe for more recipes, Thank you


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