Things Stupid People Bought On Ebay For A Fortune

– Ebay is the biggest online auction site. You could buy anything
on it from used dentures, broken calculators,
designer clothes, cars, and everything in between. The site is so big that any given time there’s an estimated 800
million items for sale. Some of which are ridiculous,
yet worth a fortune. Hear 10 of the stupidest things people have paid a fortune for on Ebay. (flute music) Number 10, guinea pig armor. Yup, you heard right. The next time your guinea
pig heads off to war, it needs to be dressed for battle. Is your pet guinea pig tired
of wandering around the house unarmored and vulnerable
asks Ebay seller Sean MaCoy from Fairfax, Virginia. Apparently he bought the helmet already made for his guinea pig, Lucky but unable to find a chain
mail outfit small enough, crafted one himself. Sadly little Lucky passed
away, leaving Sean to find a new home for his tiny suit of armor. The original winning bid
reached a staggering $24,300 only for the bidder to back out. It later returned to Ebay
and was sold for $1,150 with all the money going to the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue. It might be pretty far
off $24,000 but who else thinks $1,150 is a lot
of money to pay for your guinea pig to play dress up? Number 9, a camera used by Usain Bolt. No, this camera didin’t
exactly belong to Usain Bolt. It was just temporarily stolen
by him for a few moments before he etched his name in
the body with a screw driver. When a Swedish photography,
Jimmy Wigstrom, snapped away photos of
Usain Bolt after he won gold for the 200 meter at the London Olympics, the last ting he expected was for Bolt to grab the camera out of his hands but that’s what happened. Wigstrom said the athlete
then shot a few photos of fellow athlete Yohan
Blake and the crowd before scratching his name onto
it and handing it back. Wigstrom then listed the camera on Ebay where it fetched $11,600 with
the money going to charity. It’s a cool collectable but
is it really worth that much? Regular Nikon DV cameras
go for around $1,000 and this one was scratched. Number 8, coke cans. If you love spending your money on coke, the drink, not the substance, then you might know that
Coca-Cola collectors flock to Ebay for rare empty
cans that are being sold for as much as $11,000. Due to a factory error,
some cans had been produced and leave the factory
with either nothing inside or just a little dribble of the drink. For most of the world, this
doesn’t rev our engines but for the die hard
collectors a factory error is almost as rare as a unicorn. So these cans had become highly desired throughout the community. One that weights 14 grams,
which is about 400 grams less than a normal can,
is even on sale online for around $14,000 but
what’s dumber than paying 10s of thousands of dollars
for an empty coke can? Probably finding one and then ruining it so you can’t sell it would
be a whole lot more stupid. This happened to an unsuspecting
mother in Bristol, England when she bought a
multi-pack of the beverage and stumbled across a near empty can. As she filmed herself opening the tab, she poured out a measly three drops before asking what the hell was going on. But a quick online search
soon gave her the answer and she soon discovered
she destroyed a rare can worth around 15,000 pounds. Number 7, Andrew Fishers forehead. In a bid to help pay college tuition, Andrew Fisher decided the
best way to raise funds would be to sell the use of his forehead to the highest bidder. He says, the way I see it, I’m selling something I already own. After 30 days I get it back. So who exactly did he
sell this unique space to? After a well publicized auction on Ebay, he sold out to SnoreStop for $37,375 and got their company logo temporarily tattooed on his head for 30 days. In case you were wondering
what his mother thought, she said she thought the
aspiring entrepreneur was thinking outside the box. So what is the pioneering
forehead advertiser doing these days? According to his own website,, he’s winding down and
doing some soul searching. He’s also dipping his
toe in other ventures including producing a Hollywood movie. But he admits he’s not entirely
sure it was all worth it. After Andrew Fishers
peculiar claim to fame, other people followed
suit, giving birth to the whole forehead advertising phenomenon. With one poor guy
getting a radio station’s name tattooed on his face for a fortune, only to discover it was
practical joke, ouch! So what do you think? Do you think it’s worth a fortune to tattoo your brands
name on some kids head? Number 6, crash debris. When Prince Phillips
Landrover pulled out of a country lane near Sandringham
Norfolk in January of 2019, he crashed right
into a car containing two young women and a 9 month old baby. Despite over turning his
vehicle, he remained unhurt. Unlike the occupants of
the other car, who suffered bumps, scrapes, and even a broken arm. Of course royal family
lovers flocked to Ebay when they discovered pieces of
the crash where up for sale. It may even have Phillips DNA on it, if you wanted to clone
him, said the seller. Whether people wanted to
create their own Prince Phillip or not, bidding reached
over 65,000 pounds. Funnily enough, the Ebay
post said the listing didn’t even include the glass. It was just for three plastic parts. Still, there was a huge
controversy over the crash as Prince Phillip didn’t
apologize for many days after the accident even
though it was his fault. He didn’t see the oncoming car because of the bright sun, although many people, including the victims, disputed
that it was sunny that day. Many had argued he should
have his license revoked as his old age and eye-sight
may be impairing his judgment. Whatever you may think at
least the money from the crash went to charity. Number 5, Justin Bieber’s milk glass. Are you enough of a believer
to buy a dirty milk glass? Well someone is because in
2016 after the star popped into a local pub in Essex,
England, during his Purpose tour, a member of the bar
staff, swiped the glass after immediately putting it on Ebay, with a starting bid of .99 pence. It reached an incredible
66,000 pounds at closing. The seller who served Bieber
salmon, mashed potatoes, and a glass of milk, insisted
it hadn’t been washed and promised 10% of the
money would be donated to an Essex animal charity. I don’t know what’s weirder. The idea that someone was
dumb enough to pay around $80,000 for dirty milk
glass or that Bieber, an internationally famous
artist and party-animal, went to a bar and ordered a glass of milk. Number 4, royal wedding hat. When 22 year old princess
Beatrice attended the wedding of Prince William and
Kate Middleton of 2011, it was hard for people to
ignore her choice of head wear. Her hat made by Phillip Treacy
came under harsh criticism from viewers of the royal
wedding with some people liking it to a turkey twisler. While others went as far
as saying it resembled a toilet seat but some body had to like it because a month after the wedding, it found it’s way onto Ebay
where it sold for a whopping 81,100 pounds. That’s around $106,000. So far the buyer has
remained anonymous while all of the money was
donated to two charities. UNICEF and Child in Crisis. Whether it looked like a toilet or not at least it raised some
money for a good cause. But the peculiar pretzel looking hat isn’t the only royal wedding memorabilia that have made it on to Ebay. Just three days after Prince
Harry married Meghan Markel, his gift bags from the big
day started creeping on to the auction site with one
fetching 21,000 pounds. Some things included inside the canvas bag were a bottle of water,
a fridge magnet, a tin of shortbread, a spectator
badge, and a parking sticker. Do you think that’s worth over 21,000? The water wasn’t even Fiji water. Number 3, an entire life. That’s right. After a messy divorce,
Ian Usher took the idea of a fresh start to the
extreme and decided to sell his entire life. That included his house, job,
car, jet ski, motor bike, and even some of his friends. Apparently Ian said he
couldn’t cope with all of the reminders of his failed
marriage and therefore everything had to go. Within days of the auction
starting, Ian received worldwide publicity and eventually his whole life and everything in it sold for 399,300 American dollars. So what did Ian do once he sold his life? With no debt and no
roots, he simply packed up and went traveling around the
globe living the high life. Even buying his own Caribbean island. Not only that but he
managed to find love again and sold the rights of
his story to Disney. It seems dreams really do come true but would you pay hundreds
of thousands of dollars to buy someone else’s life? It seems like there are maybe cheaper ways to run away from your problems. According to Reuters, the winning bidder remains anonymous with
the user name, mslmcc. Number 2, sniper’s window. On a site where the odd and
extraordinary are often sold, it’s no surprise that
bidders would stumble across the occasionally macabre object. One of these was the window
from which Lee Harvey Oswald shot president Kennedy in 1963. This piece of history
was apparently removed from the building shortly
after the assassination, after members of the
public kept turning up to steal pieces of it. It later fell into the
hands of a local family who placed it up for auction. Bidding begin at $100,000
but reached an impressive 3 million and was sold
to a mysterious buyer who’s remained anonymous
but is it actually the real window. Some conspiracy theorist
claim the window is a fake and that the entire
building was bought by a man from Tennessee decades
ago. Who removed the window himself and took it away with
him when he left the city. What do you think? Do you reckon some lucky
bidder bought a unique piece of history or were they
simply swindled out of sweet 3 million dollars? Number one, lunch. Okay, this isn’t any ordinary lunch. This is the chance to have a unique power lunch with the original oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett. Every year, San Fransico
non-profit Christian organization holds an Ebay auction in
which they offer buyers the chance to have their
very own business lunch with one of the world richest men. The winner can attend the
Smith & Wollensky steakhouse in New York with up to seven friends and can only bid once they
have been approved by Ebay. So how much are one of these lunches? Well the average American
spends around $1,000 a year on buying lunch but the last
Warren Buffett Ebay auction in 2018 fetched just
over 3.3 million dollars. That better been some good steak. So what magical wisdom
does the oracle of Omaha share once you buy your way
in to one of these lunches? Two men who bid for the lunch day in 2017 and won after bidding $650,000 said they learned three things. That they should do what they love, be comfortable with saying no, and that they should have integrity. I can’t help but think
they could have just learned that through buying
a $10 self-help book instead. So would you bid on any of these things or does the idea owning
Just Bieber’s milk glass not do it for ya? Let me know in the comments down below and thanks for watching. (flute music)

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